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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Houston, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos




In 2013 Cypher the Avatar broke into the music-scene with the release of the NeverKnowsBest project. Capturing attention from the online global community through thousands of downloads, the project put Cypher the Avatar on the radar of new-fans worldwide. With rhymes that provoke thought on real-life issues in religion, relationships and relate the struggle he’s had in pursuing his own path. Cypher the Avatar’s single “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” further confirmed that the direction he had taken was the right one, as fans and critics celebrated its release. He also established his own label, Icarus Records in 2015.

Cypher the Avatar who handles the mixing, mastering, production and recording of his music, right in his own home studio in Houston, TX has now released a series of tracks from a collection called LATENIGHTSESSIONS. Of the project Cypher says: “LATENIGHTSESSIONS features tracks that I have made to help erase time on all the late nights that I can’t sleep. Simply exploring sound and experimenting, insomnia has it’s pros at times.”

One of these tracks is “This Brain Of Mine.” On it Cypher the Avatar once again proves that he is a one of a kind artist that does things his way. His way is unique, soothing, and produces great music. As broad as the hip-hop genre has grown, I still feel like he finds the boundaries and breaks the mold, making it tough to compare Cypher to any other artist.

The beat is sparse, clean and deep, and extremely well produced. Cypher the Avatar’s flow is deliberate, not always rapping and not quite singing, while the lyrics are limited to a couple of lines that are repeated, matching the beat hit for hit. More than a lyrical oratory, the song is an investigation into a state of mind. Diving into his consciousness, Cypher takes us into his late night state of being. It gives the track an overarching theme that is both disturbing and soothing.

Cypher the Avatar embodies a new element of hip hop that is much needed. He is not afraid to rap about consciousness or delve into the rampant imaginings of an altered state of mind. His production also makes one listen to him more closely as he searches for a new dimension within the genre. - Buddy Nelson

"NeverKnowsBest @CyphertheAvatar [Mixtape Spotlight]"

Houston, TX artist Cypher the Avatar brings up his latest mixtape “NeverKnowsBest”. Avatar’s wordplay is tongue and cheek and in true Texas fashion is is extremely brody and braggadocios. We are huge fans of the “Houston” sound and Cypher definitely puts a new school twist on it. It’s hard to compare Cypher to other artists, but he is a mix of Devin the Dude, Andre 3000, Bun B and Kid Cudi all mixed in one. NeverKnowsBest is technically sound and a good listen front to back.

“Hanging under this money tree, got me feeling kinda Shady” – Light It Up - pwrmoves

"Suicide Watch [Album Spotlight]"

Here’s the latest project from Houston, TX artist Cypher The Avatar titled “Suicide Watch”. The alternative / indie artist aims to leave a great enlightening feeling with his latest album by having mesmerizing production accompanied by lyrics dealing with life, karma and personal relationships. When you think of Houston hip hop you usually don’t associate it with experimental hip hop, and Cypher is a great example how the scene is evolving out of the shadows of traditional street music. Cypher takes a stab(no pun intended) at harmonic hooks accompanied by real life lyricism. Be on the watch for this unique artist from Texas! - pwrmoves

"Cypher The Avatar – Suicide Watch"

Once the vocal enters the scene, it still feels distant and restrained, until it all so suddenly comes to an end and the listener is left ready and waiting for whatever is going to come next. What does come next is ‘Surrealism’, with its vintage samples and evocative brass playing, laced with vinyl crackle and hiss. ‘Awkward Mood’ starts off with a tone similar to that of Kelly and Nelly’s classic ‘Dilemma’, but creates a sound all of its own, with its fuzzed out phone-tone vocal, while ‘Contradiction’ features some great and seriously phat bass tones and some super fast rap that is rattled out at serious pace. Title track ‘Suicide Watch’ gets all moody with lounge style rhodes notes and lashings of delay on the vocal. The female vocal from Noleac Yahsin adds real texture and a sultry vibe to the track and makes things sway and swoop from side to side. ‘Nice Teeth 2’ blends some dubstep bass wub into the hip hop, creating an intriguing fusion, while ‘Juicy Gernades’ [sic] swivels around with a sense of attitude that leans in the direction of Kanye West, and ‘No Sleep’ sets out Cypher The Avatar’s stall packed with misogyny and bravado. It’s but the mid point of Suicide Watch that things begin to feel as though some momentum has built up. After a gradual easing in, it becomes clear that this album is something of a slow burner. No guns blazing, no gimmicks, but rather here we have a collection of songs that allow the listener to take the time to enter into its world and investigate what it has to offer. ‘Karma’ starts out as a skit that takes an interview sample before leading into Cypher’s laid back flow, rolling out his rhymes seemingly without any effort at all. The track is bookended comfortably with a further section of the opening sample featuring more discussion of the concept of “karma cop out”. ‘Relax, I’m One Of You Now’ plays with the production a little, throwing in some stuttered vocals that match up well with the flow of the rap, while ‘I’ll Help You Understand’ plugs in some dark and unsettling guitars. The tone of the track feels somewhat different to the music that has been delivered up until this point, and it creates a tension that really continues to emphasise the darkness that runs throughout Suicide Watch. ‘Oh Boy!!’ sounds like it should be a hyped up party number, maybe with beats running through it in the style of Rustie. In fact, it doesn’t quite turn out like that, although the reverse samples are kind of glacial and fascinating as a backing track for the rap as it unfolds on top of the beats. ‘The Run’ continues to make use of guitars, this time more sedate and repetitive, creating a kind of hypnotic feel that draws the listener in to be perhaps brainwashed or otherwise retrained by the track’s vocal content. ‘So Long Mr. Rebel’ is totally wonky and wobbly, even more terrifying with its “Let me conquer your mind” mantra, while the self hypnosis style piano notes threaten to drive the listener to blissed out insanity. ‘Television Babies’ holds the course steady with its chillout synths, while ‘Contact High’ feels as though we have been somehow led to the top of a skyscraper without realising it, to look over the world as it faces armageddon. Suicide Watch draws to a close with ‘One Bullet’, where the line “It’s time to wake up” emphasises the hypnosis suggestions all the more, and we’re left wondering just what this journey has led us to, and if it has changed us in some way. - Chris Marsh


Kid Icarus Takes Flight is Cypher the Avatar's latest single from hopefully a new upcoming project. The song shows Cypher's ability to flow over a beat so smooth and still keep it upbeat so you can dance to.

Cypher the Avatar - Kid Icarus Takes Flight
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There are too many artists out there that think they can grab a microphone, play some beats and become a star overnight. It is an unrealistic dream that is portrayed on MTV that is just not truly the case. It is hard work. Luckily there are people willing to put in the time like our recent discovery Cypher The Avatar.

The story began back in 2005 in Houston, Texas where Cypher The Avatar discovered that he had some skills for the Hip Hop game. It was never easy but he put in his time in the underground writing and refining his sound. In 2013 Cypher decided to take his career to the next level and officially broke into the music scene with the release of the NeverKnowsBest project. The hard work continued and in 2015 he launched his own label Icarus Records. This is a man on a mission.

The next plan is for the release of his next album Mantra Mantis due out later this year. The lead single “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” has recently hit the airwaves. It is a slow grooving experimental hip hop track that grinds ahead working the beat into your brain. The hook is very catchy and you will find your head bopping up and down before you know it. Cypher The Avatar has put out a music video to go along with it. - Keith Pro


Cypher The Avatar…from what I’ve known, read, researched and heard about this dude since being introduced to the sound, music & style of this emcee about eight months ago was that this particular poet was walking alongside a whole different beat in life than the rest of us. True to the expectation and legend growing behind this alternative hip-hop artist – his latest NO MÁS EP is a clear example of innovation and re-invention of a genre that has plenty of room still to find that extra artistic & creative-level. Cypher The Avatar might just be the type of rapper that restores some of the magic & wonder into the rap/hip-hop genres that’s been missing of late…because there’s quite honestly a different perspective, performance-style & flow to the music he makes – you can hear that instantly on NO MÁS.

The atmosphere thickens immediately as you head into the pensive-sound of the haunting melody in “Fuck Him, Her and You I’m A God.” A clever beat built on desolate rhythm & tone from the guitar-sample…percussion elements and electro-samples are woven in smartly as this first tune works an exceptional hypnosis on your mind. Cypher himself comes out swinging loosely… It’s almost to describe exactly what he’s done here on this opening song…he’s not ‘defeated,’ he’s not ‘lazy,’ but you can hear what I mean when I say he kind of wanders through this first track with a downtrodden and thought-provoking performance and atmosphere throughout the track. You can tell that “Fuck Him, Her and You I’m A God” is built on the internal-engine that puts the steam into Cypher The Avatar’s thoughts…it plays like a highly-personalized set of observations on the realities of his current state in life. It’s easy to follow this guy down the rabbit-hole and into his mind here on the NO MÁS EP …he spills his thoughts, opinions and perspectives out clearly and the sound of this first song really sets the tone for the songs to come, all built in a similar & cohesive style/sound that all reflect on CTA’s personal journey.

“demisexyouall” is an odd one. With music that drifts in slowly with backing vocals pulsing in & out as another isolated/haunting melody-line on the guitar fills the background. Just before a minute-in, the beat drops and “demisexyouall” starts to move on a slow-burning grind stocked-full of sexual content. A self-confessed ‘demi-sexual with pride’ – Cypher The Avatar doesn’t hold back on the description in this cut…it’s pointed direct with its hard-lyrics spelling out the reality and gravity in his situation. Using a layered technique on his vocals…in some ways I think it works…in others I’m not so sure it actually adds anything significant other than a twist on Cypher’s vocal-sound…and again, I’m just not so sure that it’s necessary. Though it makes the verse unique in “demisexyouall” – I could also point out that it makes the moments outside of the verse ring through clearly…and that the stripping of that layer from the vocals on the chorus of this track really makes these parts stand-out in comparison. That being said…the flow is still on-point, the lyrics as well…and overall it’s still another unique experience within the realm of hip-hop music by far.

I think he’s done a smart service to this EP with ending it on “My Euphoria Is NO MÁS” – this title-referencing final-cut takes it back to the more haunting atmosphere you’d have found when the record opened-up on the first-track. Working that angle of haunting-melody and tight/subtle electro-percussion filling up the cut while bizarre backing-vocals come floating in & out of this hypnotic last song. “My Euphoria Is NO MÁS” really does find a brilliant way to end off this set of three tunes with an audibly cohesive progression and final conclusion to what we’ve been hearing so far on the NO MÁS EP. Cypher The Avatar delivers some of my favourite lyrics and his performance on this final-track is probably my favourite from him on the record. The way it all weaves together with its tricky-lyricism bending syllables back & forth at-will…Cypher still keeps the feeling loose, the music eerie and the thoughts heavy – but I’ll be damned if this can’t be called entertainment. What he’s done on these three tunes is create incredibly realized & rich textures to the music and really put the right amount of his own extraordinary & versatile style into the lyrics – and the overall result is truly unique within the hip-hop & rap-genres.

So yeah…suppose what I’m saying is…if you’re tired of the same old shit – listen to some Cypher The Avatar instead. His off-kilter imagination provides a perfect amount of creativity and innovation and the NO MÁS EP overall is an experience unlike any other I can personally recall; and you know I love that. - JER@SBS

"New Houston Music Outlet takes Homegrown 420 Music and Arts Festival By Storm"

Homegrown Music and Art Fest, Houston’s annual spring music festival, had some new faces in addition to this year’s stacked line-up. Artists first featured on took to Eastdown Warehouse’s stage, showcasing both songs originally heard on the blog and new projects they have been preparing.

Homegrown was an accomplished two day music festival; both days were met with a bit of torrential downpour, but much like Woodstock ’69 or any other music fest, the people’s passion for the music held it all together. Many great bands, both local and touring, occupied a nice block of east downtown at both Last Concert Cafe and Eastdown Warehouse.

New Houston Music Outlet’s Homegrown Fest Showcase: Starting off the line-up at United Music Alliance’s mobile stage on Sunday afternoon, P.Plus, Apollo, bassist Lou of Iguana de Harina, Cypher the Avatar and Mateo Escobar would set the stage for every act to follow. They did just that, all bringing an energy pumped show, packed with irie vibes for one full hour. - NEWHOUSTONMUSICOUTLET

"Cypher the Avatar: “Kid Icarus Takes Flight”- transcending the genre"

Cypher the Avatar is beginning to emerge as an independent alternative artist whose creativity and sound choice go hand in hand with his lyrical ability and his delivery. On his latest release, “Kid Icarus Takes Flight”, Cypher once again separates himself from what is typical hip-hop and becoming more of an alternative hip-hop artist.

Plain and simple if you truly love music and all the artistry behind it then you’re going to love “Kid Icarus Takes Flight”. The song produced by Krooks N Kops, allows the purest vision of what Cypher the Avatar is trying to communicate to the listener. Honestly very few hip-hop artists transcend their genre and begin to create outside of what is expected of them. All this and more is accomplished in this track and it simply works.

Cypher the Avatar
Cypher the Avatar
You cannot be a shallow hip-hop- loving fan for this track to speak to you. Unlike other artists, Cypher puts his life into the music. His ‘lazy’ offbeat rhyming is his signature and no one can do it in harmony the way he does. He flows over the beat with simple ease and elegance. This is not a new direction for Cypher or a new sound. It is simply Cypher the Avatar; there is no other way to explain it.

When you listen to Cypher’s music, you’ll hear how the lines are blurred. His music makes the listener feel alive and confident. There is also empathy within his music, which is creative, edgy, and honest.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” they usually say. But Cypher the Avatar must have fixed something, as I find “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” a great improvement on “I Like You Like Me”, both in its production and lyrical flow.

Cypher the Avatar is definitely an artist carving out his own uniqueness, one track at a time. Cypher fans will not be disappointed and people who are fans of creative music in general will appreciate this man’s raw talent and ability to make interesting alternative hip-hop music.

I’m not saying that “Kid Icarus Takes Flight” is the perfect alternative hip-hop track in every possible way – can you think of one that is? But I’m saying that it’s damn near close! - Buddy Nelson

"Rising Artist: Cypher the Avatar"

When you think of Houston hip hop you usually don’t associate it with experimental hip hop, and Cypher the Avatar is a great example of how the scene is evolving out of the shadows of traditional street music. This Houston-based, alternative / indie artist aims to leave a great enlightening feeling with his fans, and has seemed to do that with his latest release, “Suicide Watch.” We asked Cypher a few questions about his latest work, including “Suicide Watch,” as well as his latest music videos and who influenced his latest mixtape.

ET: Could you tell us a bit about your background? What led you to begin writing and creating music? What is the significance behind your stage name? You’ve described your brand of hip-hop as experimental; what does that mean to you?

Cypher the Avatar: My background on music is a bit shady and patchy as I didn’t really start “legitimately” listening to music until a year ago when I started becoming serious about my music, so most of my library is the new school of hip-hop. Before it was just whatever my dad was listening to, usually Temptations or the sort. I have been writing, recording and making beats since 2005 on and off for fun, but it wasn’t until I realized that I’m simply another spec of dust in the grand scheme of life that I decided to participate professionally so I can hopefully leave a presence once I pass away, it has nothing to do with money.

My stage name comes from me not understanding the mystery of life as I feel it’s one big encrypted message and an Avatar simply being a vessel to get things done, a few have mistaken my name as a spin on the movie, Avatar, or cartoon, The Last Airbender. To which I say, no it isn’t lol I also hope that my stage name portrays me as an individual in the industry as well as my music.

I have been classified as an indie/alternative hip-hop artist and grouped with the likes of Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi and even SZA due to my production and choice of beats. I simply just make music that I believe to be experimental because of the sounds being used alongside my lyricism.

ET: What can you tell us about the music scene of Houston, Texas? What is it like living in Houston?

C: The music scene currently in Houston seems to be pretty redundant in the sense that we are stuck on one type of sound, I’m guilty of having the same sound at times, due to being raised around it and just loving the vibe it gives off. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely embrace the Houston music, it just isn’t my scene honestly. The city is full of aspiring rappers, singers and producers. It’s also full of hot weather…so much hot weather…and traffic, not even including traffic from the Houston Texans game (don’t mind the record we are still the best ever). But overall Houston is a pretty cool place to live.

ET: What can you tell us about the project you just released last month (“Suicide Watch”)? How does this mixtape differ from or expand on your previous offering ‘Neverknowsbest’? Could you shed some light on a few of your favorites from each mixtape?

C: My second album, Suicide Watch, project just released 9/30/14 and I was aiming for a more enlightening yet entertaining experience, something for you to sit and ponder with, but still able to enjoy while listening. 17 tracks of mesmerizing beats and home hitting lyrics. I definitely focused more on my wordplay and giving it that full of content feeling. Some of my favorite tracks include Awkward Mood, Suicide Watch, I’ll Help You Understand, So Long Mr. Rebel and the track I produced, Television Babies. The album differs from my first album, NeverKnowsBest easily because then I still wasn’t sure of the direction I wanted to take. NKB was more of my “feet on the ground”. I was still learning, and still am, how to deliver properly as well as mixing it myself. I, and the others who have left feedback enjoyed the outcome of this Houston artist. Definite favorites on the album of mine are Soul Look Fresh and Tropius, oh and Hello Goodbye. Especially the latter as it was the track that I started experimenting with the way I deliver my lyrics and managed to get some major thoughts off in an enjoyable little interlude track.

ET: What has it been like collaborating with so many artists and producers on each of your releases? Who have been some of your favorites to work with? If you could collaborate with any three industry legends, who would you choose?

C: I really enjoyed working with the featured artists and producers on both albums as well as my singles and upcoming projects this and next year. Although a tad frustrating at times when asking an artist to feature. Since I handle my own mixing, it becomes a hassle at times to mix multiple artists to the way I want them to sound. Some don’t give me the option of mixing their vocals so they send the send with the vocals already on it lol. It’s all love though as I appreciate everyone so far for the help they have given me. Notably producer Thee G.O.D.S., we met in college and we recently linked back up on music stuff, pretty cool person and supports my efforts 100%. Always important to have a good friend who has your back. He produced my So Long Mr. Rebel record on my Suicide Watch album. You know, if I could work with 3 industry artist it would probably be Kid Cudi, Snoop Dogg and/or Eminem. I think a collaborative effort between either one of them would be amazing.

ET: What is your favorite social networking platform? Why?

C: I normally didn’t post on social media sites, but Instagram has quickly become my favorite over the past few months. Posting pretty regularly on there now, its full of unreleased and work in progress material as well as the random selfie here and there. I think I’ve done a decent job of letting you in on my life through Instagram so follow me and enjoy my offerings lol.

ET: What inspired the music video for your song ‘Why You Mad At Me’? What about the video for ‘Awkward Mood’? What was it like working with Derrick Thomas Jr on this video?

C: Inspirations from my Why You Mad at Me was mainly derived from a thought of wanting something abstract yet simple and that was the result. Not to distract you from the lyrics, but to compliment them. Awkward Mood was handled by Hidden in the Leaves, he does some pretty amazing visuals. I told him I wanted a warm feeling to accompany the amazing vibe of the song and he came through perfectly. He also handled my Karma visual which can also be seen on YouTube, love the visual work from this guy.

ET: What does a typical writing session look like for Cypher the Avatar? Are you constantly coming up with new lyrical ideas throughout your day?

C: A typical writing session for me includes no writing normally. Usually I hear a beat I like and start recording within 30 seconds. Most of my lyrics are thought of on the spot with writing happening mainly when I hear a beat and don’t have access to my studio. Songs like No Sleep from my Suicide Watch album and Militant Noise from NKB were thought of on spot the moment I heard the beat. That’s definitely my preferred method. I’m constantly thinking of how I can portray my emotions into lyrics all day everyday. It becomes a problem when I think of something really cool and forget it, so I now use my phone for those spur of the moment lyrics, but out of the songs I’ve made so far, I probably have about 5 or so written on pen and paper. Attachment

ET: Who are your biggest musical influences? Why do these artists or producers in particular inspire you?

C: My biggest influences to date include Ab-Soul because of the way he attacks subject matters of religion and government and still makes great music. Kid Cudi because of his solo dolo vibe with the music he creates and the way he has grown as an artist from the first single I’ve heard, Day N Night (which i disliked at first). Then there’s still all the other artist and bands. It’s hard to say honestly, music itself is an influence to me. I do give a nod to artist like Mac Miller, he is able to make what he wants, when he wants, how he wants and still be a very enjoyable artist if I may say so. That’s what I would like to do one day, one day soon hopefully.

ET: You’ve had outstanding feedback regarding your music on music community sites such as Dat Piff and Soundcloud; how have the views and messages of your fans validated what you are doing in music?

C: I take all feedback and comments in, I enjoy hearing anything someone as to say. Hearing that I made a great song or that I made someone feel better about something feels amazing, although getting negative feedback does make me think a few things over. Ultimately I have to understand that everyone is entitled and has an opinion. Just because 1 person likes a new song, it doesn’t mean I will “blow up” or vice versa. I just have to remember to keep making music, keep doing what makes me happy and what I’m passionate about. I think I’m gathering quite a collective of diverse fans, but they all seem like very chill yet responsive to my music. I love them for it and I won’t lie, of course it helps me with the creation process because I know they will enjoy the experience of a new Cypher the Avatar song no matter how off the wall it sounds. Me and my fans are about being yourself it seems. I can dig it if they can lol

ET: What do the remaining months of 2014 hold in store for Cypher the Avatar? Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

C: Even though 2014 is coming to a close in a few months I made quite a few major moves this year although most are behind the scenes and not in plain view. I’m planning to release (S)Even by the end of the year, an EP I recently started working on and man so far it’s sounding so amazing I want to release it now lol. There’s also about 5 albums worth of material that are completed so more singles soon hopefully and maybe another EP or album if the timing is right. Im currently in the process of booking shows for next year, but you will for sure see or hear about me performing a few shows locally this year. - Jacqueline Cassell


I’ve had the opportunity to review 3 projects by Cypher the Avatar during 2015, so I’m going to repeat myself again, just so that it is clear to everybody – Cypher the Avatar is definitely an artist carving out his own uniqueness. Fans of creative music in general, not just rap heads, will appreciate this man’s raw talent and ability to make interesting alternative hip-hop music. It has been like this on all his releases, and continues to be so with his latest 16 track mixtape “fallout” which is a prelude to the upcoming “Radiation” collection of songs.

Cypher-the-Avatar-fallout-RADIATIONThe music that Cypher the Avatar makes is an anomaly. The way Cypher wears his heart on his sleeve is rare, and his words combined with the various eclectic beats supplied by specially selected producers, is the type of sound that helps define the underground, and the independent hip-hop movement.

The hip-hop genre has fragmented into such strange territories that the concept of alternative hip-hop almost doesn’t mean much anymore, but Cypher the Avatar is still fighting to keep this scene strong.

That puts “fallout” in a strange position. It’s a strong mixtape, yet it almost sounds traditionalist compared to some of the stranger sounds that can be found in modern hip-hop. Cypher however, still is a hero of the underground; the line between him and the mainstream as usual is quite clearly defined.

Cypher has done a good job at remaining true to its roots while the rest of hip-hop has changed drastically around him. That commitment to a certain style can either be praised or criticized, but at least with Cypher the Avatar the music is consistently enjoyable.

It’s fitting then that the artist continually pushes the genre into newer, more interesting territory. It’s a generalization, sure, but his lyrics tend to document the messed-up world around him while contextualizing his own thoughts and actions within that world as it changes. “fallout” is a continuation of that trend.

Cypher-the-Avatar-fallout-350Most of the lines on the mixtape sound spontaneous and smooth-flowing, especially when articulated clearly in Cypher’s slow, straightforward delivery. His sing-song flow strengthens the instrumental stabs on songs like “Wake n Bake ft. Mikul (prod. by CD Moura)”, “Open Eye (prod. by Shaquon Thomas) and “fallout (prod. by CD Moura)”.

The production throughout, shines alongside the rapping, while the lyrics are often as strong as you’d expect from Cypher the Avatar , but it’s the way they’re delivered that has become more unpredictable, and more interesting as the mixtape progresses.

Many artists that have faced problems of relevance after continued subsequent releases, while Cypher the Avatar has made a mixtape that’s somehow, both, really good and pretty exciting. “Fallout” is a Cypher the Avatar mixtape, which means that it is going to be better than many hip-hop releases this year, but it’s also exactly what you’d expect from this artist.

Essential tracks to look out for: “Tsunami (prod. by WakeO Castle)”, “FWM3 (prod. by Grayson Michael)”, “Bud God ft. T r e Z (prod. by Mikul)”, “Llama (prod. by CD Moura)” and Wanna Tell You Everything (prod. by Lil Ugly)”. - Buddy Nelson


2013 NeverKnowsBest
2014 Suicide Watch
2016 fallout



Cypher the Avatar is an artist carving out his own uniqueness. Fans of creative music in general, not just hip-hop heads, will appreciate this raw talent and ability to make interesting alternative hip-hop music.

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