Cypress is a Southern Rock/Jam/Funk band located in South Florida. Our set list is comprised of 100% original material, with a unique twist to improvisational technique, our songs are truly one of a kind.


Formed in May 2006, Cypress has a little of everything you'd expect from a great rock band. Creating "down-to-earth songs with original and infectious vibes" (RAG Magazine), Cypress is spreading its roots farther every day. With influences ranging from 60's Rock & Roll to modern Reggae, Fusion, and Metal, every song takes on its own life and identity becoming a single piece in an ever growing puzzle. "...

Each member possesses a powerful drive and an unmatched passion for their groovin' music." (RAG Magazine) With that drive and passion, Cypress delivers an steadily growing repertoire of timeless originals speckled with the occasional cover and delivers memorable shows night after night. Look for this band in a town near you very soon.



Written By: Jack Schueler

I might have lost site of my objective
But I never did sell my soul
It’s so hard to gain perspective
When everybody else I know
Is perfect from head to toe

So I went walking down on Main Street
Trying to tweak my point of view
In every town I see the same street
Part of me could stay here forever
But today I’m just passing through

A million miles until tomorrow
Then tomorrow is suddenly here
I never begged or stole, but I borrowed
It’s not that I didn’t want to pay you
I just haven’t seen you in years

I got 24 hours on the road back home
I got blood shot eyes because I drive straight through
I took a shower with my cologne
I got old friends greet me with a smile
“Welcome back to Timbuktu”


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Set List

A normal Cypress show is comprised of two ninety (90) minute sets, with an encore.