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"NOW Magazine"

This six-song EP bolts from the starting gate like a thoroughbred at the Kentucky Derby. Propelled by raw, gritty guitars and angsty vocals, frontman Corey Cyr and crew make it clear from the first track that in their world grunge never went out of style. Cyr's trick of flipping from melodic, whiny verses to abrasive, hard-hitting hooks is vaguely reminiscent of Kurt Cobain, though the material lacks Cobain's soulful anguish. Even Ever Lose Somebody, a track that deals with death, exudes an ethereal pop optimism that's hard to understand but easy to digest, and makes you want want to pogo.

- Pierre Hamilton

- CYR 'When It Rains' Review

"CYR @ Healey's NXNE 2005"

Intense power-pop rock quartet with more hooks than you can shake a stick at.

A refreshing change of pace from oh-so-serious indie rockers and sensitive strummers, CYR play rock that's fun, but has a good, sharp edge or two.

Frontman Cory Cyr was a dynamic force, shaking his sweaty mop of curls and moving around as much as the small stage would allow. Sam Roberts' drummer Corey “Cuddy” Zadorozny was an equally energetic force while moonlighting on the skins. The bass player and guitar player seemed content to let those two put on the stage show.

It makes sense that Cyr worked with producer Jordan Zadorozny on his new album, because in many respects, his vocal style and flair for melody are similar to Zadorozny's Blinker The Star outfit. The guitar-based melodies swirled and raged with some definite '70s and '80s hard rock influences and even a touch of psychedelia. Cyr went a little off-key in the final song — a quieter ballad. Zadorozny was a force of nature on the drums.

With an album about to be released on MapleNationwide, CYR look to be ready to take their place in the scene and circuit. Definitely worth checking out.

- Shannon Whibbs - Chart Attack


2005 - When It Rains EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


"We get more than our fair share of material from independent artists looking to break their material into the scene and even though a lot of material is just a lot of material, there is always that little bit that shines through on occasion to give us faith in opening the mail again". RPM Weekly.

Cyr - is Canada’s newest star studded, powerhouse trio, whose infectious debut EP “When it Rains” is making a splash with music lovers and critics through out North America and abroad.

Since the winter 2004, following the collapse of his former band Blistercine. Cory Cyr has been busy cultivating a new sound and writing songs for his current project entitled “When it Rains.” To fully realize his musical vision Cyr turned to producer/musician Jordon Zadorozny to produce and engineer “When It Rains” at his French Kiss recording studio, located in Pembroke Ontario. Zadoroznys list of producing credits includes: Auf Der Maur, Sam Roberts, Hole, Cheerleader, The Sonny Best Band, and many more. All songs from When it Rains were written and performed by Corey Cyr featuring Zadorozny on drums. When it Rains has been described as, aggressive, edgy, melodic and downright contagious, with remarkable hooks, rock-solid musicianship, with intense vocals and inexplicably witty lyrics.

At the core of Cyr (the Band) is a dynamic percussion section featuring Corey Zadorozny (formally) of the Sam Roberts Band on drums & Pete Frolander from Blinker the Star on bass. All three members of CYR originally hail from Pembroke Ontario and share a common background and musical history growing up together playing in many bands around town.

CYR's music overflows with an intense authenticity, which leaves even the most sporadic listener wanting more. Best described as "aggressive, melodic alterno-pop", CYR lends itself to such acts as Nirvana, The Cars, Neil Young and The Flaming Lips. CYR possesses a hard to find combination of pop sensibility and in your face aggression.

“When it Rains” is currently available on-line and in stores across Canada via Maple Nationwide. Their debut radio single “Ever Lose Somebody” is tearing up the air waves with a video scheduled for release in September of 2005. For more information on Cyr you can visit or contact Matt LeMay/Athan Bardis from Iron Gate Management. 613 715 2282.