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Sampling only drums, CYRUS is about fusing instrumental musicality with modern electronic grooves. CYRUS plays saxophone, keys and bass live in his productions and uses textures from electronic music to create a unique expression that crosses genres.


"Montreal-based producer and musician, CYRUS a.k.a Jarryd Torff, emerges from a background in instrumental jazz, hip-hop, and rock performance. He brings that musical knowledge and live intensity to his productions, and to the dance floor. Sampling only drums, CYRUS uses his saxophone, keyboard, and bass playing to fuse instrumental musicality with electronic sounds and modern grooves. Referencing a large history of music, CYRUS keeps the pulse and the direction moving forward, while holding onto substance and tradition from genres such as jazz and blues. Look out for EP’s, press, tour dates, and music to enjoy in 2013."


"Back Now EP" (2012)

"New Batch '13" (2013)

Set List

Headlines (Cyrus Remix)
100 Bars
Big L(umineers) Mashup
Thick ft. Miss Me
Many Nights
Stationary Travels
Take ft. Miss Me + Milla Thyme
So Clear, Tell me
Back Now