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Leadign Philadelphia into the mainstream once again, Cyssero is here to revive hiphop and let yall know HIP HOP IS NOT DEAD


Phillys official Bad Guy, Cyssero has been pushing his game to all corners of the scene, a mix of drive, realness and a raw talent for music has gotton this young MC noticed by some of the biggest names in the scene, The Game in particular has been nurturing this talent ready for the big time which is now ready to be unveiled. A deep, grimey mix of west coast beats, combined with his own twist of Philly delights delve into the dark world of Cyssero. Tracks such as Stick Em and Ima Rider puts rest to anyone willing to go against his ties with the streets, whilst Killadel Rider remarks on his own experiences in his home town of Philly.

Cyssero is quick to show us that hes not all about the dark beats and brings it up-tempo with the Simon Illa produced So Fresh and Fire In Ya Eyes which features and is produced by The Game. This track proves the versatility that Cyssero brings with him to the scene, rapping alongside The Game and thoroughly holding his own.

Protégé Of The Game also features some money-hungry tracks as Cyssero starts Rolling with the best in West: the Dre and Vidal produced Get Dollas Cyssero brings the Notorious B.I.G. ethos to his own work and the Akon produced and featuring track Natural Born Hustlas. As if this wasnt enough, if youre hungry for your beef gossip, the Outro will certainly satisfy your cravings

Cyssero will no doubt be making waves on every coast as he delivers this rap masterpiece and proves hes Phillys new Fresh Prince of Black Wall


So Fresh
In The Air (Featuring The Game)

Retail Albums Cyssero Has Appeared:
The Game - You Know What It Is Vol 3
The Game - Ghost Unit
The Game - Stop Snitching
Cyssero - Phillys Bad Guy
Cyssero - Protege Of The Game