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The best kept secret in music




Anyone who has been paying attention the last few years is going into Cyssero’s sophomore LP, ProtÈgÈ of the Game, with a lot of questions. An emcee who built his rep on witty freestyles and then capitalized on it with his alliance with The Game, Cyssero has been through a high-profile beef, released an entire album, and had a while to reflect on the entire experience. So what has he learned?

Well, if ProtÈgÈ of the Game is any indication, it’s that there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. If you liked his last album, you’ll almost certainly like this one, as there is very little deviation in sound or content from his previous records. Whether that makes it another great offering from the Game’s protÈgÈ or whether that makes it another tired offering of the same thing that rappers have been saying for years now really depends on your taste.

There is something on this album for almost everyone, though. While Cyssero never deviates from his format, his flow is as silky-smooth as ever, and over the right backing, even the most dedicate commercial music haters are bound to find their heads bobbing. Nowhere is this more apparent that on the Scott Storch produced “So Fresh”, where Cyssero melts effortlessly into the smooth guitar riffs of the former Roots member. Like any great emcee, Cyssero makes rapping sound easy here, and the catchy melody of the hook gets in your head and stays there.

Other high points include the Akon-produced “Natural Born Hustla” (which he also blesses with his signature vocal stylings), and the simple yet creative “Big Dollas”, which the Affiliated Dream Team laces with a back-to-basics percussion instrumental that reminds us of exactly where Cyssero came from.

However, the album is definitely repetitive. When Cyssero raps “Money, cars and clothes is all a n**** know,” on “Stick Em”, listeners will be hard pressed not to respond with something to the effect of a sarcastic “No kidding.” Cyssero has found a formula that he has decided works, and he appears to have decided to stay with it. Again, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on your point of view. At the very least, anyone will admit that Cyssero does what he does very well.

All in all, ProtÈgÈ of the Game is a solid offering if not a particularly creative one. Fans of the last album will find plenty to love here, and Cyssero may well win over some new fans, thanks largely to the sonic stylings of Scott Storch. You won’t find any surprises whatsoever here, and Cyssero doesn’t ever leave you with a lot to think about, but if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll be hard pressed to do better. - Sun Zu (XXL Magazine,, and Bridgez)


So Fresh
In The Air (Featuring The Game)

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The Game - You Know What It Is Vol 3
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Cyssero - Phillys Bad Guy
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Phillys official Bad Guy, Cyssero has been pushing his game to all corners of the scene, a mix of drive, realness and a raw talent for music has gotton this young MC noticed by some of the biggest names in the scene, The Game in particular has been nurturing this talent ready for the big time which is now ready to be unveiled. A deep, grimey mix of west coast beats, combined with his own twist of Philly delights delve into the dark world of Cyssero. Tracks such as Stick Em and Ima Rider puts rest to anyone willing to go against his ties with the streets, whilst Killadel Rider remarks on his own experiences in his home town of Philly.

Cyssero is quick to show us that hes not all about the dark beats and brings it up-tempo with the Simon Illa produced So Fresh and Fire In Ya Eyes which features and is produced by The Game. This track proves the versatility that Cyssero brings with him to the scene, rapping alongside The Game and thoroughly holding his own.

Protégé Of The Game also features some money-hungry tracks as Cyssero starts Rolling with the best in West: the Dre and Vidal produced Get Dollas Cyssero brings the Notorious B.I.G. ethos to his own work and the Akon produced and featuring track Natural Born Hustlas. As if this wasnt enough, if youre hungry for your beef gossip, the Outro will certainly satisfy your cravings

Cyssero will no doubt be making waves on every coast as he delivers this rap masterpiece and proves hes Phillys new Fresh Prince of Black Wall