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The best kept secret in music


"Heavycore ("

Someone forgot to tell Cyst that good old school thrash metal has been dormant - because these guys come out of the box with a sledgehammer to the face with their full length cd "Concussion Symphony". The first track, "Curse the Fates" slams with great production, roaring vocals, insane guitar crunch, evil bass grooves, and an incredible drumming display! I was blown away by these guys and their diverse musical abilities.

The rest of the cd delivered one great song after another, showcasing Cyst's excellent talent. The packaging of "Concussion Symphony" is killer, with some great artwork, lyrics and pics of the band in a slick glossy full color booklet. Their label, Hook n' Mouth Records, really did a nice job putting the whole thing together.

I hear lots of good old school influences when I listen to this cd, like Slayer, Testament, and even a bit of SOD at times. Then I hear glimpses of newer hardcore style sounds like Hatebreed - which means that Cyst has done their metal homework and came up with a sound all their own. Definitely check this cd out if you like good old school thrash/speed metal played at maximum volume.
- Pete Altieri


To some people the 90-ies never happened, that seem to be the case with the lads of CYST. We're talking thrash to the core here although not totally pure since there's a bit of death grunting involved. Vocalist Dan poses with a DESTRUCTION-t-shirt in the pics and pays homage to Paul Baloff (R.I.P.) for inspiration. That feels very right concerning what the disc sounds like, though they could have boosted some WHIPLASH and VIO-LENCE-stuff too. Good olĀ“ thrashers should go crazy for songs like "Curse the Fates", "Inhuman" and "Without a Sound", the latter being the "hit" of the album. Besides they've got Bobby Gustafson doing the solo. Back-breaking guitars, thundering drums and a razor-sharp voice are included in the package. They should skip the death grunts though, it's not becoming for true 80-ies men. It's nice to see that guitarists Kyle and Mike have joined the salutations surrounding Jeff Haneman and Kerry King. By sheer coincidence the album ends with an unannounced "Angel of Death"... I just have one more thing to say - Thrash til death! - Metal Only


Concussion Symphony (2002)

All tracks are featured on numerous web and college radio shows.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Formed by Dan Ortega, Mike Maxson, and Dean Piekara in 1996, Cyst has always proceeded with one goal in mind: to drag the elements of classic thrash metal kicking and screaming into the present, and violently merge them with the over-the-top aggression which fuels many current death, grind, and black metal acts. Through the years, Cyst has managed to gain an extremely strong and loyal following with their intense live shows, and has performed alongside such national acts as The Haunted, Witchery, Mortician, Hatebreed, Amon Amarth, and Slayer. In late 2000, Cyst finally recorded their first full length album, "Concussion Symphony". The album was produced by Jeremy Staska of Studio 13, known for producing bands such as Malevolent Creation, Poison The Well, Hateplow, Kult Ov Azazel, Shai Hulud, and countless others. The album features 9 tracks of the sound Cyst is known for: blistering thrash metal fused with the raw intensity of modern death metal. In July of 2002, Cyst signed their first contract with Hook n Mouth records, and stands ready to unleash "Concussion Symphony" upon the ears of metal fans everywhere.