Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago-based metal trio recorded full length album with Matt Talbot of Hum at Great Western Studios. A dirgey, anthemic beast channeling elements of stoner, doom and experimental metal with mathy precision and a healthy dose of melody. Live show is pure cinematic cathartic fury.


A new Chicago-based metal trio, Czar was born from the ashes of Chicago industrial-stalwarts Acumen Nation, but has developed an entirely new and unique sound. Live, the guitar/drum/vocal dynamic is enhanced by ethereal noise washes and muted video projections. Recent accolades from Chicago Reader, Outburn, and Sputnik music have accompanied ever-heavier shows at Chicago outposts such as Empty Bottle, Subterranean, Bottom Lounge, Elbo Room and Abbey Pub. Czar has opened in Chicago for national acts such as Skindred, Gates of Slumber and Silent Civilian.

Czar has just finished mixing their debut full-length, recorded with Matt Talbot (Hum, Centaur) and currently looking for a label to release the behemoth after gigging for 2 years and receiving positive accolades for their debut EP.

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released summer of 2009

Set List

depthless paradise of terror
in defense of pluto

CZAR sets are usually 35-40 minutes in length, containing gigantic psychedelic visuals. all originals, very loud.