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Artist: Taj Ali a.k.a. Czar Black/Nomadic, Hitworks Entertainment

Taj Ali: His Time Has Come…He Has Paid His Dues

The gifted, creative musician has put in overtime for a long time in this business of music, and is more than ready to take it to the next level…

Upbringing, Family, & Heritage
Taj El-Hakim Mustafa Ali (which means “Crown of the Wise”, “Chosen of God,” and “The Exhalted”) a.k.a. Czar Black/Nomadic was born on June 25th in Miami, FL. He was raised in both Miami and New York City, due to the fact that his mother lived in Miami, and his father lived in NYC. Czar Black derives from a large, multi-cultural heritage. Czar Black’s mother is of Cherokee-Indian and Jamaican decent; and Czar Black’s father is of Arabian and Jamaican decent. Czar Black is the youngest of about 12 paternal siblings, and is the oldest of 3 maternal siblings. Czar Black emerges from a musically-inclined family, and found himself constantly surrounded by musical influences while he was growing up. For example, Czar Black’s mother and aunt could sing well, his father played bass guitar, and several of his brothers could rap, dance, and make beats. Czar Black learned to play the drums at age 4. He also became proficient at playing the bass guitar by age 9. Additionally, Czar Black first learned how to make beats on a beat-making machine. The machine was a gift from his parents, and he was still in grade school at the time. Back then, Czar Black was also musically influenced by attending concerts, watching music-based television programs, and listening to the radio. Simply put, he has been exposed to music his whole life; and, he absorbed his influences and exposure like a sponge.

Musical Inclination Discovered: The Birth of Czar Black & Nomadic
Although music appealed as a natural interest to him, Nomadic actually discovered his inclination for music at about 12 yrs old. While in NYC, one of Nomadic’s pastimes included watching one of his older brothers break-dance in the park. One day, a DJ started spinning “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and Melly Mel. Nomadic was then challenged to rap by a friend, and he surprisingly found that he liked it. He became serious about rapping at age 13, when he ran into a friend of his in NYC named Rickey. Rickey could rap well, and he and Nomadic would write rap lyrics together; working with each other to perfect their respective rapping abilities. Nomadic later met an artist in Miami who was signed to Luke Records; his name was Lawan Love. Lawan assisted Nomadic with perfecting his rapping skills. Lawan later released an album under Luke Records. Nomadic’s relationship with Lawan led him to meet other influential music professionals in Miami. While networking and perfecting his craft, Taj decided on his stage aliases: Czar Black and Nomadic. The term “Czar” is defined as “a person with wide-ranging power.” The term “Nomadic” is defined as “a wanderer, moving about constantly, as if in search of a pasture.” Taj refers to these identities as his alter-egos, alluding that his personas encompass the attributes described in their denotations. He is able to relate to both personas; which is why he has used both of them during the course of his career.

School & Work
Czar Black graduated in 1994 from Tilden Senior High School in NYC. This is the same high school that famous rapper, Special Ed, attended. Czar Black played basketball for his junior and senior high schools, as he aspired to play basketball professionally. He recalls ballin’ with his first cousin, Eddie Jones, of the Miami Heat, when he was growing up. His influence also encouraged Czar Black to pursue his pro-basketball goals. However, due to a knee injury, he was unable to pursue his basketball aspirations. After graduating, Czar Black took up an under-study with Florida super-producer of the 90’s Bass-Era (also called “Booty” music), Mr. Mixx a.ka. David Hobbs. Mr. Mixx was one of the main producers for the controversially-explicit Miami group, 2 Live Crew. Czar Black credits Mr. Mixx as being his production mentor, and uses the analogy of Dr. Dre to Compton as a comparison of Mr. Mixx’s influence in Miami. By this time in his life, Czar Black had decided that he was serious about a musical career, and wanted to learn as much as he could about producing and engineering. Through his under-study and networking with experienced music-production professionals, he was exposed to different production techniques and ‘beat-making.’ This influence and exposure were vital to his success with track production. When Czar Black was not working with his music, he worked for some of the family businesses, including his uncle’s landscaping business, and his father’s store-front property.

Musical Influences, Collaborations, & The Grind
Besides rapping, Nomadic has toured as a DJ, and has done a great deal of professional track production. Nomadic’s musical influences derive mostl