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Greg Roth / Czars of Leisure

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""You won't be disappointed""

Here, from Washington, D.C., is finally, a genuine person, writing and performing music that real people can relate to. And all without painting himself into the proverbial corner that fellow musicians like Moreno have so adamantly warned against...Though Roth's music has been complemented for having elements of pop, bluegrass, Latin, and jazz (sometimes all simultaneously), it is, without a doubt, his overall versatility that is most impressive. While some musicians fall into the habit of relying too much on the foundations of their musical ancestors, and others squander their talents and resources away, on what are perhaps decent, novel premises ruined by poor execution, Greg Roth does neither. "Caught Looking" combines just-right amounts of both old and new, and the result is simply genius…He's a little bit happy, a little bit sad. A little bit hard, and a little bit soft. Greg Roth is a little bit Margaritaville, and a little bit Deliverance (refer to the frantic banging of the banjo, in track 10, "League Bowlers")…So, whatever your fancy, grab a cold one, sit back, close your eyes and open your mind to "Caught Looking." You won't be disappointed." - Augusta (GA) Metro Spirit Weekly, Week of Sept 24, 2008

""Everything works""

"Arlington's Greg Roth slips through a number of deliveries on his debut solo album...Roth has a solid formula for his compositions and doesn't seem to deviate from it, except on a few tracks, "League Bowlers" amongst them. Everything works, often quite well...a competent debut."
--OnTap Monthly, September 2007 - OnTap Monthly, September 2007

""Elvis Costello meets Tom Waits meets Wilco""

"If you take the quirkiness of Elvis Costello, the storytelling of Tom Waits and the alt-country styling of Wilco, you'll have a pretty good idea of just what you'll find musically...With all those styles and instrumentation on the 12 tracks of Caught Looking you're sure to find something to your liking. For a debut release, Caught Looking hits most of its musical marks and something that Greg Roth should be proud of having done."
- Indie Music Stop, Rating: 7.9 out of 10. October 14, 2007

""A lot of fun""

" Bob Dylan as an influence, but a better comparison might be Jacob Dylan of Wallflowers fame, with his overall more radio-friendly (and, well, just friendly) sound...For the most part, Caught Looking sticks to formula, drifting somewhere between Waits and Wilco with wonderful storytelling and a poppy, alternative rock sound, with some ("Yes," "12:40 am Wine") drifting towards alt-country, and others ("Your Providence") more towards blues, but most sticking safely somewhere between. One noteworthy exception is the first track, the race-to-the-finish, sixty-second-long "I've Only Got a Minute," which despite its terseness serves as an excellent introduction to the CD and Roth's earnest, honest vocals; another is Track 10, "League Bowlers," a quirky mixture of bluegrass and, I think... pirate sea chanty? Whatever it is, it's a lot of fun, and it's just one more reason that it's worth taking a look at Caught Looking -- as well as a listen." Favorite Track: "Good Heart ""
--OnlineRock, November 2007. - OnlineRock, November 2007

""Well-crafted debut""

"Singer Songwriter Greg Roth infuses a healthy does of sardonic wit into his lyrics, and sings them with a gutsy yet tempered emotion. Fueled by music that rides the fence between alt folk and alt rock, many of the tunes have snappy grooves that draw you deeper inside what is happening. With embellishments including unique instrumentation and occasional forays into various styles including bluegrass, island and blues, Greg weaves it all together in masterful fashion for a very well crafted debut."
- Music Morsels, February 2008

""One interesting little rock record""

"Greg Roth sings like a pop star running out of breath, sort of an asthmatic Elvis Costello who can't wait long enough to get the vocals out without stopping to breathe. Add in a quirky sense of humor, best evidenced in the 60 second long intro track, 'I've Only Got Minute' (not to mention the staring baby on the cover), and you've got a recipe for one interesting little rock record. Roth's brand of pop runs in the same circles as the aforementioned Mr. Costello, with varied influences surfacing throughout, ranging from alt-country to bluegrass to roots rock and everything in between. The acoustic guitar tends to be the central instrumentation, bringing an understated feel to the album that allows Roth's voice to be the main focus. His story-telling style of songwriting fits all these features like a glove, the perfect choice for a listener who likes his pop a little unpredictable."
- Mish Mash, Feb 5, 2008

""Some great pop quirkiness""

"...there is a a real vibe of someone putting his heart into something, but also someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously. There’s some gems on this album, including my favourites “Your Providence”, “The Sound of Your Voice” and the opener, which I just love to death. There’s also an interesting contrast between some of the songs like the Spanish/Mexican, “Good Heart” and the banjo pickin’ “League Bowlers”...Musically there is much here that reminds me of a great British band, Squeeze, with some wonderfully crafted pop. Certainly something a little off the wall, but all the better for it. Some great pop with just that hint of quirkiness that sets this apart from the norm and results in something very enjoyable." - Indie Launchpad, Sept 7, 2008

""Commerical potential""

"The music and melody [on Las Vegas Wedding] are absolutely memorable with significant radio/commercial potential…Your Providence is pure pop/rock gold. The metronomic bass line and country flavored guitar work make for just the right magic...[Caught Looking is] worth it for the nuggets of pop gold it contains."
- Wildy's World, Oct 1, 2008

""A fleeting bit of Paul McCartney & Ben Folds""

"Greg has a singing style that I would describe as breathy. Greg is best with the songs that have a more playful feel and playful lyrics. It may be the Lebowski in me, but my favorite tune on this release is "League Bowlers." "First Day" and "The Sound of Your Voice" where Greg sweetly sings "I hate the sound of your voice," are two more to enjoy. At times I can hear a fleeting bit of Paul McCartney & Ben Folds sound on some tunes."
- --The ChickenFishSpeaks, January '09


Greg Roth - Caught Looking LP (2007)
Czars of Leisure EP (2010)
Greg Roth - Mr. Inonymous (2010)



Greg Roth is a Washington DC-based singer/songwriter in the tradition of Elvis Costello, Neil Finn, Glenn Tilbrook and an army of artists whose versatility is always on display. Currently playing solo shows across the country in support of debut album Caught Looking, available now at CD Baby. Have opened for a few famous types and even got to jam on stage with Glenn Tilbrook and the Fluffers in Baltimore. A few songs from Caught Looking have appeared in independent films.

Roth has played in 23 states and is currently working sophomore release, Mr. Inonymous, due in 2010.

Czars of Leisure is a 5-piece band taking Americana and stretching it out some until it twangs and snaps in places. Very much in the same camp as Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Elvis Costello and the Imposters, Beulah, and occasionally, Phish and Miles Davis. One of their songs, “Ferris Wheel”, will be included on an upcoming compilation released by Spelling for Bees, a DC-based collective of musicians, artists, and members of the creative community.

Occasionally, the band is joined by Monumental Brass, giving their music a distinct New Orleans feel.

The band is expecting to release their debut 6-song EP in March and is playing shows up and down the east coast.