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A unique style of hip hop with a very creative style. Coming from the suburbs, we found different ways to express ourselves through music, hoping to relate to everyone regardless of their background. From singing, to rapping and producing, C-Zoo has it all and promises there is a song you'll like.


C-Zoo from Columbus, Ohio started when a few friends used their musical capabilities and recorded some songs. Not long after some good songs were created and the focus of the group turned serious once we realized our potential. P-Holla grew into a producer, as well as an MC and real music was being made. The main songmakers included Sir Jaxx, B-Holla, and Yung Fame and hits started coming from the studio. Later on M-Tuck, who retired as a rapper, came on as another unique producer under the name Tuck Beats. Each member, diverse in their abilities, comes together to form a unique style of Hip-Hop hoping to reach the ears of listeners everywhere. Influences and Inspirations range from Bob Marley to Wu Tang, to Lil Wayne. Everyone has a story to tell and each song does just that... Basically, you'll want to put our songs on repeat, and in doing this, hopefully you will spread our music to all of your friends!


On My Way
I Know
Makin' Moves
Summer Breeze

Such songs as Leanin' have been heard on radio stations in Columbus and Dayton

Set List

Sets are usually 7-10 songs long and include many of our singles.