Westerville, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopR&B

C-Zoo is a fresh group of College kids bringing a mixture of creative talents together to create great music. Hip-hop has been evolving since its creation & we want to take it in a new direction & continue growing. They aspire to be a positive influence among popular culture through music & fashion.


C-Zoo came together during their senior year of High School after they discovered their capabilities of recording, writing, and producing. They have been working and putting ideas together since then to make great music that we feel people of various age groups can relate to. C-Zoo produces the majority of their own music and writes all of their own lyrics. Along with that they use a variety of different aspects in their music such as all types of instruments, samples, and styles from all genres of music to create "the zoo". The group wants people to be able to enjoy their music whether its getting ready in the morning before work, partying with friends, or relaxing on the weekends.


C-Zoo produced 3 previous mixtapes "Talk Real", "Zoo Era," and "Are We There Yet". Singles such as "Leanin'", "On My Way", and "Summer Breeze" have all had airplay on college radio stations throughout Ohio. The most recent and most acclaimed mixtape "The ReMixTape" was dropped last summer. College radio stations, such as www.wwsu1069.com, have since played songs from "the ReMixTape" such as "Figure It Out", Goin' GaGa", and "Solo Dolo". C-Zoo have just released their first single "Young N' Reckless" from their upcoming EP, "Back To Business", set to drop at the end of 2011.

Set List


We like to perform as many songs as we can depending on the audience and time frame of the set.