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D. S. Bradford

Philadelphia, PA | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Philadelphia, PA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Alternative Progressive


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"D. S. Bradford Launches Preorder Campaign For Elemental Evolution EP"

In January, D.S. Bradford released the title track from the upcoming 5-track collection, a rousing rock song which is a story in and of itself. Fueled by the positive vibes and catchy songwriting, the media got behind the single, and has garnered positive reviews from critics and fans, alike. In a recent interview with Gerard Longo on a QSLehighValley broadcast that took place on 2/18, Bradford revealed that the music for the EP is finished and that vocal tracking is next in the production phase. The artwork is finished, and with two singles ahead of the forthcoming release, Bradford is looking to continue making a great impression with existing fans and new supporters, alike.

D. S. Bradford is offering plenty of exciting exclusives to pledgers through his partnership with PledgeMusic that are accessible here, as well as insider updates along the way.

In his own words, Bradford expressed that, “This project means everything to me and I want to share it with all of you and have everyone be a part of this release. Elemental Evolution is about all of us, our future, and the things that are important to us in our lives. Your involvement with this project will not only give you one of a kind items like artwork and CDs, it also is the epitome of what this EP is actually about and the message that we, in this world, can come together, be a part of something, and succeed.”

Pledgers and fans will undoubtedly be a part of something special with this release, as they join Bradford to achieve his goals during the recording process, to the mixing and mastering by Applehead Studios (Coheed And Cambria), up to the release of Elemental Evolution on CD and digital formats.

Join the Elemental Evolution only at PledgeMusic. - MusicExistence.com

"QSLehighValley Feb. 18, 2016 [Interview]"

Philadelphia-based artist D.S. Bradford joins us on today’s show to talk about, among other things, his upcoming album, “Elemental Evolution.” Plus, we feature music from several winners of our recent ReverbNation campaign!

Track listing:
ThreatPoint – Devil You Know
Avi Wisnia – Sky Blue Sky
D.S. Bradford – Elemental Evolution
D.S. Bradford – Oceans
Michael Meade – Walkin’ That Line
Lauren Marsh – We Hit The Ground
The Wayside Shakeup – Stay Up

https://soundcloud.com/thequinnspinn/qslehighvalley-feb-18-2016 - Lehigh Valley Underground

"D. S. Bradford: More Than A Rock Star"

Tomorrow on QSLehighValley sponsored by The Valley Ledger, you’ll hear from Philly-based artist David “D.S.” Bradford. David joins us to talk about all of his projects, including his upcoming album, “Elemental Evolution” (You’ll hear a couple tracks on the show, naturally).

David has a lot more going on, though. Not only does he have a background in visual art, but he is a versatile musician that can stretch far beyond the rock sphere. For example, there’s this:

That’s a video game soundtrack for an upcoming MMORPG, “Saga of Lucimia,” from Stormhaven Studios. We post this not necessarily to preview tomorrow’s show, as it’s quite different from what you’ll hear. Rather, we bring this to your attention to provide a glimpse at just how talented an artist David is.

Check out the newest QSLehighValley starting tomorrow on SoundCloud, iTunes, and right here on Lehigh Valley Underground! - Lehigh Valley Underground

"D. S. Bradford: Melodic Evolution"

Bradford's taken a swath of colorful and happier tones this time around in Elemental Evolution to make an enjoyable single. Ordinarily I have a pun or two at the ready to keep my review short and sweet, but that's not quite giving this track it's due diligence. I can hear the vocals reverb and the each instrument pushing through clean. There's absolutely no sense of any of the instruments are bleeding frequencies. This track just sounds amazing, and the professionalism just shows.

admit to being a metalhead of sorts and having an unfair bias towards genres of music. There are incredible musicians who can master one form, improv the next and be comfortable that a majority of their audiences will enjoy. So there must be of course exceptionally good musicians that can interest people in styles of music they haven't enjoyed before. I'm fairly certain that's D.S. Bradford.

Although perhaps, we're all just changing very slowly over time...and my bias may be disappearing like a ghost.

What I am sure of is that I'll enjoy whatever tracks D.S. Bradford will write and perform in the future. - The Unkown Artist Hour

"D. S. Bradford Releases First Single From Upcoming Concept Album"


The first album from D. S. Bradford, the long-awaited follow-up to his debut single “Oceans” has been given a name: Elemental Evolution. According to AllMusic.com writer, James Christopher Monger, the LP from the versatile singer/songwriter is an “ambitious concept album.”

The title track was released on Friday, January 8, 2016. It has received praise and great interest in the songs not yet heard from the album, due in Spring 2016. The song was also featured on Hype Machine Charts, iHeartRadio, and was awarded “Single of the Week” by Alternative Tracks.

In an interview published in The Revue, Bradford explained that the origin of the single “came about as though it was from outside of myself and just needed someone with a hand to write it down. […] In the twilight hours of one particular night, I awoke suddenly. The first line of the song, ‘Insomniacs reaching for the stars’, shoved its way to the forefront of my mind and the rest followed.”

bradford elemental evolutionBradford further elaborated that, like the song, the album has taken a tone of science fiction to address the issues in today’s present and what effect our actions will give to our future – drawing the emotions from his own experiences and thoughts and using his imagination to create a world in which listeners can immerse themselves. Creating a fictional story to express art is definitely not a new idea, as it was done by artists like David Bowie, Coheed And Cambria, among others, but they paved the way for artists like Bradford to have the courage to bare his soul and share his imagination. Bradford admits that his one true muse is, in fact, Coheed And Cambria.

In his own words, he explained, “I started dreaming up this story of our civilization being able to achieve peace and start over again, and the concept of the album was born. Without giving too much away, it is a story based on events in my life and examines what really matters in life and asks, ‘What can we do to truly achieve peace and evolve into a better civilization of human beings?’ The lyrics go deep, but also appeals to the casual listener.”

As well as being a talented musician, David is a noteworthy artist who has created artwork for his single and album. He describes it as “an extension of the music, of myself, and the stories within the songs. The same goes for videos I create, which are abstract in nature, as I have an affinity for surrealism.”

Bradford is a truly well-diversified and disciplined D.I.Y. artist with a story to tell. Relatable in every sense as he takes us on his journey from depression and addiction, to finding the love of his life, to becoming a father.

With the creation of Elemental Evolution, D. S. Bradford is one to watch in 2016. - MusicExistence.com

"D. S. Bradford - "Elemental Evolution" (Premiere)"

D.S. Bradford may have first made “waves” with a musical release two years back in the form of “Oceans”, his debut single, but in actuality, the eclectic rocker’s career has been culminating for the better part of 32 years. Inspired by a broad-based expanse of bands and styles, from neo-progressive (Coheed and Cambria), to emo (Bayside), alternative rock (Foo Fighters), and so on, his psychedelic, soaring brand of rock and roll is the product of his living life, as well as its catalysts.

Bradford began writing music with his band eight years back in 2007, but shined his songwriting skills significantly under the tutelage of development coach Jeff Blue. Only as recently as 2014, however, has Bradford been unveiling the product of his artistic prowess, but he is making up for lost time fast with the upcoming Elemental Evolution EP on its way in 2016.

In a sense, Bradford represents the raw essentials of rock that have been lost somewhere in its deepest cockles, amongst the heavy mist of pop-produced anthems that pervade the market in its current state, but with a thinker’s cap atop his head all the same. Elemental Evolution is said to be a concept album, one that Bradford has stated as “all of us”.

He goes on, “Humans. Our world and everything in it, through direct and indirect actions, evolves to survive and adapt. We are peaceful, but we are also destructive. This album is about evolving into a form of ourselves that is conscious of peace and embraces love.”

On account of the sheer lyrical density and the passion with which Bradford prides himself with his delivery on our premiere of the album’s titular first single, one can only assume that his intent will be received in full upon the EP’s release. - PopMatters

"D. S. Bradford "Elemental Evolution""


Written and performed by Pennsylvania-based, multi-instrumentalist David Bradford, “Elemental Evolution” is a track that any rock fan will be delighted to add to their collection. Not only does it have the driving beat and insistent guitar riffs that demand you dance round your living room (or tap your feet if you are on a train or anywhere else where dancing isn’t quite the done thing), it also tells a story that is worth a listen if you like your rock music inspirational too. - The Revue

"Single Of The Week - D. S. Bradford: "Elemental Evolution""

‘Elemental Evolution’ is the title track from singer/songwriter D S Bradford’s forthcoming concept album and it’s the follow up single to his debut ‘Oceans‘ released in 2014. Fuelled by chiming guitar riffs and soaring choruses it’s a track dripping with rousing rock qualities. There is a passion throughout the track, its lyrics as well as its music are delivered with plenty of heart and soul. There is no official release date for the new album, but this track has certainly whetted the appetite. Take a listen. - AlternativeTracks

"Indie Musician Spotlight: D. S. Bradford"

Bradford is a singer-songwriter, performer, recording artist, vocalist, and guitarist from Horsham, a suburban town near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to being a musical performer, Bradford is a visual artist whose works are mostly considered to be surrealism. An example of which is his cover art for “Oceans,” his debut single (released July 1, 2014).

Currently, David is working on writing music for an EP, which will also contain artwork for each individual song. - IndieMinded

"D. S. Bradford: Q&A With RealSoundsOK"


Greg Fidgeon of RealSoundsOK engages Bradford in an in-depth interview covering history, influences, and future plans in music. - RealSoundsOK

"D. S. Bradford Releases "Oceans""

The beauty of music is that everyone for the most part starts off on even ground. The goal for each musician, band or artist is to get someone to notice what you are doing. Like it or leave it all you can do is pass your work off to someone who will notice you and help rocket you to the fame that every artist dreams of.

I recently received an email from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based solo artist D. S. Bradford announcing the release of his new song “Oceans”. As I mentioned above everyone is even when starting out in the music world and it did not take me long to notice how D.S. Bradford is doing all the right things to help springboard his music career.

With a presence on all social media platforms and a true will to be successful D.S. is an artist worth watching. In his own words “Oceans” is a “guitar-driven rock song about self-awareness and change with an upbeat vibe”. I think he described it perfectly and should be enough for you to give it a listen.

D.S. represents the concept of starting from scratch and making your own luck. This is a great start from an artist with a creative edge and positivity driven by passion. - Soundcrave Magazine

"D. S. Bradford "Oceans""


Check out “Oceans,” the forthcoming single from Philadelphia singer-songwriter D.S. Bradford. With crunchy riffs and a rockin’ groove, it’s a great tune for these early days of summer. Think Smithereens and Bodeans with a hint of Dinosaur Jr. - East Coast Music Scene


Oceans - Single 
Released July 1, 2014

Elemental Evolution - Single
Released January 8, 2016

Elemental Evolution EP
Preorder Available
Release Date: June 10, 2016



A versatile singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist, Boston-born, Pennsylvania-based D.S. Bradford draws from an eclectic roster of influences including sci-fi-minded neo-prog stalwarts Coheed and Cambria, emo-punk rockers Bayside, and alt-rock heroes Foo Fighters. Raised in a musical household, Bradford discovered the visual arts first, but soon added guitar to his unofficial curriculum, and with that came the desire to compose music for film and television. He began writing songs with his band in 2007, and honed his songwriting and production chops with help from multiple award-winning artist development coach, producer, and composer Jeff Blue, whose influence helped shape the budding artist's unique pop/punk/prog sound. In 2014, after a two-year hiatus that saw Bradford take a much needed break from the business to recalibrate his personal life, he issued his first official single, "Oceans," with plans to release his debut studio long-player, an ambitious concept album called Elemental Evolution, arrived in August 2016.

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