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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"D2G - Short Summers Long Winters"

The brand new 12-track project from one of Chicago’s best kept secrets, D2G, is finally here. This fella can rap. But not in the sense that he’s a rapper’s rapper, he’s easy on the ears for all. He has a bunch of other best kept secrets producing and featuring, so you should explore the opus below.

Winter is right around the corner, so enjoy the rest of your Short Summer with D2G’s latest. - Fakeshore Drive

"D2G's 'Short Summers Long Winters' Wraps Up the Season"

I’ve never been afraid to admit that I rock with certain artists much more than others, on both a local and national level. This sentiment stretches across genres, from hip-h0p to electronica to anything that may or may not fall under a particular music category. Obviously, content and ability to execute throughout a song and project are two of the bigger factors, but every once in a while, you get a chance to learn more intimately about someone’s craft and their dedication to it, which in turn makes you a bigger fan of the artist. For example, D2G.

The Chicago hip-hop artist’s gritty, yet skilled lyricism and delivery were introduced to me on he and fellow Chicago hip-hop artist Vic Spencer’s Hard Bars, a collaborative effort produced by Chicago producer, DC. Solid throughout, D2G more than held his own with the established veteran, Spencer, and essentially created a lane for his personal style and approach. After the releases of solo projects, 2011’s The Blood Diamond Tape and 2012’s July 9th: A Cancer Story, D2G is back with a new flag to plant in Chicago’s hip-hop landscape: Short Summers Long Winters, a strong 12-track effort featuring Ashley LaSchelle, AM, C. Rich, and JDP, with production by D.C., Ray White, Reg Young, and more.

Without inquiring, I can tell you the title of this album is related to Chicago’s calendar year that is essentially a short summer, followed by long winter. I am not yet far enough removed from the Go to know that the summers seem to come and go before you can enjoy them and the winters never want to leave.

Short Summers Long Winters begins with “A Call To Summer,” an interlude/intro featuring LaRoyce Hawkins and Katrina Valene. With Kool and the Gang’s “Summer Madness” playing softly in the background, Hawkins spits about the real turn of seasons and Valene provides gentle vocals to close it out. This is one of two songs co-produced by D.C. and D2G. “Long Days” has a very smooth sound, and A.P. Remedy’s voice and flow provide a nice contrast to D2G’s raspier, deeper tone. The horns that begin “90’s Flow” are very reminiscent of something on a Ghostface track, and Reg Young’s production gives the track more of a 70’s feel, which is basically what Ghostface music is: Gully ass 90’s flow over 70’s-sounding production. JDP provides the assist. D2G calls an isolation play for himself on “The Quest,” a song in which he once again sets out to distinguish himself from others in his field.

D2G and D.C. team up again to produce “Hydroplanin’,” featuring Ashley LaSchelle and Isaiah Jones, who both give the song a backyard BBQ feel. If this production is any indication of D2G’s ability to beatsmith, I suggest he look into featuring more of his own sound on his next project, as “Hydroplanin'” has one of my favorite beats on SSLW. Things slow down quite considerably on “Fall Into,” featuring Mon Cheri Soul. Soul is crisp and sultry, even as she sings “short sets to jump suits.” D2G does not appear, but it does not take away at all from the quality of the track. Also, props for the Roy Ayers snippet at the end.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than summer in Chicago. Period. Nada. Zilch. This is obviously a short-sighted opinion as I’ve only had the privilege to enjoy a full summer in four cities, but my opinion will stand until the end of my time on this planet. D2G’s “Chi-City Summer” tells of the beauty and horror of the warmest season of the year in Chicago. Unsurprisingly, he tells it accurately, from the beginning tales of beautiful weather and enjoyment to the end, when D2G reminds us, “You can’t stop the violence and drill at the same damn time…” D.C.’s reggae tinge basically never fails, and this is certainly the case on “I Spy.” Breezy City teams up with D2G on “I Got It,” another Reg Young-produced track with a bouncier feel. “I Got It” didn’t miss the mark, but felt a little light in contrast to other D2G work. Reg Young produces the next track, “You Got It,” a love ode of sorts featuring the vocals of C. Rich. In my opinion, it’s extremely difficult for the majority of rap and hip-hop artists to switch from a more aggressive, male-driven sound to one that is conducive to a loving, sensual, sensitive environment. Fortunately, D2G didn’t attempt to sing and didn’t break out the auto-tune, although this could have been the one time that he ventured outside of his norm to try a different approach.

“Reflections,” featuring Isaiah Jones with production from The Flying Shoe, is an absolutely beautiful song, as D2G goes the introspective route while Jones questions, “When will it get better?” D2G is great at expressing disappointment with the state of the music industry and hip-hop in particular, as well as the plight of his neighbors in Chicago, but when he takes the time to diligently reflect (no pun intended), I believe that’s when he’s at his best. There is a sax playing at the beginning of “Winter’s Brew” that should probably just play all winter long in Chicago as people walk the streets, whether on Michigan Avenue with bags in hand, or on the south side braving the elements just to make it home after a long day of work. Spazzbot.exe and D2G end SSLW on a great note, switching from serene production on this track to one with an aggressive drum machine over piano keys…all while D2G takes us home lyrically. Abstrak Mind makes an appearance on the bonus track, “Never Left,” a definite gift that doesn’t disappoint.

Short Summers Long Winters is another strong effort from D2G, an artist who understands that while he is very talented, there is always room for improvement. You can name your price and buy SSLW (always my favorite option) on D2G’s Bandcamp page, something that should be on the agenda of everyone looking to support a dope, Chicago hip-hop artist still on the rise. - Abstract Academic

"D2G - Short Summers Long Winters"

In 2013 D2G delivered his story "July 9th: A Cancer Story" a project that was meant to relay his emotions through music. Today we get the follow-up project, which was lead up to with a EP called "The Seasonal Prequel", a full length album called "Short Summers Long Winters". With a total of 12 track plus a bonus track, 2G presents us with what can be described as the perfect mood music, seeing as the cold hasn't kicked in yet there's still time to ride top down(or window down) and enjoy this album. We've heard the bar driven raps from D2G, and while he still do what emcees do, we get to hear him over some of the chillest vibes.

C. Rich, Isaiah Jones, JDP, Breezy City, Sohje, Ashley Laschelle, AP Remedy, Katrina Valene, and LaRoyce Hawkins join for guest verses, with production from DC and Ray White. Listen to the full album below. - Chi-City Hip-Hop

"D2G "Short Summers, Long Winters""

At last, D2G has released his highly anticipated, Short Summers, Long Winters album. Known by his close friends and musical family as “2G”, he has been working on this project for a while and built up anticipation as he kept releasing teasers and features along the way. Tonight, he took to Complex Studios in Chicago to release his project to the world and it’s available for you to not only listen to, but to support as well.

This feature heavy album is rooted in heavy rhymes and beats that make you want to two-step. Guests include fellow Reflective family Ashley Laschelle and Breezy City, Abstrak Mind, LaRoyce Hawkins and more. 2G keeps his recipe familiar on the album with producers DC and Ray White also contributing. There is something on this album for everyone, from the oldest to the youngest. Short Winters Long Summers is not just for the faint at heart. Tracks like “Never Left” ft. A.M. (Abstrak Mind) let you know the man is not just here for a party. This album is a refreshing, incredible mix of the emcee and the nice guy on the Chicago music scene. - Underground Joyride

"WLLF Artist Spotlight: D2G"

WLLF Artist Spotlight: D2G
As he was called to the stage by host and comedian T-Murph, he stepped onto the Refuge Live stage with the confidence of an emcee that had already been doing this for at least a couple of decades. Someone that knew exactly what he came to do and for whom he was doing it. I would soon come to find out that my observation was pretty much on point. Now, I’ve seen quite a few Biggie tributes and Pac tributes… but what I hadn’t witnessed in person until that night was a Nas tribute… and the kid was spitting something akin to Mr. Nasir Jones himself. Interest piqued. So, who was this Chicago native paying such a notable tribute to Nastradamus? Read on to find out!

CB: Who is Anthony Ingram, Jr. and who is D2G? Are they one in the same? How would you describe yourself as an artist?
2G: Anthony Ingram, Jr. is a man. A man with a good heart and some misunderstood views. Perfectly flawed by all design. A Cancer by zodiac, in every sense of the word. D2G is the voice and result of what Anthony has been holding in. 2G says what Anthony won’t or simply can’t. Both are completely different people bound together by the same heart. (Figuratively and literally). As an artist, I can’t describe myself other than dope and fully truthful.

CB: How did you get the name D2G?
2G: Well, I came up with the name literally in 7th grade. That was the year 2000; the whole Y2K Era. D2G is basically my middle name, Di’Angelo, with a futuristic twist. So, Di’Angelo 2 Grand. Sometimes it can be known as D’Angelo 2 Great, as I’ve been nicknamed “2G Da Great” by emcee/producer/DJ Slot-A.

CB: I’ve never met an emcee that believed they were a carbon copy of an emcee that came before them. What sets D2G apart? Why are you different – musically speaking or otherwise?
2G: I definitely can’t say I’m a carbon copy of any emcees before me. But what I can say is I am heavily inspired by the originality of emcees before me. What makes me different is while I tell my story and my point of view, I pay homage to those who paved the way by keeping the skill of the emcee alive. Also, I try incorporating melody and harmony in a way that doesn’t come off corny while keeping the essence of hip hop alive.

CB: You started penning your first rhymes at the age of 11. That’s pretty impressive. As you’ve said that you are a fan of the storytelling form of hip hop, would you say you were storytelling at such a young age? From where did you pull your inspiration?
2G: Well, that’s actually a good question. I started writing trying to mimic punchlines from rappers like DMX, Eminem, Rakim, Nas, Biggie, and others. I think I drew my first story from “A Children’s Story” by Slick Rick, as well as “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” by The Geto Boys. I might’ve even flipped Jay-Z’s “Meet The Parents” as my first storytelling song and called it “Karma”.

CB: You mentioned Slick Rick as one of your influences. Would you say it is because of the storytelling that he so often did?
2G: Slick Rick definitely pulled me in from the storytelling aspect. Just from being able to envision everything he was saying. “Hey Young World” is a classic about schooling the youth on how to be better people for the world. I def grew older trying to follow his words, so the impact to me was a message in itself. It showed that maybe my words could affect someone in that way.

CB: Who are some of your other influences, past or present, dead or alive, and why?
I have a few influences actually. Whether dead or alive, mainstream to underground, even local. Rakim, B.I.G, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, DMX, Kendrick, and J Cole. Chicago has largely influenced me cause it’s home. From Common, Kanye, and Lupe to cats like Broadway, Young Diesel, JDP, A.M., D.Son and Vic Spencer.

CB: You recently performed as the featured artist in a Nas tribute, backed by a live band, at Refuge Live! (Which you killed, by the way.) How did that opportunity come about? What did that mean to you? What kind of experience was that for you?
2G: THE NAS TRIBUTE! WHOO! (Ric Flair voice) That was fun. I got the call from Chris over at Refuge Chicago. He asked me to do a feature via 90’s night or a Nas Tribute. NOBODY’S done a tribute to Nas, so I said of course with no delay. The first cassette tape I ever purchased was his single for “The World Is Yours”. I had to be about 7 or 8. So you can tell how he has influenced my childhood as a soundtrack. To do that tribute took me back to that time and it reminded me why he’s one of the greats. It was too surreal. For one moment, I felt like I was Nas because of how the crowd was vibing to it. I definitely would love to meet him one day so I can share this with him.

CB: 2Pac, Biggie, or Nas… Who’s the G.O.A.T. to you and why?
2G: All have claims to that title in their own right. Their impact in the game is still heavy. 2Pac gave it to you simple and plain, and even now he still makes noise. Me, personally, I was into the metaphorical storytelling side. So in that sense, I’d give it to B.I.G. Flow uncanny, he painted pics like nobody could.

CB: In your opinion… Is hip-hop dead? Can “real” hip-hop be found on the radio? Why or why not?
2G: This is a topic I feel the most strongly about but I try to refrain from cause nobody would get me. I used to be gung-ho about “real hip hop” and how in general it’s not like it used to be. But these days, I gotta remember it started from the underground and made its way up. So no, hip hop is not dead. It can never die. But you can’t find it on the radio. You have to bring it to the radio. The people have to bring it back to the radio; a balance, if you will. As much as I like to party and turn up, I also wanna feel good in knowing music can bring change. Hip hop got me through some deep times in my life. It made me wanna be great. It spoke to me like nothing and nobody else could. And that’s what’s missing today. We need that pride back in our music.

CB: What other genres of music do you listen to other than hip hop?
2G: I love music in general. If it’s dope and it speaks to me, I’ll follow. A lot of R&B growing up, (the pop sound, soulful, as well as old school). Jazz was also played in my house crazy. It really ranges. One minute I’m listening to DMX, next minute it’s Jill Scott. I can go from Gilbert Sullivan to the Isley Brothers. Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway to Télépopmusik and Sam Smith. I like discovering music not so known or low key cuts. Recently I was put on to The Internet and Zebrahim. Dope artists.

CB: Tell us a little about “July 9th: A Cancer Story”. Who did you work with on the project? What is the story behind the album?
2G: Ah. J9ACS. My first album. This has been my brainchild since I first began to rap. LOL This album was supposed to be done in high school. ROTFLMAO.
But life needed to happen in order for it to be right. This album is literally me giving you the definition of my zodiac from beginning to end. Basically, I gave you me for real. That’s the story of “A Cancer Story”
I’ve worked with some amazing people on that project; folks who were dope and actually wanted to work with me. Producers like my homie D.C., Ray White, Doc Da MindBenda, Rel Elite, Rudy P, Maserati Myers, B4 La$ers, and O’Bonjour. Artists such as A.M. (AbstrakMind), Vic Spencer, Ben Official, Brian Fre$co, C.Rich, Angel Davanport, Alex Brittany, Finy The Genius and Slot-A.

CB: Nice! You had some pretty dope collaborations on July 9th. Is there anyone you haven’t yet worked with that you want to collab with in the future (producers, songwriters, or singers and other emcees)?
2G: I’m looking to collaborate with any and everybody who is dope. Doesn’t matter your genre. I just want to work. I’ve recently made notes to try to get The Boy Illinois, Real T@lk, and Add-2 on some songs. Those are just some notables, but as I said, I’m looking to create.

CB: What project(s) are you currently working on now? Do you have any upcoming performances or events where we can find you?
2G: Next up, I’m glad you asked. I’ve been working diligently in bringing some new music. I’ve actually just finished wrapping up my E.P. It’s called “The Seasonal Prequel” and it’s scheduled to drop March 17th.
The E.P. will serve as a warm-up to the album “Short Summers, Long Winters”. Both projects will be released under Reflective Music, LLC.
Also, at this current moment, I’m pushing my Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for attendance at the music festival, SXSW. Here’s the link for further information:

CB: Is there an anticipated release date for your next album?
2G: There’s a release date for album “Short Summers, Long Winters”, but I wanna keep the exact day a surprise. But look out for the month of May. In the meantime, the E.P “The Seasonal Prequel” will be dropping March 17th. Trust me, both will be well worth the wait.

CB: What is the most important thing you would like for people to know or remember about D2G?
2G: The one thing I want people to know and remember about D2G, is that you’ll find Anthony Ingram, Jr. in the music. You’ll know everything there is to know about me in case you ever wanted to know what I really think and feel. I want you to know that I just need your ear so that you hear me and understand me, all while enjoying good music at the same time. I’m just a man born and raised from the Eastside of Chicago, trying to tell my story. - We Live Life Free

"Review: D2G-July 9th: A Cancer Story"

I was introduced to D2G when I saw him perform a few months back at Reggies Rock Club. He put on a great set and I was looking forward to hearing some of his work. I try my best to find new talent in the city online every day through submissions or other sites, but somehow D2G had just slipped past my radar. When asked to write a review for his new release, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. July 9th: A Cancer Story is kicked off with a solid intro that deals with the topics of Illumintati and most rappers sounding alike. The immediate track that follows “A Cancer Intro” is his track “I-R.A.N.” that was released prior to the release of the mixtape. It is our first introduction to D.C., who handles a bulk of the production on the new project.

On the track “I Am Him,” D2G feels that he needs to properly introduce himself to listeners. The track will surely be a crowd favorite when performed live due to the catchy hook. The following track is produced by a producer that I was familiar with prior to the release of this project. I believe that Doc Da Mindbenda had some of the best production on the new project. He handles the production on “Drive Down The L.S.,” which features a pretty dope hook from Ben Official and “Reoccurring Nightmares,” which features Alex Brittany. My favorite features on the entire project comes from SaveMoney’s Vic Spencer and Brian Fresco on “Not Sober.” The track is easily one of the best tracks on the project to vibe out to. Vic and Brian also deliver some good verses that add that much more to the song.

The song “Hangover Syndrome” is almost a direct response to “Not Sober.” The B4 La$ers-produced track featuring Angel Davanport reminds people that although they should enjoy their buzz, they should remember that they can’t ignore their problems for too long. D2G touches on a topic that many people can relate to on “If U Hear Me.” He talks about not being able to find a job and having to deal with reality on the track on the D.C.-produced track. Another track that I liked D.C.’s production on aside from “I-R.A.N.” and “If U Hear Me” was “Hood Tales.” D2G gives us his side of the story and the track that immediately follows, “Reoccurring Nightmares,” helps paint a better picture of everyday struggles for someone living in our city. - Pursuit of Dopeness


The Blood Diamond Tape - 2011

July 9th: A Cancer Story - 2013

The Seasonal Prequel EP - 2015

Short Summers Long Winters - 2016

THE 1ST HOT DAY E.P. - 2017



Chicago Hip-Hop Props Award-Winner Anthony Di’Angelo Ingram, Jr. or “D2G” as he’s called in the Hip-Hop scene, is a laborer in music all around. Growing up on the southeast side of Chicago, 2G would always relate any life situation to a song that would describe his emotion at the time. Inspired by artists like Rakim, KRS-One, and Slick Rick, he began writing at age 11 and would later transform his writings into songs. Graduating from Hyde Park Academy in 2005, he would find himself enrolled into Columbia College Chicago, where he became fascinated by the artistic environment. This atmosphere would later introduce 2G to various artists and producers. 

A focused emcee in his own right, D2G seeks to bring glory back to his hometown of Chicago and earn his rightful place among hip-hop’s elite. Since releasing his first solo project in 2011, The Blood Diamond Tape, and his first album in 2013, July 9th: A Cancer Story, D2G has been performing and promoting his music across the city. Recently, he released his sophomore effort, Short Summers Long Winters, a project guaranteed to solidify him as rising royalty in Chicago's underground scene and helped him win the Props Award for Best Male Emcee.

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