D4P is a one-man technofolk extravaganza! Combining several instruments and funny noises with handy looping technology, and singing songs about toilets and war, D4P shows are like snowflakes...no two will ever be the same.


D4P is the current incarnation of Dan Miller, a singer/songwriter from Florida, that has been winning over audiences around the world for the past 10 years. Often compared to Jack Johnson or Bob Dylan, Dan delivers unique and powerful vocals backed by blues-based guitar rhythms. In his newest project, Dan uses looping technolgy (a la Keller Williams) to play several instruments at once. Folk songs evolve into intricate danceable melodies live on stage. Dan is also notorious for his on stage antics and audience participation during his shows. His unique sense of humor combined with his astounding musical ability puts this musician in a class by himself.


Passion Fruit and Bamboo

Written By: Dan Miller

(verse 1)
Everything is chill
Everything is still
Perfect and I'm feeling oh so good
Everything has got soul
Everything is a part of the whole
And I'm feeling connected...yeah
Everything is all raining
But I ain't complaining
No everything is water and it keeps me flowing
Everything is passion fruit and bamboo
Everything is me, Everything is you
And I am feeling intuition, yeah

It says you can't have rain, not without a little sun
You can't have boredom, not without a litttle fun
You cannot have it all unless you first have one
You cannot ever ever finish what you have not begun
You can't get no bigger if you don't have small
In order to obtain it just let go of it all
Well can you have perfection without a flaw
Can you have some preservation without a shopping mall

(verse 2)
Well I don't know but I know that we create what we see
Time and time again it has been proven to me
And we could all live forever with the philosophy
Create everything just how we want it to be
So I make it smooth
So I make it tasty like a baby ruth
And I am feeling it's effective, yeah
So I make it fun
Spread it like peanut butter over everyone
And I am feeling superchunky, yeah



Written By: Dan Miller

White Lines Creepin'
Can't be Sleepin'
As I cruise to my next destination

Seasons changin'
I'm home on arrangin'
A temporary permanent vacation

Radiator heatin'
Mind and body beatin'
From a night in Nashville town

Where me and my bro
We played a show
And showed everybody how to get down

Hoping my car don't explode
As I drive down the road
So I drive real slow
So the cops don't go
Whoop whoop on my fro
Pull me over to the side of the road
And i get towed
Hit a new low OnoTherIgo
Singing Oh no there I go,
Oh no there I go....

So happy to arrive
So glad to survive
One of the world's most dangerous places

Like a joey in a pouch
Set up camp on a couch
Start lovin on familiar faces

Chillin like a grape
Successfully escape
The machine, the routine
That will suck you in

So we rock and we play
For a week or a day
And I'm back vrooom vroomin again



Passion Fruit and Bamboo(Garudio Productions, 2005)

Set List

If I am playing one set for an hour or two then I mostly play originals. If I am playing multiple sets then I throw in some covers like Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Steve Miller, Tom Petty, Bob Marley, etc.
Original Songs:
Passion Fruit and Bamboo
Bombs Away
Long Drop
Traveling Song
West is the Best
I Don't Mind
While You Were Gone
I Hate Public Bathroom Stalls
Surfboard Song
Fiddler Crabs
Boob of Life
Beautiful Being
Walkin Blues
Green Volvo
The Fraggle Rock