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The level of quality in my music is outstanding. I take my craft very seriously. The songs make you sing along and dance but beneath the surface i'm a poet that writes his everyday life between the lines on sheet of paper.


He stands alone, a man and his mic; spitting lyrics that grip the mind, body and spirit of his listeners. But who does he sound like? Ask him, and he will tell you no one. “I’m a talent unlike any other,” he says. He’s Pretty cocky, but rightfully so. His fans are deep and faithful. He’s on the road to success, but he’s learned to stay positive and never forget where he started this journey. Gripping the mic did not come so easy to this self proclaimed lyricist. He grew up in humble surroundings or “in the hood,” sitting around listening to Jay-Z, Biggie, and Tupac. Like most hip-hop artists he started off rapping in talent shows and recording in basement studios, but in 2005 D-80 began his official ascent onto the local hip hop scene by releasing a series of mixed tapes entitled “Youngstown’s Finest” cleverly symbolized as “YTF.” Shortly after creating a local buzz, D-80 formed a duo with another local artist Black Velvet; the collaboration was called “Mobstar.” The duo released their first LP, “Ohio Tags,” in 2006. With the word on the street now being “this nigga is hot,” D-80 was approached by local Cleveland promoter Quincy Taylor, and started doing street team work for artists like: DJ Drama, Gorilla Zoe, Hurrican Cris and a host of others. D-80 has a lyrical flair that’s unbeatable and a stylish delivery; that combination led to him hitting the stage all over Ohio and winning fans wherever he performed. In March of 2007 he grew his fan base by performing in Lakewood, Sandusky, Akron and Columbus, but in March of 2008 he started hitting harder. D-80 released a single, “Who That Be.” The song was entered into a contest by disc jockey Jay Lewis of radio station 88.7. The song was a hit and won D-80 a spot in the shows rotation. So now that he’s hot what’s next? “Performing, performing, performing.” He’s doing shows at the legendary Peabody’s in Cleveland and recently opened for: Underground Sensation Tech N9Ne, Paul Wall and Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He’s getting prepared to hit the road this summer to do an Ohio tour with up coming artists for Def Jam. D-80 is a talented young rapper who is not wishing on a star, but wishing to become one.


Catch Me If You Can

Written By: D-80

Catch Me If You Can
Hook: Try to catch me if you can homie
Im a be the man homie,
One day I’m a rock a microphone and make em dance for me,
Momma got plans for me that’s why im so fly,
Just take a look you might see the boy float by/ (repeat)

Verse 1: When I was young, I aint wanna be me,
I wanted to be what I seen on tv/
I was Cube, I was Nas, I was Jigga whippin’ cars,
Im in a benz with Big Hypnotized like ‘ahhh’/
And DJ Kool, clear my throat after school,
Dant, dana dana dana dana,
That jam was the tune/
And Lil Kim then…?
Hug, she’ll really get it,
I just swore I was in the club all up on her getting’ biz and damn/
Wake up back in my bed,
Hopped out in ProKeds and second sown threads/
Failing every class and cant stop day dreaming,
Drawing rims on my desk, man them thangs stay gleaming/
Cuttin’ class on the steps, couldn’t tell you a reason,
Aint nothing but a g thang, leaf and my piece hang,
I was in a street gang breezin’ getting dollars,
But them holes in my jeans you can see to the bottom but/

Verse 2: Aint a day pass, that I aint wanna be me,
Awakin’ from the shots that you hear up the street/
We walking over chalk lines on the way to the bus,
That American pie must have skipped over us,
So then things in them screens is what be in my dreams,
Had a channel to the world you couldn’t tell me a thing/
I’d escaped from the poverty, dope fiends and robberys,
Codeine couldn’t ease the pain on top of me/
I watched Rock with my uncle and aunts,
Me and Lewis bout to do this in the Yo bending blocks/
Last nights events was 80 and Fresh Prince,
Ashley was feeling me and me and G we best friends/
Ya’ll in school with them lames I’m in saved by the bell,
Askin Zach on them Jay’s how they stay white as hell,
Know they blaze by the smell,
Im amazed how you tell..?
I awake right in class, we just staring like well…../
Verse 3: I used to stay suspended from school,
Broke every rule,
Forced to hit the block like them Mario dudes/
I’ll admit I carried a tool, with various fools,
Kane had my back like we married in school/
See all ya frontin’ to me is just nothing to me,
Try 14 hustlin’ for something to eat/
I was out runnin’ them streets,
But came home for Martin man,
Gina had a phatty, im drinkin milk out da carton/
Start the sparking in my eyes,
Im in awe its not surprise,
Next channel Living Single man the queen was so fly,
Pac in my tape deck, no I aint escape yet,
Tape got ate I’m pissed man don’t cha hate that/


My Rockstar
Who That Be

Set List

My sets normally range from 10 to 15 minutes. I perform four songs:
Catch Me If You Can
My Rockstar
Who That Be
I'm Blowed