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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Toronto, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo R&B Hip Hop




"Da Ren Releases Latest Joint Entitled “Off White”"

Toronto-based Hip-Hop artist Da Ren recently dropped his latest single entitled “Off White,” demonstrating his innate lyrical abilities paired with a highly developed intuition when it comes to crafting the perfect beats and soundscapes.

“Off White” is one of the main tracks of Da Ren’s mixtape entitled Ecstatic Love, released this year. His music is a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B, and perfectly placed instrumental that give a complete feel to the overall sound.

The infectious sound created from start to finish is truly addictive, and anticipates a bright year for the young rising artist. - Street Talkin

"Da Ren Proves High Skills On “Off White”"

Toronto-based urban artist Da Ren just released his latest track entitled “Off White”. Showcasing his talent like never before, the young artist delivers a mesmerizing performance, blending various influences and inspirations for a striking result. The unique beats and instrumental line provides the perfect foundation for Da Ren to layer atop his smooth and groovy flow. Da Ren is undoubtedly going to move audiences with his infectious and powerful words, and cement his rise in the Hip-Hop scene. - Mixtape Mixup


Toronto-based R&B artist Da Ren finally releases visuals for his single “Off White”, off his debut mixtape titled Ecstatic Love released in 2019.

The sultry and mysterious visuals add the final touch to an already polished release, and reinforce his status as an emerging Canadian artist who fearlessly shares his most intimate desires with the masses.

Inspired by his past relationships with women, he transforms pain into joy, and offers an ecstatic visual and sonic experience that escapes all labels and categorization. Both playful and dark, “Off White” magnifies the expression of desires, and goes a little deeper than any artist ever did in sharing the most private experience, sensually, yet never straining for effect.

Driving inspiration from artists such as Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and Freddie Mercury, the Toronto-based artist demonstrates his innate abilities and highly developed musical intuition and vision like never before, introducing himself in style to the genre’s lovers and beyond. - HipHop Magz

"Da Ren Releases Sultry Visuals For Single “Off White”"

Toronto-based urban artist Da Ren just released a new music video for his single dropped a month ago entitled “Off White”. The young Canadian R&B artist proves his taste for futuristic and sensual visuals to pair his equally striking musical sense. The dark atmospheres created visually and sonically perfectly pair his vocal delivery, resulting in a track that provides a smooth listening experience, and for those who want to hear more from the talented artist, his debut mixtape Ecstatic Love is home to the full project. - Real Street Radio

"Da Ren Drops Hot Visuals For Single “Off White”"

Toronto-based R&B artist Da Ren finally released new visuals for his smooth single titled “Off White”. The Canadian artist drops some hot visuals, creating a steamy atmosphere filled with lust and dimmed lights, triggering the darkest and most twisted fantasies in the imagination of viewers. The music accompanies the music video harmoniously, providing the soundtrack to Da Ren’s wildest dreams. The young artist showcases his talent and creativity in a new light with “Off White”, a music video set to solidify his reputation within the Canadian and North American urban scene. - South Side Jams

"Da Ren Drops Highly Noticed Music Video Titled “Off White”"

Toronto-bred R&B artist Da Ren just dropped a highly noticed music video for his joint titled “Off White”. The song and visuals pair to perfection, and Da Ren’s disruptive song will surely break through the noise, with its explicit lyrics and visuals. He tells the tale of his sexual adventures, going into all the juicy details, and doing so with his unique groove and flow.

Da Ren is definitely not your usual urban artist, as he pushes the boundaries further than any artist ever did, by sharing with his audience almost everything when it comes to his private life, and delivers it via his signature fiery sound. Have a listen for yourself to the song below, and witness the rise of one of the most daring artists out there! - Go Hard In Da Paint

"Da Ren Releases Surreal Music Video For His New Single “Off White”"

Toronto, Canada-based based R&B artist Da Ren is back with his latest sound, a dark and intimate track titled “Off White.” After recently splashing on the scene with highly noticed singles, the young artist decided to experiment again with listeners’ tolerated boundaries with this latest song. He takes a radical direction with “Off White,” blending catchy sonorities, instrumentals, and maybe one of his most important asset on this track; the lyrics that point out to his fantasy world. “Off White” is the most innovative and inventive track he’s dropped so far, one that conveys his deepest and most intimate feelings via the straightforward lyrics. He’s the kind of artist who gets really emotional when in the creative process, and this latest work proves that more than ever before. - Fist Pumpers


Da Ren releases “Off White,” his latest music video and song. The Toronto based R&B singer sets the bar really high, introducing his art to audiences in a powerful way. Da Ren is different than most artists, as he relentlessly tries to create his own sub-genre within urban music, whether it is via the topics he addresses (very sexual ones), or the sonic inspirations that led to the making of “Off White”. His lyrics, music, and vibe all fit together like Lego, and “Off White” is set to take the urban music scene by storm with its memorable ear-catching sound, lyrics, and visuals. - Three O Five

"Da Ren Drops Newest Music Video Titled “Off White”"

Young Toronto-based R&B artist Da Ren drops his latest work, an artistic music video for his soon-to-be-classic single entitled “Off White”. The mysterious music video captures Da Ren in an apartment with dimmed light, creating a romantic, almost erotic atmosphere backed up by the vibe skillfully produced by the artist on the soundtrack. He is inspired, he writes extremely well, and his talent clearly strikes at first listen. The greatest thing about the rising artist is his ability at creating a world of his own, using his various influences, and channeling them into his very own special sound. - Top Atl Sounds

"Watch Da Ren’s Latest Music Video For “Off White”"

Da Ren creates his own energy on his latest music video, “Off White”. The Canadian R&B artist has demonstrated his penchant for the darkest, twisted side of things on this new release, and fans of the genre will be happily surprised to discover a fearless artist capable of sharing his musical vision and trendy sonic textures with those in search for innovation in the saturated music scene. After watching “Off White,” we are now looking forward for his next big release. - Nuevo Culture

"Da Ren – “Off White”"

Toronto based R&B artist Da Ren just delivered his latest music video entitled “Off White”. The young rising artist offers a unique glimpse into his inner-world filled with desires and sexual fantasies on “Off White”, reinforcing his presence in the music scene as an emerging Canadian artist. The impressively artistic visuals perfectly accompany the music, a blend of R&B, pop, and Hip-Hop, performed with a dominating confidence by Da Ren. - Groovy Tracks


Da Ren is jump starting his career with a new music video release for his latest hit single entitled “Off White”. The young Toronto-based R&B artist delivers an inventive and no holds barred visual piece for the single, equally revolutionary when it comes to the way he addresses his fantasies and sexual memories. His appealing vocal deliveries paired with a post-R&B instrumental production make this release a special one, and this year seems to be the crucial one for Da Ren. - New Hit Singles

"Da Ren Dropps Mysterious Video “Off White”"

Toronto-based rapper, Da Ren unveiled "Off White," a track which exposes his enormous abilities to deliver high-quality productions. Da Ren, on his previously released mixtape Ecstatic Love, has proved that he is a talented producer and songwriter, and the new track sets the bar even higher. "Off White" is a flawless mix of Hip-Hop, EDM, and R&B, which is full of passion, and profound and intense lyrics. Follow Da Ren on his Instagram and Facebook, and listen to "Off White" below: - Popit Records

"Da Ren At His Best On New Music Video – “Off White”"

Da Ren is at his best on his latest music released for the R&B single “Off White”. The Canadian R&B singer-songwriter delivers an incredible sonic and on-screen artistic act, thanks to an infectious track that loops in the mind for hours after listening to it, an outcome produced by the addictive chorus and lyrics. “Off White” is major, and we expect some big noise around this released. The Toronto based artist continues to surprise fans with the kind of music and art he makes, simultaneously very daring and yet always bringing his special touch to the next party! - Hitmusic

"Da Ren Drops Sexual Music Video For “Off White”"

Da Ren is back with his latest single, “Off White” and its juicy visuals that perfectly showcase the imaginative personality of one of the most talented R&B artists in Toronto. He shares with the public his most intimate side on “Off White,” and solidifies his role as the lead figure of Canadian R&B music in 2019. His lyrics are filled with sexual fantasies, explosive desires, and erotic encounters, and the young Da Ren strives to be open and direct about everything that goes on in his mind. - Trap a Holics

"Da Ren Shows His Sharpest Weapons On “Off White” (Official Music Video)"

“Off White” sees Toronto based R&B artist Da Ren spit some of his sharpest lyrics ever, as he creates a singular vibe filled with a wide range of feelings and emotions. The young rising artist doesn’t disappoint with the music video that pairs the song, offering visuals that complement and highlight the music’s feel, allowing viewers to penetrate Da Ren’s secretive and mysterious inner-world, as a glimpse of what truly takes place in his mind. One of the greatest surprises in R&B music in 2019, Da Ren, despite his very young age continuously shows that he has the maturity and ambition to keep building a solid repertoire, the foundation for what’s coming next. Exciting stuff! - Im Plurnt

"Da Ren Surpasses All Expectations With “Off White”"

Da Ren surpassed all expectations on the new visual piece for his massive success titled “Off White”. The erotic song features Da Ren in his best shape, as the Toronto based R&B artist drops his smooth and subtle flow all over the song, one of the best he’s ever released.

The music video is a piece of art in itself, capturing the young artist singing in a dimmed-light atmosphere, perfectly creating the setting needed to harmonize with the music’s feel.

A uniquely curated song, “Off White” is set to bring many great returns to the ambitious Da Ren, who seems to be unstoppable no matter what he does. - Coast2Coast Music

"Da Ren Drops Contemporary Masterpiece Titled “Off White”"

Toronto based R&B artist Da Ren drops a contemporary masterpiece titled “Off White”. It is hard to categorize such an eclectic and creative artist, but we can say this song is a blend of electro textures and R&B inspired sounds. Da Ren, despite his age, tackles a controversial topic and confidently moves forward toward freer forms of art. Whether it is the visuals or the song, “Off White” is one of those releases that will surely withstand time, have a universal reach, and be engraved in viewers’ memories for a long time. - Vents Magazine


Toronto based R&B artist Da Ren dispatches his new music video for his widely acclaimed single, “Off White”. The song has a couple of key elements that translate into a greatly attractive track, especially thanks to Da Ren’s lyrics and vocal delivery who bring a feeling of coherence to the instrumentation.

He is very special and provocative, both because of the topic he chose to address in “Off White” and the visuals created to illustrate the song. The incredible warmth of his vibe truly makes the song engaging from beginning to end, helping Da Ren’s music career take a whole new turn after this release. - Urbanhotness

"Da Ren At His Best On New Music Video – “Off White”"

Da Ren is at his best on his latest music released for the R&B single “Off White”. The Canadian R&B singer-songwriter delivers an incredible sonic and on-screen artistic act, thanks to an infectious track that loops in the mind for hours after listening to it, an outcome produced by the addictive chorus and lyrics. “Off White” is major, and we expect some big noise around this released. The Toronto based artist continues to surprise fans with the kind of music and art he makes, simultaneously very daring and yet always bringing his special touch to the next party! - HitMusic


Still working on that hot first release.



da ren, a creator of ecstasy. With deep rolling tones and sexual lyrics, stories of heartbreak unfold to make way for love. Drawing his inspiration from Alternative R&B, early 2000’s R&B, and a combination of hip-hop and pop-rock, this upcoming artist brings an unclassified style to the genre when he adds soul-stirring electric guitar riffs to his mixes. Originally from Vancouver, Canada (now residing in Toronto), Da Ren Jiang, (alias da ren) is a singer, songwriter, and masterful orchestrator of sensual beats and piercing falsettos. His debut mixtape Ecstatic Love released April 4th in 2019, on the same day as his birthday, giving himself the perfect birthday gift. Then with his hit song, Off White, hitting hard with heavy bass and gentle melodies. The artist split his mixtape into a side A and side B, this echoes the divide between the hard and soft emotions of the mixtape.

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