BandHip Hop

Heart felt, talented, ambitious, versatile, determined and just plain old stand up guys.


D-Boy and Araliuz came together in early 2006 determined to put their stamp on the music industry. D-Boy a long time solo artist and Araliuz a member of a group off the streets of Columbus,Ohio decided it was time to put their heads together and get something happening now, thus forming D.A.

D.A. has been influenced by alot of music artist from all types of genres (past & present). To admire so many talents such as 2pac, Rick James, E-40, Scareface, Teddy P, and a host of others who's music was touching and always had some sort of connection with our own personal lives. With these types of musical infuences has helped DA sale more than a 1,000 hand to hand demo/promotional cd's in Columbus and close surrounding cities for the begining of 2006.


First album set for independent release in early July.

Set List

Evidence 4 Indictment


D.A's sets can last between 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours, depending on the time limit and or song limit. For a typicall club or talent show is usually 4 songs.


1)All Alone

2)Do It To'Um

3)Ready 2 Die

4)When U Need Me "Call"