Da 3rd Element

Da 3rd Element

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Deep, intellectual lyrics over hungry sample-based production. My wordplay is like the best sex to a nympho. My lines are as pure as Columbian coke... Prepare for Substance Abuse!


Wilbert Lee Wofford III was named after his father and grandfather, so it was not rare for people to address him as “Da 3rd.” His older brother, Darlwin, excelled as a respectable trumpet player, so Da 3rd was exposed to music at a young age. Later, his brother was introduced to crack cocaine by their aunt. Da 3rd refused to fall victim to the unpromising environment of Ashtabula, Oh, so he looked to the basketball court. He found much success with his love for the game but had a severe knee injury his freshmen year of high school. Instead of giving up, he took his academics more seriously and used his penmanship as a crutch. Da 3rd began writing verses to escape his hardships.

In the spring of 2003, he left home and settled in Cincinnati to attend Xavier University. In philosophy class, his professor explained the four elements. Da 3rd was attempting to write a song but had writer’s block. He paused and the lecturer said, “The third element is fire.” It was then that he took on the alias of, Da 3rd Element, and ignited with the commitment to only omit heat. His talents, later, gave him the opportunity to open up for major acts, such as, Little Brother, Talib Kweli, and Tanya Morgan. Since 2005, Da 3rd has released four street albums with assistance from producer Sal Dali. He is currently promoting his indie label, Thru Da Smoke Entertainment LLC. Da 3rd Element plans to revive true hip-hop, and to bring substance back to the forefront of the rap game.


Appetite for $ucce$$, 2005 Single “Priceless”
Definition of Fire, 2006 Single “The Essence”
Return on Investment, 2007 Single “Hip Hop’s Not Dead”
Substance Abuse, 2009 Single “Grippo Powder ft. Cracksauce

Set List

My sets typically last 30 mins to an hour:

Hip Hop's Not Dead
Grippo Powder ft Cracksauce
Pop Pills
Never Sleep
B-Boy Stance