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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Da Answer's new album release "Tear it Down (Off da Chain)""

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Home > Da Answer's new album release Tear It Down (Off da Chain)

This press release is to enlighten audiences globally about Da Answer's new album release

(I-Newswire) November 16, 2009 - The highly anticipated and anointed album, Tear It Down (Off da Chain), by Holy Fire Chroniclz’ artist, “Da Answer”, is penetrating the devil’s kingdom with both power and authority. In his sophomore release, Tear It Down (Off da Chain), Da Answer implores us to rise up from victim to victor as we pull down every stronghold and high imagination that is preventing us from walking in the calling God has upon our life. From executive producer to lyrical writer, Da Answer is evidence that the ministry of Christ-centered rap is truly a form of music we all need to be listening to.
As his most transparent project to date, Tear It Down (Off da Chain) is the voice to Da Answer’s own personal testimony of being raised in the streets, pain, affliction, breaking the law, and how he dealt with his father’s absence most of his life, due to his father’s past drug abuse. In the song “Precious Body”, Da Answer affirms to women that because they are wonderfully and fearfully made, they do not have to compromise their precious bodies for provocative clothing, belittlement, or pre-marital sex. From his wife to his one year old daughter, who underwent three major surgeries and a was on the ventilator three times before she was even six months old, there is no doubt that Da Answer takes the splendor of woman seriously.
Da Answer features several diverse artists on this album including but not limited to: Bred, God’s Own, Elder Darnell Jennings, singer/composer Bronson Landrum, and Spoken Word artist and new author Brandy “BrandyWine” Rankins. “Change Ya Hat” the single from the album, powerfully redefines man’s perspective of himself as it proclaims “you’re not just a man, you’re a man of God/ Just gotta change your hat so he can bring you back” to your God-given purpose. Tear It Down (Off da Chain) not only acknowledges that all men fall short of the glory of God but it encourages us to now get back into our rightful place. You don’t want to miss this God-inspired album that is boldly winning souls for God’s kingdom.
You can listen to songs from this album as well as purchase Tear It Down (Off da Chain) on the following sites: www.daanswer.webs.com , www.cdbaby.com/cd/daanswer2

About Holy Fire Chroniclz:
Holy Fire Chroniclz

Company Contact Information
Holy Fire Chroniclz
Thomas Rankins Jr
5591 Dalewood Ave.
Phone : 216.269.3504

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Tear It Down album available online October 13, 2009



After surrendering his will and his heart over to Jesus at the alter, he understood that too meant surrendering this gift he used popularly in the world over to the kingdom. What's this man's name? This artist boldly comes forth representing the only thing that Jesus defines himself to every soul as..."Da Answer". His name remains a constant reminder that for every senseless murder, terrorist attack, suicide, political strife, and issue of poverty, Da Answer is Jesus.

Of the many souls receiving the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, comes a man whose joy is praising God through his quintessential gifts of producing music and lyrical poetry. While unsaved, he never knew how lost he was until the exact momen he found Christ. He became tired of his secular life which prioritized the clubs, drinking, smoking marijuana, fornicating with diverse women, and all of the sins he continually allowed the enemy to imprison him with. As he grew weary, he found the only cure for his sinful ways and emptiness was salvation through Jesus.

Da Answer fell in love with poetry and music at the young age of ten. Since that time, his resume includes the microphones he's rocked in places like: Ohio, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and Atlanta, yet since it all was before he became saved, he humbly uses none of these places or concerts as references but as mere stepping stones bringing him from glory to glory. He extends an open invitation for you to groove with him, sharing in his new found joy, as he sows seeds into the hearts, minds, and spirits of all who has an ear for the Good News of Jesus.

In his freshman album entitled: "State of Emergency", he invites you to do more than listen to catchy phrases and bop your heads to hot beats and banging 808's. Instead, he takes us on a voyage to educate, stimulate, and feed our souls, while warning us how imperative it is to annihilate the enemy; ceasing his plot to steal, kill, and destroy us. Now in his sophomore album entitled: "Tear It Down" Da Answer implores you to stop being a victim of society, strongholds, and generational curses and rein as a victor of hope through the salvation and promises of our Lord Christ Jesus.

Da Answer shares his own testimony about being raised on the streets, pain, struggle, affliction, family, and most of all how he's overcome. He's not afraid to admit to you that he was an ex-thief, ex-adulterer, ex-liar, etc., guilty by the law and straight on his way to hell...but God. Da Answer not only acknowledged Jesus as his savior, realizing that Jesus paid the ultimate price for the world's sins on the cross at Calvary, but he accepted a new life through Christ. My brothers and sisters, surely there is deliverance in every track! We invite you to accept this open invitation during this "State-Of-Emergency" to join God's Kingdom and if anything ungodly gets in your way..."Tear It Down".