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Da Big Dime

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The type of music that I make is more of a high-energy, uptempo, feel-good vibe. It will make you want to lose yourself in the beat and never want to come back! The energy is out of control and I aim to bring the audience to their feet until the end of my set.


Da Big Dime, born Andra Jackson (pronounced Un-Drey), is an Alabama native that knew by the age of 4 that he was destined for the music industry. Coming from a family of musicians, he grew up around various genres of music. The style that intrigued him the most was rap.
Having a father who has played lead guitarist for Clarence Carter and also the lead singer for the early 1980s band, The Angettics, he was inspired to pursue his dreams. By the age of 13, Da Big Dime wrote his first inspirational rap song titled "Don't Do", which encouraged his peers not to make the wrong decisions. Feeling the need to spread the message, he performed it at his junior high Black History program. The vast amount of positive feedback from the mayor of Prattville, Alabama and its citizens motivated Da Big Dime to continue to strive for success.
In 2001, the first to recognize his gift was the Atlanta-based production company, GateKeeper Productions, who also worked with T.I. shortly before his fame. There, Da Big Dime recorded his first album "The Drop of the Dime". In 2012, the aggressive self-promotion paired with the never-ending need to succeed, Stupid Muzik Entertainment was created as his own brand.
Now living in Tacoma, Washington, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with many local artists such as Jig The Pres, Prano Tha Don, Nikki E., Papa Black, Destiny King, Face Down Killah, Moet, Slim Capone, Sincere, and OBoy. Along with these collaborations, the Circle of Bosses was created. Consisting of Da Big Dime (Stupid Muzik Entertainment), Prano Tha Don (Milk Em Dry Entertainment), and Jig The Pres (G.M.C.), this powerhouse trio is set out to conquer the music industry with their Southern, Northwest, and Northeast styles. Continuing to expand his vision, Da Big Dime is set on touching the nation with his messages.


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