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Rochester, Michigan, United States

Rochester, Michigan, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Make It Right Mix-tape- 2011



Very rarely does an individual get to see life from two different angles. Most of the time a person gets one perspective of life such as one of poverty and then must live their life according to their perspective. DaBoij did not have it this way. Instead he went from a struggling lower middle class family to a lower upper class family. With this kind of change he got a chance to see how life differs in these two worlds and utilized it in his music.
DaBoij was born in Pontiac, Michigan in a less than desirable location. Crime was rampant in the area and The DaBoij's parents did all they could to make sure he was going to be raised properly. The DaBoij’s father supported the family as a jazz band drummer. His band would practice at their house where The DaBoij would often be close by listening intently. As The DaBoij started to feel his way into music he was introduced into a new form of music. The type of music was hip hop and it would change his life forever.
The DaBoij started to get all sorts of different beats from an early age and immediately started to write lyrics to them. He would take these tracks and rap to them in his makeshift studio which in reality was his closet in his room. He would lay tracks in the model of some of his idols such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Lil Wayne. Shortly after this his father cashed in on some business he had and moved the family to the nice suburban city of Bloomfield Hills. The DaBoij next teamed up with some school mates of his to rap with him in his new make shift studio in his new house. He would even produce some of the beats and got so good they started to rap to those beats as well as the industry beats. It didn’t take long for DaBoij to catch some major buzz around his high school and received some notoriety from his peers. Being that DaBoij was getting good grades and knowing how important school was to his parents he went to college and put his dreams of making a name for himself in the hip hop community on hold. While going to school he had a side job at Blockbuster where he would become friends with one of his coworkers Jack Cobb.
School was becoming tedious and it didn’t take to long for DaBoij to realize the only thing he wanted to do was to become a hip hop artist. With his friend Jack Cobb’s help he began a plan to get back to the music career he had dreamed of. DaBoij immediately went to work on a mix-tape project that would later become Make It Right. This mix-tape was raved upon online and quickly earned DaBoij a show to enter with the biggest underground rappers Metro Detroit had to offer. In his very first show he left many fans clamoring “DaBoij had the best performance by far.”
Since then DaBoij has gone on to make a couple student films with his friend Jack. With a fan base that is seemingly growing by the day, a hard working work ethic, a loyal group of friends that will help him whenever he needs it, and enough talent to challenge some of the best artists of today; there is only one possible outcome for DaBoij and that is living the dream he always wanted. A literal modern day interpretation of a guy from both sides of the track DaBoij has used it to his full advantage. A commercial type of rapper that can relate to people in the slums. Thus making him the best of both worlds.