Da Bom

Da Bom

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Political, stylish, hypnotic rock with electro bass and drums. Basically humans versus machines in a rock band format, with maximum energy.


BOM is not only an accomplished musician, having toured the United States of America and Canada twice, but also an exceptional SINGER/SONGWRITER. With tons of charisma and just as much talent, he has been rocking the Melbourne music scene for 10 years and now just returned from performing in Europe. After taking a hiatus from writing to focus on his Live Performance, BOM has returned to promote an Acoustic Album heavily influenced by his time touring the States, in particular the political scene in New York. His unique voice and lyrical content is showcased here in a performance recorded LIVE at New Yorks ‘The Bitter End’. BOMS live show is high energy and pure passion. His lyrics are what define him, and with his character revealed in every line, he doesn’t shy away from the tough topics! With fresh interest from some top American Producers, BOMS New Album, Immaculate Heart, will definitely be turning heads. Immaculate Heart was written, recorded and produced by BOM, in the studio he built as part of Hardy Street Productions. For more info on BOM, or to get in contact about upcoming gigs, email www.paulbombig.com

Hypermania is BOMS band. Electro/Rok is what they do and what they are. They're the hottest muso's this side of the sun and there songs are blistering. Dont be fooled. One listen........and your in. www.dahbom.com




Outside my window, I see a man on the street. The Broken sidewalk crumbles, beneath his feet. His father worshiped Elvis , he wished he was a mousekateer as a kid. Served two tours in Baghdad. And still proud that he did. LADY....Where were you when the towers fell. How can you believe the lies that they tell. why are you so easy to decieve. or is it just
American....to believe.

Took a job in kansas. shortly after the war. Making steel girders. he can't remember what they were for. When he met his wife sarah. she said that it was fate. 11 months later, she said it was a mistake.

bridge) Told me of his daughter. and he started to cry. said he hadn't thought of her in quite a while.

In 06 he got laid off. the bank repossesed the world. they took the house and the car. Sarah took his girls. Now he's just another statistic. searching through a bin. looking for a cigarette, to give it life again.
where were you when the towers fell....

Immaculate Heart

Written By: Milkmann/Bombig

wake up in the morning, out of bed by noon time. Think about nothing, think about nothing but you. Life was so simple, i lived on a can of beans. Now i feel like road kill.

Club 19

Written By: Bombig

I know that your lying. And i feel that your hiding. Cause i've been there before. And i know that you know.


Smile E.P. acoustic solo
The Bom E.P. elctro/rok
11 E.P. rock
" Immaculate Heart " Full lenght cd self produced. Coming out soon.
New Film Clip

Set List

Original both solo acoustic and with a rock tronic band.
set can range from 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half.