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"Jewelz Magazine Featured Artist"

JM: Where are you from?

MR: Born and raised mainly in Bogalusa, LA. However, I will normally answer "Southeast, LA", I've stomped all around Slidell, New Orleans, Hammond, and all the hot spots in between.

For the record, I'm a Southern Girl!! I got love all up through the the Crooked Letter (MS), TN, GA, FL and I now reside in Houston, TX.

JM: How long have you been doing your thang?

MR: Forever!! I was born to do what I do... and have been doing so since I can remember. I have been a Writer, Speaker, Singer, Musician, Entertainer, Entrepreneur since since. My 'thang' is much bigger than rap music!!

JM: Who are you feeling right now in the industry and underground?

MR: Akon... love the simplicity and freshness of his outlook. CREATIVE!! I'm not really into 'mainstream' stuff..... but he definitely came to mind.

JM: What producers are you diggin right now, who makes you want to spit as soon as you here one of there tracks?

MR: I have what I consider a "Dream Team" - consists of Heartbeatz, Desiac, Fire, and Philip Moore...... any of these boys bring out the BEAST in me! Big shot out to all the 'underground' producers who come wit it!!!

JM: What does it take for you to knock out a hit in the studio?

MR: A mic? LOL

I try to make sure I'm in the right 'mood'. I usually write on the spot and 'transform'....... usually comes out aight.

JM: What can we expect on this project?

MR: Da Street Sweeper is dat heat for da streets!! It showcases one of my alter egos.... "Boss Baby da BEAST". Majority industry tracks that I've added my own appeal to. 27 tracks that feature my single "Swagger Daddy" and more originals from myself and others. Basically, expect the we say here in the "H" - "It goes HARD".

I'm very hopeful of the album release soon that will showcase the other sides of me..... I have MUCH more to offer ..... stay tuned!!!

JM: What is missing or needed for an artist to get heard or picked up?

MR: There are several possible combinations..... Some people have hella money, some people have hella resources, some people have hella talent! Key is finding out which one is YOU and trying to pair up with the others......takes it all....

Passion, Ambition, Focus, DETERMINATION is understood!!!!

JM: What is your style and do you have a name for it?

MR: Don't think I have a name for it..... never thought of it. I just do me. I'm a well rounded person, I keep it real with myself.

I'm an Artist.....which means I'm creative, deep, dark, sentimental and temperamental (some call it crazy....LOL)..... I do my best to relay ALL those aspects in my games, no gimmicks.

JM: What artist have you dreamed of working with or think it would be a great song if both ya'll was on it?

MR: FREE HUGGIE B!!!! Be great to do a joint wit my nigga when he comes home!!

JM: What do you feel is missing if anything in hip-hop at this moment?


JM: With that said what do you as an artist bring to the round table of hip-hop?

MR: All the above, wit a li' Southern Swag..... LOL

My desire to help cause a 'change' by challenging the way we view things..... including ourselves, others, and the world around us. LIke I said...... this is bigger than music!!!

JM: Thanks, I think you are one of the hottest MC'S out there right now keep doing your thang. Your turn is coming soon

MR: NO!!! THANK YOU!!!! God Bless.
- Jewelz Magazine

"Customized Chop Shop Featured Artist"

Who is Ms. Re'
Da Boss Baby!!! LOL I am a lover of life and music. Moreso, I'm a simple southern girl who's voice was missing from the industry, so fuck it!!! I spoke up!!

I hear the southern accent, where u from
B-O-G-A-L-U-S-A...... dat's where I'm from'n!! Bogalusa is a small city in Southeast, LA....... that's home, but I rep dat whole Southeast, LA as my stompin' grounds...... what up NO, Slidell, Hammond, Baton Rouge!!!

How old is Ms. Re'
All I'm going to say is that I'm grown and sexy!!! Grown and sexy!! My birthday is April 1st - Aries Baby!!!

OK, are you single? married? Got any kids?
I have 2 kids... my oldest is already wreckin' mics!! Miss Jaia, Da Baby Boss can be peeped at ..... I'm married to da game by the way!

When did u start rappin and what made you choose that career
I can't remember when I started..... but I've been writing and singing as long as I've been able to. I didn't choose it, it chose me. I've tried many things in life, this is the only thing that, done deal.

Who do most people compare your style to
I've been compared to the Ghetto Twiinz pretty often. I've also been compared to Tupac, which either of course is an honor.

What label are you on or affiliated with
Boss Baby Entertainment. Sista doin' her own independent thing for now. It's the only way I get a fair shake and get to call my own shots...... both of those are important to me. I'm having a ball, by the way.... hard work, but VERY rewarding!!

How has the game treated you so far?<----(good, bad or fair?) has there been any greedy label owners or stingy record execs or stingy store owners? crooked friends in the rap game that did you wrong?
Please don't get me started......LMAO!!! But that's the game. You should expect that on any level. Honestly, I'm just glad I'm from da hood and I can smell they rat asses a mile away. I've had those encounters from strangers and those right inmy own camp. I thank God for them all, cause they make me rediscover who I am and what I was born to do...... they also make me hungrier!! Long live da haters!!!

Who is your favorite rapper and why
MC Lyte - Cause she was the first hard-spittin', self respecting female in da game.
Tupac - Cause he spoke it from his soul. He made the rest of us free to feel whatever it was we were feeling. And he shared himself openly with us, including his mood swings.
Pimp C - Cause he's southern and simply states datshit!! No pretenses, nothing fancy, just "Here - you deal wit it..... I done said da shit!" LMAO

What is a real rapper to you?
Not sure about the 'rapper' part.... because I'm an artist, who happens to perform rap music!! But with that being said.... I'll say that a REAL ARTIST is someone who creates art simply because!!! Nothing to do with fame, fortune, Hollywood, or hoes.... just because He/She can't sleep at night unless they create. A REAL ARTIST is inspired by life and it's lessons and not mainstream or the things that we are being force fed.

What is a fake rapper to you?
I think you're not a TRUE ARTIST if you don't eat sleep and shit this. I think you're not real if everything you do is based on a deal, record sales, hoes, or just the hype that comes along with the 'game'. If youweren't born to do this and you pick it up cause everyone else has...... check ya self!!!

How do you compare as far as the real and fake rapper? <---(which one are you? and why)
I eat sleep and shit music - period!!! Who would you like to work with in the future?
UGK, Scarface, Juvie, BG, Mary J, Lyfe........ many more, but those off the top o' my head.

When writing do you write to the beat or do you normally have things already written and try fitting them to the beat? Tell me about your writing process. How do you go about getting prepared for a song.
Either or... if I'm vibin' (collabin') with someone, I like to write fresh. I write whenever I'm inspired, and sometime, the beat comes later. I just try to relax and shutout the rest of the world before I start writing, that way my spirit dictates. From there...... I just go wit it.

Whats the name of the cd and what can we expect from it
The album is entitled "Da Boss Baby". I just like that whole branding thing....LOL Expect to be side-swiped!!! I came wit it. It's a little of everything... all my mood swings pretty much. It's definitely got that rumble in da trunk action. It's got something for all us: women, hustlers, playas...... even the critics.

Who have you collabed with on this cd?
First of all, I always shot my producers.... Drumma Boy, OJ, Desiac, Don Mac, Bo, and Phillip Moore. Man, they held it down!! My shit is banging....LMAO!!! I was honored to work wit my homies on the album, Mista Q, Masa Smoke, BDC,the Ghetto Twiinz and Wacko. They added a nice spice to the album. I think it's gonna be a classic...... real talk!!

What singles are you pushing as of right now? Is there any others than shakedown?
I pushed Break 'em Off first and had a nice li' buzz before the hurricane...... I lost momentum. Music was so secondary after that shit!! But now, I'm back buzzin' wit Shakedown. I got a joint called "Miss Me" that the ladies especially gimme props on.... we just gotta see what it do from here.

What compelled you to write shakedown? What were you thinking while making that song?
I was thinkin' bout how much I wanted the game all to myself and how many of these frauds were holding space......... hence ..... "You bitches betta back up!!" LMAO On the real, the track made my alter ego come alive and I just took advantage....... came right outta me.... Desiac on da track!!!

When can we expect this cd to drop and where can we pick it up?
In/around July...... I'm working with a local distributor, but if it's not in stores, cop it from me personally online - support independent artists!!!

Any last minute shot outs
Waaaaah!!! What up world? - Customized Chop Shop

"Southern Xposur Magazine Featured Artist"'s%20issue%20flipping/index.htm - Southern Xposur Magazine

"Gesica Magazine Exclusive Interview"

U Bitches Betta Back Up! Ms. Re' is the real and she's keeping it there. A style that carries beyond the microphone, this female artist is possessed...lyrically. A Louisiana native, Ms. Re’ means what she says and rightfully so. One doesn’t become President of the company by taking orders. In a world dominated by male testosterone, Ms. Re’ attitude is not up for negotiations; she’s telling you to take it. Period. End of discussion.

Behind-the-scenes her raspy southern voice and mature behavior let you in on the obvious. Ms. Re’ is a full blown woman and her caliber has yet to be matched by any other. As any born multi-tasker will tell you, her family and business have embarked on a life long courtship that she maintains with the crack of a whip. Nothing gets by this sharply dressed female pied piper. Donned with a tilted Fedora and looks that kill, Ms. Re’ shit is about to pop off.

By Tonisha Johnson

I’ve listened to a couple of your tracks and you are mean on the mic. You are so aggressive. Has anyone ever told you that you talk at them and not to them? And if so, it’s reflected in your lyrics.

Ms. Re’: Yes. And I mean that shit. I guess you can say it’s from the family I was raised in. I’m from a southern Baptist family and I have always been an aggressive out spoken kid. And they always told me to shut up because they knew I was gonna say it. They knew as soon as I could think it up, it was gonna come out. And I remember thinking that as soon as I get the chance ain’t nobody gonna tell me shut up. So now, I’m grown and as you can tell music is my alter ego. So I’m gonna say what the hell I need to say. And I’m gonna say it like I mean it cause that’s been something I’ve wanted to say; been meaning to say…that’s why it comes off like that.

Well you know how men feel about aggressive women in the industry. Are you ready to be crowned ‘Queen Bitch’?

Ms. Re’: Well, Queen Bitch no. But Da Boss Baby…yeah. That’s me. I’ve got my own title. Yeah, I’m aggressive but I’m a sweetheart. Unless you push me. I ain’t no killer but don’t push me. So, I just prefer Da Boss Baby and to me what that means is…I can be a bitch but I’m just about mine. I’m not about stepping on nobody’s toes. But it is about you being conscious stepping on mine.

Is being in control the reason why you started Da Boss Baby?

Ms. Re’: Probably. That’s definitely one of the factors. One of the factors is I’m just that boss personality. I like to call my own shots. I’ve always been that way. And being that way and going against these hard headed ass men who think oh, she a woman she don’t know shit…it just all kind of came into play. It was meant to happen that way. I believe, the way I was raised, that nobody is gonna give you shit. You gotta go get it so…I go get it.

Well, you started your own entertainment company; how does that work for you? You’re an artist and the President, along with 2 other partners. How do you manage the time between the two roles?

Ms. Re’: Yeah. I am. To be honest, I think we never really…President, CEO…everybody just know this my shit. So, it’s not even questioned. But I pretty much run it all. Everything. Its successes; its failures; it will be on my shoulders. It makes it really hard to balance that and be an artist because as an artist, if I’m stressing’ and I’m going through something, having anxiety attacks and my mind is all over the place; I’m just not that creative. So the way that I do it is, I find balance and I take about a few weeks here and I’ll be an artist and I’ll take about a month and a half and I’ll run the business. I just go back and forth and at times I just put different hats on.

So when you are out there performing you do have back up that covers you?

Ms. Re’: I do have 2 business partners and pretty much…if I had enough of it I just keep them abreast of what’s going on or I just give it up. That is generally what I do when I decide, ok, next week, I’m an artist. Don’t call me, call Polo; call Walter. We just work it out like that.

Why is it that you decided to bring in partners instead of running the operation on your own?

Ms. Re’: Well, for one cause I need help and I’m not too big to accept that. I can not do it all. Me by myself is like five different people anyway. So if I had like, another 2 clones…but I don’t so this is as close as it gets for me. I think of stuff and then I end it off. And then I got 10 other things. Sometimes we’re swamped but we’re doing the best we can.

Independent labels have more options then majors. Do you think artists will capitalize more because of this?

Ms. Re’: Yes. I have noticed a bigger trend over the last…at least five years, that people, especially from me being from Louisiana, people that I knew who were the underdog of the home town team making noise in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, next thing you know its all over the world and everybody’ thinking its brand new…but its inspiration to know where this independent music came from. That inspired me. Now I’m in Houston and everybody knows there’s this ton of independent people coming out of Houston. I’ve been able to see it first hand by moving from Louisiana to Houston. I’ve seen the independents slowly taking the industry. They’re coming in, landing everything and getting it.

In your opinion, is there more money in being independent than major?

Ms. Re’: Honestly. The point that I’m at is…my intent is to establish myself as an independent. There is no doubt that the majors are playing monopoly and can get into places and put me into places that I can not possibly do by myself. The key is, for me, to get the best deal, the best opportunity that I can get. And the best way to do that is to provide that first for myself. So I see, once I’m proven, meaning once I’ve earned my own respect…I’ll get a better shake at the deal. I’ll get a bigger chunk of that pie. That’s all.

How do you go about establishing yourself first as an artist so that the majors can take notice of you?

Ms. Re’: I just write good music and I network with good producers and people who are passionate about the industry; people who are also moving and shaking; and to just get my face and my music in the press. I meet people…Paul Wall got this internet going crazy. That (internet) has been a success for me. The internet gives me a huge amount of exposure. As an independent I’m on a small budget. That’s basically the key right there. To expose myself, get the feedback and keep giving it to them.

Lots of artists start labels as well as average business people. They start out with their own companies and have an ulterior motive to get picked up by a major company. 2 things Ms. Re’, what do you say to your staff who’s been behind you all this time only to get picked up and possibly replaced with Major Label employees and why settle for cents per album when you can get more for your dollar as an independent artist?

Ms. Re’: Hell no. That’s a no go and a no no! Cents on an album, we would continue to eat independent money. Honestly, I mean, I’m not necessarily drowning and waiting for somebody to save me. I do music because I love it and I write music cause I am an artist. And that’s cause I do what I do. So, if I never eat, I’m gonna write and record music. And the reason that I do it independently is so that I can call my own shots. I can say when I wanna write, when I want to release…if I don’t want to do that song; and that’s fine for me because it all depends on what people consider success. I don’t need to be a household name and be away from my family and friends 95% of the time in order to do that. And come home and owe everybody money and get .10 cents on an album…is not success. I would much rather be independent. And that would be were I started anyway so. I’m good with that. However it works out. I’m hoping I get a good deal. But we’ll just have to see what a good deal is.

Who would you be interested in signing with?

Ms. Re’: Nobody in particular. Who ever is coming with the right deal and the right resources? I do have an entertainment lawyer that does that type of research for me. So I try to not to even really get into that. I don’t want to get emotional about any of that. He would advise me. That’s his job.

You said ‘that’s his job’…

Ms. Re’: Right. God gives us all gifts. So you do you and I’m gonna do me. Man, being an artist dealing with producers, engineers, graphic designers, photographers and everybody else. I mean, that’s a whole lot of work. I’m not really that keen on stressing and worrying about what the next move is in the industry. I stay abreast as much as possible but if that’s the attorney and that’s what he does, I’m going to trust him to do it.

Trust is a big thing in this industry.

Ms. Re’: It is a big thing. And for me to find somebody that I can say T R U S T…that’s huge. I don’t love ‘em dog. I don’t trust ‘em dog.

Just to hear you speak…girl…you are so damn southern!

Ms. Re’: I am southern. And I just love it.

What is your version of the difference’ between southern hip hop and northern hip hop?

Ms. Re’: Swag. Style. We just got swag about us. It’s something about the way that we came up. The south is also affectionately called the Dirty for different reasons. And it’s just a different mentality and mindset to us. When you are the underdog and you have all this opposition you build a resistance to it. And then you also elevate and graduate to that next level of how to go and get it; how to step your game up. And that’s just pretty much southern rap in a nutshell. So, anything that you got to say, I got one up. That’s where the shining comes from. You just not gonna out do me. The cockiness, the swagger; I’m just gonna let you see that I’m not gonna be out done. And that’s just how I feel. It’s just the nature of the beast. That’s just the south for you. That means that I’m gonna talk more shit than you. My rims are gonna be bigger than yours. I’m gonna have more ice than you and I got more ho’s than you. That’s just how we do.

More ho’s huh?

Ms. Re’: I got more ho’. More bitches. More baby mama’. Whatever. I’m just doing it so big.

50 Cent made the comment that southern rap has no lyrical content, although he has a southern rap artist on his label. What is your response to 50 Cent?

Ms. Re’: Listen. That’s all. Listen and to each its own. Some people say be quiet. Some people say shut the fuck up. It just depends on what are you listening for? Cause when I hear a lot of metaphors…it just depends. If I don’t live in that world, I can’t relate to it. And I might say that ain’t about nothing. So, to each its own…what are you listening for?

Why has the world taken so long to recognize southern rap artists?

Ms. Re’: I just think its all in time. The south has been oppressed from the very beginning and the south has always been unfortunately labeled as ignorant and that’s because of slavery and because our people were oppressed and we were not afforded all the opportunities that people in New York, West Coast or where ever they were afforded. They just kind of forgot about us. I think that’s why we’re so hungry and aggressive right now. And you can’t back us away from that goal.

What is your style of rap?

Ms. Re’: Reality? Umm…I don’t know. I just do me. I never really considered me a style. I would definitely say it’s southern because I’m southern. I just say what’s on my mind. I have an alter ego that I let loose from time to time. But generally I just tell the truth.

What will you bring to the table in regards to the female traditions of rap?

Ms. Re’: I ain’t stepping on no toes. I want to but I ain’t even gonna do them like that. That’s private. LOL.

I’m gonna bring maturity. From what I see and no disrespect but …well, let me go on and get bossy with it. There is more to being a woman than having a pussy. Excuse me…I didn’t want to offend nobody but I’ve been wanting to say that. You can quote me on that. There is more to being a woman than that. There are other things that make a woman a woman without tits and ass. The struggle is not independent of men. Hard times, being victims of the ghetto. Being a fatherless child. Hand me down clothes and lights cut off. That is not independent of men. But for some reason all the men want to hear us say about our asses and all that stuff. We lost it somewhere. We brought if from them. So I’m here to take the game back from my sisters. For my women. Not saying I aint sexy as hell and they don’t know either, but…we aint’ talking about that right now so…we gonna keep it grown and sexy.

Your experiences inspire you. But the people who are inspired by you…what advice would you give them?

Ms. Re’: Love yourself first. Listen and take things into context. Do the research. Just because I say I don’t love a nigga I don’t trust a bitch don’t mean I’m just totally ignorant. I’m just saying put things into perspective. And at the same time, more than anything just be true to yourself cause I’m doin’ me. Everything about me may not inspire you. There may be something’s about me that you like and some that you might want to throw away. Just be true to yourself cause that’s all I’m doing.

How can hip hop save America?

Ms. Re’: If the artist would be more conscious and speak up. And to be more accountable for what they are doing. We can say I don’t want to be a role model I didn’t ask to be that but regardless of what you asked for we hold a place. We are a cut above and we just have to start taking accountability for that. So generally I try not to promote and push out things that I don’t necessarily believe. Everything for me is not for you. But just be accountable.

What is the best lyric you’ve ever said?

Ms. Re’: Hmmm. I got chills on me cause I got just so many. I’m gonna say one line and I’m gonna regret this as soon as I say it cause …I ain’t just grimey I’m greasy. Down right nasty. Take a slight shit on a track now it’s a classic. Now if that ain’t southern swag…if that ain’t it right there then…I don’t know.

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Independently released 2 mixtape projects:

Da Sequel (2008)
Da Street Sweeper (2007)

Radio exposure in key Southern Markets: New Orleans (LA), Jackson (MS), Little Rock (AR), Houston (TX)



With all the hype surrounding southern rap, as well as the new female MC movement, it is without wander that the South presents its number one contender… Boss Baby. With a few exceptions, the history of the female rapper consists of frivolous beauties that are content with being seen and indifferent to being heard. Their credibility becomes lost in their inability to deliver self-written, self-lived lyrics. Music lovers want someone real, someone they can relate to, someone like Boss Baby.

Born and raised in Bogalusa, a small, oppressed city in Southeast Louisiana, this lady is no stranger to struggle and definitely not “lame to the game”. Fast forward past the absent father, street life, and motherhood, she is a consistent songwriter that paints flawless pictures from one end of the color spectrum to the other. Undeniably gifted and gorgeous, Boss Baby combines swag, sass, and sexy with content to monopolize the market. “I don’t need a co-sign to shine”, she says and effortlessly overcasts female emcees while raising the bar for her male counterparts.

Formerly known to fans as Ms. Re’, Boss Baby is reborn with a new look, new music, and new mountains to conquer. Heart, hustle, and high energy performances are the formula for breaching regional boundaries into global status. “Independent means ‘by yourself’”, she says, “you have to be prepared to do it alone”. Taking full control of her creativity, she runs her own entertainment empire taking responsibility for her vision: music, marketing, modeling, and production of her own television show are only the beginning. Boss Baby: Mother. Artist. Model. Mogul.