Chandler, Arizona, USA
BandHip HopPop

Very eclectic, something that sounds familiar yet different, something young people and older people can listen too, something that's easy to listen to.


Wayne Andrew Hughes.....I dropped the Wayne I go by Andrew, also known as DaboyRuff or just Ruff, I was born may 25th 1980 at Menorah Hospital in Kansas Cit Missouri, I was 3 yeas old when my mother put drumsticks in my hand and ever since then I knew I was destined to do music, my mom bought me a drum set I believe it was Alvin and the chipmunks, I was in band a few times in school and marching band but that didn't work out, my pops (Wayne) would always listen to hip hop rap and I had older guy cousins that I considered my older brothers since I was the oldest of 5 I needed people like them around to push me and make me tough and they were the biggest fans of Run DMC and the Beastie Boys so between my pops and my cousins I learned how to rhyme a little bit so much so that my brother Kamau and I were known as the Ghetto Boys because we were only like 7 or 8 and we knew all the lyrics to every Ghetto Boys song and could pretty much recite anything that was out at the time and we went from that to just coming up with our own rhymes my brother was always the illest guy I knew on the mic and I was always that guy beating on the table or beating on my chest or just beat boxing I was making beats, lived next door to The Popper and DJ Fresh so it just became apart of me to do music I would be at Fresh's house sometimes til 3 or 4 in the morning listening to records and rhyming over instrumentals, I went to Westport with Snug Brimm it's a communication/broadcasting school so we had a little radio station and one day i talked to my teacher I'm pretty sure his name was Mr.Buckner and I asked him if I could come in after school to record and he let me but everything was recorded on reel to reel so I used to get all the latest songs and instrumentals from DJ Fresh and I would record parts of the beat to the reel to reel and make a loop i knew a female in band class named Stardust she was a drummer like me but she could sing her butt off so I invited her to come down and record with me and from there we created a buzz in the school and people seem to like the feelings of the songs, the one that everyone loved the most was "You're On My Mind" but between moving in and out of Kansas city, Missouri to Phoenix, Arizona we didn't stay in touch, it wasn't until I graduated from high school that my brother (Kamau) and I formed a group together he is 3 years younger and it consisted of us and 2 of his friends that became my brothers Redd and Gunsmoke (now known as The Gift) we was called TDC....Topp Doggz Click, and we would do shows in Liberty, St.Joseph and Warrensburg Missouri so we had a name and we was out there and we was known it was 2001 when my brother and Gunsmoke decided to move to Tampa Florida to go to school for fashion design and I was right behind them although Redd stayed in KC we still represented TDC in Tampa, Florida and dropped the Double Personality EP and other TDC compilations and that was around the same time I met K-Digga and things seem to be looking with the music we was performing at festivals and was in constant rotation on the public access television station we sold plenty of cd's but TDC wasn't the same without Redd and in all honesty we all had different styles so we all branched off I went to AZ funny thing is Redd and Kamau came with me and Gunsmoke stayed in Tampa while we made music together as TDC which we did shows and had a buzz and had plenty of songs and they sounded great we never dropped a cd eventually Redd and Kamau went back to KC which gave me an opportunity to focus on me and try and develop my individuality from the same ol same so I took a back seat to rapping and stuck with strictly production and I was making beats for everybody while I was trying to figure out what I want to do with music I met A1 then I met YoungWi$e (now known as Rocboy) and we put together some amazing music they are 2 of the most talented individuals I've ever worked with so here we are I'm back on my rhyming and i never left from making beats and the music I make is music young people and older people can listen too, I consider it soul-hip-pop I love music and music is my wife.


50 MC'S, Double Personality, and Flip Ya Wig Compilation