BandHip HopSoul

It's Da Buttonpusha - female emcee that's here to press your buttons with Rebel muisc - music for the mind; music from the soul!


DaButtonPusha's Stage presence is is raw,uncut and full of energy. Her mission is to simply document her existence as well as her peers! The love of her life is her son Aubree. Her passion is real;her style is original; her determination to succeed is empowering; her will is strong; her words are meant to motivate; her voice is powerful; her destiny is written;her actions mirror her words; her goal is to uplift; her life is simply complexed;her sincerity is inspiring;her mind is sharp and her love for what she does, is and ever more shall be is UNMATCHED! - SHE IS DABUTTONPUSHA AND SHE IS ME!


Get Sumthing (video), Show Some. This Love, Betray (feat Mel Jay)

Set List

Typical set list - 25 mins..
1) real ones
2) act like you know
3) show some (RESPECT)
4) Love With This
5) this love
6)Get Sumthin
7)Give ya what u want
8) real hiphop