The Banjo Consorsium

The Banjo Consorsium


The Banjo Consorsium began in 2005 as a studio project led by multi-instrumentalist Japh. Born in a musician family(his father a jazz guitarist and mother a singer and pianist), he started playing music when he was 5 years old, learning both cello and piano.


The musical project The Banjo Consorsium debuted in Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships during the winter of 2005. In the beginning, the Banjo Consorsium sound, known as folktronic or neofolk, was created by multi-instrumentalist Jacques-Philippe Lemieux-Leblanc. This artist plays a variety of instruments (guitar, banjo, lap steel, bass, mandolin, accordion, violin, violoncello, flute, piano, percussions, xylophone, etc.) before recording and producing his musical pieces in his home-based studio. The Banjo Consorsium began as a solo project with an ambient and introspective vibe. The recorded pieces evoke comfort, hope and open spaces.
By using the Internet as its main delivery vehicle, the band received a certain amount of international recognition following . As for the band’s career in Quebec, The Banjo Consorsium has signed with the independent Sherbrooke-based record label 9.12 records, who also represents bands from across Canada


Le début, their first recording in December 2005; the Banjo Consorsium™s participation in a Japanese compilation (Schole) and two German compilations (Aerotone and Mixotic).
A turning one 2007
A remixed one 2009