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Endtimes The Mixtape 2006

"Chosen" The Ablum Coming Soon! 2006



"Da Chosen 1" was formerly known as "Bigg Gripp"-the Special Forces Recordings Artist. Also, radio and club DJ, of 105.7 Da Beat in Meridian, MS. Born Marquez Devon Brown; in Monroe, La. Gripp experienced an unhappy childhood. Besides the fact of being compared to his father, (Gerald Griffin) Marquez was motivated to be better. Guided by his grandparents, he did just that, He Distanced himself from: the streets, drugs, and even his father.

In the year of 2000, Gripp discovered he had a gift. That was rapping--which gained him enough exposure to open shows for "David Banner" and "The Ying Yang Twins." After 1 year of pursuing his dream on his own, Gripp was approached by "Big Ed Da Assassin," (formerly of No Limit Records) had asked Gripp to collaborate with him on his up and coming album (Caught he the Crossfire) that was due out in August of '01, on Special Forces Records, unfortunately Big Ed passed away in July of 2001, Leaving Gripp in a state of rejection from what seemed to be, at the time, the entire world, friends and family began to acknowledge his presence less and less in the music world, Thus causing Gripp to feel as though all that he had worked for was buried right along with Big Ed. Big Ed really believed in Gripp, even when other people didn't. In reality what Big Ed really believed was that (Jerimiah 29:11) God knows the plans that He has for this boy, and that it's good, not evil, one for him to prosper, to give him an expected end. For a short time God would use Big Ed in many ways in various forms. At one point they were riding in Big Ed's car listening to music and suddenly Big Ed lowered the music and turned to Gripp with such an intense look in his eyes, and said. "GOD SENT YOU,...TO ME "the feeling that came over Gripp was one of dismay. What did God and maybe even Big Ed see that Gripp couldn't. What could God possibly have in store that would cause him to bring the two of them, (a nineteen year old unknown boy and someone of Big Ed's stature) together. Since Big Ed's passing Gripp had often wondered why God would put them together only to take them five shorts months later, but five months was all God had intended, AND all he needed.... Serious seed was planted in those months, though the event left Gripp in an isolated state, with feelings of despair and aloneness. Those very feelings are what would allow God to enter his life in a way he never imagined possible. As he drew closer to The Lord, The Lord drew closer to him and Marquez began to become more knowledgeable of the words and the ways of the Lord. Realizing his calling was to become a renowned minister. So he did, stepping into church just as he was! Delivering the word, just as he delivered lyrics, he later combined the two. He could not stop rapping---no matter how hard he tried. Now known as "Da Chosen 1," because he knew just that. He had been chosen by God, as a messenger!

Gripp now known as "Da Chosen 1" featured on Big Ed's Ablum that was release in 2001 after he passed. Gripp featured on Big Ed's Hit Singles and other three songs. Gripp was part of Big Ed's group The BlockBurners! Da Chosen 1 is nowing releasing his Upcoming Ablum "Chosen" This year 2006!!! What's next for Da Chosen 1?