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To be a successful music producer, sharing my many talents, styles, and experiences with others. Maybe one day owning and operating my own record label in order to help deserving artists, musicians, and producers to be successful.


Born B.R. Curry II September 22, 1970 in Fort Worth, Texas, I developed my musical ear growing up listening to my father and uncles playing music with great artists like Johnny Taylor, B.B. King, The Platters, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin. Naturally I was aware at an early age that music would be a part of my life and that my life would be in the music industry. At the ripe age of 7, I began teaching myself to play drums, beating on pots, pans, and buckets mimicking drummers from church. At the age of 10 years old I started cutting yards with my grandfather, also a musician, to save up to buy my first bass guitar which I purchased at the age of 11. I immediately started a band with friends Roy Richards and Mickey D., known in middle school as Members Only. For the next three years I would spend my time training and teaching myself to be a good bassist, learning copy tunes from the radio and making up my own songs. While jamming with several homies during this time I taught myself the art of song arrangement, which lead to my future as a music producer. At 15 The Harmony Aires, a local gospel group, ran across one of my homemade tapes from a homeboy, and approached me. At this time I learned the meaning of vocal harmony, unity, and compromise. I spent the next five years traveling Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri, recording my first album and performing with such gospel greats like Kirk Franklin, The Jackson Southernaires, and The Williams Brothers. In 1991 at the age of 20 I joined forces with four friends forming the Audio Assault Squad, a rap group/production team. This alliance lead to hundreds of recordings, some touring and performances with artist like Ghetto Boys, N2Deep, Yo-Yo, DRS, M.C.Eiht, Luther “Luke” Campbell, and M.C. Breed. While with the group, I also formed two metal/alternative bands, KRADL and Culture Shock. I co-produced and recorded my first international release titled “Comin’ up Outta this Bitch” with 380 Records/Itchiban. Some of my other accomplishments for this period include producing for Howard Scott of WAR and working with Tony Thompson of High 5, Erotic D, Doobie and V.K., who’s featured on the album, Death Row 2000. I also played bass and keyboards on DOC’s Helter Skelter album as well as the feature song’s video remix which aired on BET and The Box. I’ve also produced for Boss and Coco Budda (da guy who wrote Deeper for Boss), Lock & Load Records (independent movie score and soundtrack), TCG, TIP, and Silky for BAM Entertainment/WARLOCK Records, “Maverick Party” for the Dallas Mavericks which was aired in heavy rotation on KKDA, K104 FM and also during a live Maverick game on national TV. Presently, I’m working with my own artists. Baby Ray, K.B, Kayo (who co-produced and wrote “Maverick Party”) and myself collectively are known as Da CIPHA. I also help develop on-the-rise artists such as Young Keenan and Shawna Lee out of California. I also produce for Uptight and Koryan “NAYROK UDAB” Wright, two talented upcoming artists. Uptight is an established writer who has written for popular artists such as MC Breed, D.O.C., Dr. Dre, and MJG &8-BALL. NAYROK is the equally-talented younger sister of Erykah Badu. I produced several of NAYROKS most popular songs such as “Cry Me A River,” “In My House,” “Never Ending Road,” and many more. She’s had articles and write-ups in numerous magazines and newspapers that specifically mentioned these songs by title.


OBJECTIVE: To work with a label to create music for the soul and mind.

BACKGROUND: Born in Mobile, Alabama on January 31, 1978. I was introduced and developed an interest in music at the early age of 5. When I reached the age of 13, I began writing lyrics and recording my own music. Today, I continue to struggle to be the best artist ever.

• Created and recorded songs in the studio for over 9 years.
• Performed before many live audiences and radio stations.
• Wrote and arranged songs for other artists.
• Performed at various nightclubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
• Organized local R&B and rap groups.

• Composed a hit SUPER BOWL SONG for the Dallas Cowboy (for the 1993-1994 football season), entitled “ON A MISSION”.
• Opened for OUTKAST in Dallas, TX. with a group called Eastside in 1998.
• Accumulated talent show winnings throughout my mission in becoming the best artist ever.
• Composed Playoff song for the Dallas Mavericks entitled “Maverick Party”.

• Working on an album, “TEHUTI’S ARK”
• Working with ERYKAH BADU’s equally talented younger sister NAYROK on her solo album.


Baby Ray
Born: Willie Ray Neal