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Da Clay

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Looking for a new face, great passion, and fresh lyrics? Look no further, Da Clay is shaped and molded with grace, perfect pain, lucid love, worship, and inspirational hope; all combined into one unorthodox medium to fulfill the great commission.


Da Clay whose birth name is, James Albert Owens, was born (Greensboro) and raised (Winston-Salem) in North Carolina. He was raised in a single parent home with his brother, while he turned to the passions of his flesh and the love his rough environment had to offer. These particular passions drove him to rebellion against God in the form of sexual perversion, rage, various forms of idolatry and more but God knew that his darkened life would soon become a light for life.

Da Clay wears multiple hats, but his dearest one is that of the family. He is very family oriented and loves being the entire husband he knows to be, to his beautiful wife, Teri N. Owens. His ministry is currently driven by the lights of his three children by the name of Micah A. Owens (son), A’Leyah M. Owens (daughter), and Jayme Neveah Owens (daughter). At the current age of 28 years old (November 29, 1981) these two roles have profoundly become of the most importance to him in relation to his purpose to the earth.

Da Clay eyes became opened to the faith in mid 2004. His ministry consists of music, art and fashion which for the music side; he is currently on Double Edge Sword Records as both an artist and promotions manager. Da Clay has ministered along side of artists of great magnitude such as: Da T.R.U.T.H., Lecrae, Tedashii, KJ-52, Canton Jones, Jeremy Camp, Kids in the Way, K-Drama, D-Maub, Third Day, and many more. He has ministered (performed) in stateside events such as: Heavens Fest (Denver, Co) and Mid West Music Fest I, II, and III (Colorado Springs, Co) just to name a few. His ministry has also been heard in foreign countries such as Kuwait and Iraq. His debut album, “Genesis: My Life after His Death” (2007), released nationally exudes his passion for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The newest project, “Life Line” is due to hit digital stores internationally and selected stores in the Kuwait area between the months of April and May 2010. The album delivers a message of true freedom in Christ that also challenges Christians to draw closer to Jesus' example of living by stimulating the reality of His redemption. Included in this album is Da Clay’s signature passion filled, worshiping, and “across the board” message which is heard predominantly in songs like “Falling’” featuring Tiffane’ Shante’ and “Transparency”. Although lyrics and life altering substance is vital it is good to know you can break your neck to head banging tracks like “Don’t Count Me Out” featuring Bridge-B, Raging Moses, and Ali-Ro, “Microscope”, and “Planters”. Henceforth, a song like “P31” uplifts the essence of the woman to narrow the lens of her truest definition.



Written By: Da Clay

Written by: James “Da Clay” Owens

Chorus: Can I be Transparent? (Rock)
Background: Can I Beee (4 count), Transparent (4 count)
Hey Yo

Product of rejection/ Injected with mass depression/ A soul searching for self in world where love didn’t co-exist/ Your boi molested/ for recompense of requests/ and for favors that were granted with no implied hidden prerequisites/ He knew my rudiments/ (I had one those) single parents bi-curious/ The enemy knows that the comeback strategy, to get a person is cursing them in their pretense/ Meaning, in my life line/ deep within my blood line/ until Jesus brought about my blood transfusion (transfusion italicized)/ (Manye) this prime event/ lead to chain of events/ these chain of events/ lead to a chain of repentance/ repent for adulterous ways/ First wife , first child I’m still dancing for wages/ Backstage, enough women numbers to fill up the pages/Of a novel, I pick and roll like a NBA player/ I was burnt a couples times because I couldn’t keep my pants on/ The product of that lead to two miscarriages (in) the first marriage now I’m leaving her with her life torn/-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHORUS------------------------------------------------------------------------

It’s one thing to talk the law and another to walk it right/ I just follow a truth that I don’t perceive as right/ took a few lefts on my road and fell on my backside/ He (Christ) healed from my transgression and here’s my list right/ I was heavy in pornography, lusting after other women backside (I did)/ I had hate in my heart, so I abused my current wife (with words)/ I was a liar, a lair, a Lie/ And multiple times I plotted for ways for me to die/ Look at Da Truth’s ministry God he’s going far/ And Lecrea and T-Dot, manye still going hard/ Yes I covet, I felt inferior to those that are smart/ Because they got degrees in your word, and me I just started/ God you know I’m perfectly imperfect/ My hearts been perfect since/ Every since common show me your infallible word makes perfect sense/ I had to vent Lord, cause your love is relentless/ ….The result is punctual deliverance/-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHORUS--------------------------------------------------------------------------
I had to reveal where I had flawed, cause some think I’m holier/ Than Christ himself, but I just got standards that suggest holiness/ It takes a lot of pruning and testing/ and being challenged in relationships/ My father in the faith, would not accept less then this/ He stirred this gift, my master what can I give/ You told what brings your smile is honoring you in how I live/ Thanks for the steak and potatoes/ Protein and starch swallow/ While others are starched on breast milk and bottles/ The key to my success, my master he got a sharp blade/ Lifestyle of fasting and consecration and I pray/ I pray specific prayers like God you know my heart/ And God rid me of this evil, and then my list starts/ I been rebuked dawg, to point where I almost hated him/ He’s God’s man so he loves the sinner but his heart hated sin/ He taught me to die for my life, I die more in a day/ Then a mortician can stomach/ That’s a Paul and Timothy like covenant/


2010 - Life Line EP
2007 - Genesis: My Life After His Death
2006 - Da Clay - Self titled EP

Set List

Intro (full), Who you represent (2/3), spoken word (2-3min) and War of the Worlds ( full song). I usually do 10-20min sets but according to how long you would have me to minister I would adjust my ministry time and songs accordingly.