BandEDMHip Hop

Dadahack perform and produce widescreen modern electronic music, pulling influences from classic techno, experimental hip hop, low tech film scores and wonky keyboardism.


dadahack ;

apply hacking techniques to music making, and then get all dada-ist about it.

employ sound collage and sonic-montage to produce delight from the mundane.

invest heavily in cut and paste to replace the scissors and glue of the analogue world.

create assemblages of music producing pieces that are either meaningful (compared to the individual parts used) or meaningless (compared to war and poverty.)

often start their works with readymades such as a gameboy or speak and spell, and twist and burn them and turn them upside down and write on them until they no longer sound, look like, or even are what they were in the beginning.

dadahack ;

comprise of The Two.

The Two have variously been involved with The Auteurs, Gwen Stefani, U2, New Order, The Human League and Infantjoy.

None of that is important.

In fact dadahack is exactly about that not being important.

One of The Two plays horn, computer, doepfer and clavinet.

The other One of The Two plays cello, theramin, monomachine and gameboy.

dadahack ;

are geographically indifferent.

connect to each other using travel, electronic transfer, telecommunications and unspoken inference.

Current locations include Harlesden (UK) and Stockholm (SWE). Future locations could include Hong Kong (SAR) and Stockport (UK).

appear as performers, DJs and computerised visual projection artists (CVPA).

pertinent information:

hello by dadahack is a fizzling, popping and sizzling post-house pre-oldschool shindig. It’s Underworld meets Röyksopp behind the bikeshed bitching about how Trax records got on the guest list. It’s all clinical riffs and expansive keyboard solos underpinned by a good solid fumping chunk.
Loved by influential blogs Discobelle and Discodust it reached #37 on the hype machine chart in December 2009.

plans afoot:

release of dadahack’s debut album TAP3 is going to be mid-march 2010


Hello (single) - release digitally July 2009. [Featured in Sony Audio 'Soundville' campaign, Autumn 2009]
Hello (EP) - digitally Nov 2009
Album 'TAP3' March/April 2010.