Da Dark

Da Dark

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Hardest goup in Ohio, hands down!!!!


In Warren Reserve Junior High School, three young men from the southwest side of Warren, Ohio had the same interest, to be rappers. Joshua Ansley, Jameel Brown, and Cory Cobb started a group called GSV( G Style Villians), but they wasn't feeling the name. Out of the list of names that they came up with, they chose The Darkside. They started making tapes on the karaoke machine, passing them to friends, to get noticed. Shortly after, each one went their own way. Joshua liked the name so he kept it similar and renamed the goup "DA Dark". He joined forces with Eric Mills(a.k.a. E-Lo), Tommy Harris(a.k.a Ikey Boy), and Javon Frazier(a.k.a. Squeeze), and dropped their debut album" Expect The Unexpected". The group is currently working around the clock on theie 2nd album entitled" The Plan Is.... Expected to hit stores and streetsin the summer of 2006!!!!


Debut album "Expect the Unexpected" In stores now. 2nd album," The Plan Is", coming soon!
Singles riding the air waves, "Get It Crackin", "Da Dark", "Everyday", and "Much Love".

Set List

"The Plan Is", "Give It Up", and "Bi-coastal" are the songs in our typical set. The sets last from 10 to 15 minutes but we can go forever! Yes, we do parties, festivals, car shows, and talent Showcases!