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Easton, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Easton, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Pop Avant-garde


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"NME Magazine - Top 10 Mp3's of the week"

10. Dada Trash Collage – ‘In Season’
So this duo is drawing a hell of a lot of comparisons to Animal Collective on the blogosphere, which is a good thing musically. They’ve got so much going on in this song that it takes a few listens to really get into it, but it’s well worth it. - NME Magazine

"Village Voice "Top Picks""

Suckers for shattered, celestial wavelength slosh could do much worse than to dip a toe into Dada Trash Collage's burgeoning, flickering discography. This Minneapolis/Detroit trio pens thrumming songs full of busted glowsticks, chipped rhythms, and unmoored vocalisms, delightfully spastic bursts of vertigo that feel much more accidental than they actually are. (Is the "dada" prefix ironic? Does it even matter?) And like the work of Stereolab, Animal Collective, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.—groups on a similar first-name basis with test-tube tone splash—Dada Trash Collage songs are startlingly a priori, eternal, and forever young - The Village Voice

"No Modest Bear- Dada Trash Collage"

Här kommer lite experimentell psych-pop från Dada Trash Collage, vars album Cool waves, bad days släpps i november, och därför bjuder duon på två låtar som är perfekta om man känner för att vara lite knasig - No Modest Bear

"I Guess I'm Floating- "Two Eyes" mp3"

Dada Trash Collage is a band we’ve featured in the past, a pair of cool dudes from Minneapolis who make funky, elemental freak-pop. It turns out they haven’t limited their musical output. The duo’s new album Cool Waves Bad Days came out yesterday, and “Two Eyes” the that album’s sparklingly chaotic centerpiece:

[MP3] Dada Trash Collage – Two Eyes

“Two Eyes”, yeah, we’re all born with them. At first they’re just functional tools that we use to guide ourselves within the world around us. As we get older we use them to appreciate the moments in life and nature that we know even photographs can’t capture. In frightening situations they release a water and salt mixture that literally blurs our perception of that which scares us. They protect us. As we get older they may become fuzzy and cataract-laden and then we begin to wonder, more and more… what do blind people see when they press up against their eyelids? - I Guess I'm Floating

"And Thats How Its Done- Cool Waves/ Bad Days"

Think Totally Nebular plus Dead Gaze. Personally I think the extra lo-fi watery tin can voice suites Dead Gaze better than these guys, but I won't hold it against them. And just like Totally Nebular these tunes occasionally push past my personal "disorienting but still enjoyable" barrier. I can't hold that against them either though, because if you're making experimental/psychedelic pop/rock you really should be pushing those boundaries. - And Thats How It's Done

" "Cool Waves/ Bad Days" Review"

While being one of the Twin Cities’ most promising new artists, Dada Trash Collage often gets lumped in the “sounds like Animal Collective” genre of noise pop. But in large part it’s a reference that hasn’t been entirely undeserved. Dada (William Freed) has crafted a good number of beats that sound indebted, if not downright similar to the influential indie experimenters. And listening to the first track on his new record, Cool Waves, Bad Days, Freed does little to disabuse that notion. “World’s Fair 1964” is a mishmash of vaguely tropical beats with circus organ mimicking synth beats that wouldn’t sound too out of place on Merriweather Post Pavilion, especially considering that when he sings, Freed sounds not unlike AC vocalist Panda Bear. Judging Cool Waves on that track alone, however, would be a mistake, as from track two onward Freed places more distance between himself and his influences – finally taking bolder steps towards defining a unique sound of his own.

And perhaps the biggest differentiator that Cool Waves has to offer is its titular track, which combines elements of experimental noise with beach rock – ending up sounding like a fuzzed out jam for the outer space surfers of the future. And in a unique twist, about two thirds of the way though “Cool Waves, Bad Days,” the song neatly morphs from sunny guitar jangles to a chugging, sinister piece of moody post-punk. To say Cool Waves just gets better from there on wouldn’t exactly be true (the titular tune sets a pretty high bar) but the other seven tracks include a number of strong offerings as well. “Moon” sets up some sublimely catchy piano hooks and continuously obliterates them with muscular synth blasts (not to mention weird Darth Vader breathing). “Construction Work” achieves a sort of piano-driven psychedelic melancholy that is set against the canvas of a lot of background noise. And another standout, “Height of All Modesty” utilizes what sound to me like a recorded sample of shoveling snow off of a sidewalk.

Throughout all of Cool Waves, Freed also notably centers his songs on his lyrical content, as opposed to many of his brethren who seem focus on sounds rather than meanings. And while the record’s lyrical content is largely well thought out, it does occasionally dip towards the more emo end of the spectrum with lines like “now I know I’ll die alone on the moon” (from “Moon”) coming off as overly melodramatic. At times Waves also seems like it could benefit from a producer who can coax more dynamic range out of the tracks. While Waves definitely has its lulls and climaxes, it generally seems like the scope of their impact could be a lot for fully realized – “Height of All Modesty” in particular seems like it has a potential that hasn’t quite been reached.

Still, there is no denying that Cool Waves is a great listen as well as William Freed’s most accomplished work so far. It is to Freed’s credit that the room for improvement on his album is largely superficial – each of the songs are built on rock solid pop platforms that clearly demonstrate the craftsman’s gift for complex, multi-faceted melodies. Freed has worked his way to the forefront of the Twin Cities’ incredibly talented noise/pop scene, and Cool Waves, Bad Days is a testament that that is exactly where he belongs.

– Jon Behm -

"Ashtapes- Fresh Blood"

> William Freed of Dada Trash Collage:
«Dada Trash Collage to me, is all about composing with sound rather than instruments. It really allows me to keep things exciting for myself to know that anything and everything can become part of the final product. On my new record “Cool Waves/ Bad Days” sci-fi films had a huge influence on things both lyrically, and sonically. There are so many dense human emotions bottled up in those stories, and there is no limit as to where those films may go. I think having that mindset was really important to me while I was writing the album.» -

"Dada Trash Collage- Watching You Paint Your Nose [Mp3]"

Dada Trash Collage is a Minneapolis duo making experimental jungle jams of the art rock kind. It seems they've been at it for some time (with two albums already under their belt and a new album coming in April), but it's their new ep Rain War that caught my attention, particularly the joyously messy opening track "Watching You Paint Your Nose" »

[MP3] Dada Trash Collage - Watching You Paint Your Nose

With a braincrack opening melody and heavy percussion, this track definitely opens better than it closes (if I'm being honest)... but a song like this is enough to keep them firmly planted on my radar with April's upcoming Neighbors LP. I'll keep my fingers crossed X

You can do some digging into their back catalog at their Bandcamp page, where you can also buy the Rain War EP for just $4. - I Guess I'm Floating

"Delicious Scopitone- The Essence Of My Room Compilation"

Tracklist :

01. At Last An Atlas – New Years Sky
02. Zachary Cale – Wedding Party
03. Slothbear – Little Qid
04. Miniature Tigers – Gold Skull
05. Tooth Ache – Skin
06. Fiction – Zebra Crossing
07. Dada Trash Collage – In Season
08. Simian Ghost – Star receiver
09. Lower Dens – Hospice Gates
10. A Lull – Weapons For War
11. Glass Graves – Parachutes
12. Travels – Friends in Bands
13. Bronze – Deep Freeze
14. Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! – Whispers

The Essence Of My Room – Compilation

Delicious Compilations
- Delicious Scopitone

"Fresh Squeezed: Dada Trash Collectors"

William Freed is basically a one man band and calls himself Dada Trash Collage. On his latest album, Neighbors, he combines an array of electronics, samples, and odd sounds to create a sonic quilt to cradle his echoing vocals. The definition of the word collage is a technique of composing a work of art by pasting on a single surface various materials not normally associated with one another, and this is exactly what William's music. It is a collection sound complied together to make a song. This album is beautifully produced and packaged, and I felt like I was hold art when I held it. The package that I have was limited to 500 and was hand-stitched.

I am not going to ignore the fact that William owes more than a nod to Animal Collective, but he creates the sound in a different way and on his own. It is remarkable how he is able to take complex audio collage and turn it into foot-tapping pop music. I found myself trying to focus on the background noise, but being drawn back into the melody and vocals. Though the band worked with indie producer Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, Yeasayer), the audio on Neighbors was just as much collected at gas stations in Wisconsin, kitchens in Michigan, theme parks in Florida, and city buses in Minnesota as it was recorded in a studio. It is this aspect that makes this album a collection of field recordings, sound collage, pop music, and utterly remarkable.

In Season (mp3)
You're Only Barely Alive Because Your Life Just Started
Broadcasting Images of Sad Films
Paint on The Windows
Second Helpings
Glowing Wires
Yours From The Start

Neighbors was released digitally today and then Dada Trash Collage will be taking the show on the road. - What To Wear During An Orange Alert

"From Your Nerves: Music For Robots"

It took me a while to realize I like Animal Collective.
Dada Trash Collage - In Season.
Well, as is the case with many artists, it depends on the song. When they give us something we can grab onto - "Chores" from Strawberry Jam, say, or "Summertime Clothes" fromMerriweather Post Pavilion - it's all there for us to take in. I understand the appeal of their other work, but, for better or worse, I need a handle, a foothold.
That's how I feel about Dada Trash Collage. There's so much going on here that I don't know where to start, but I know I like it. And it seems obvious that Billy Freed and Richard Bell, two dudes from Minneapolis, owe a debt to Panda Bear and company, but that's fine with me. Building on what's there is how it all works. In This Interview, Freed calls their music "experimental noise pop," which sums it up nicely. It's order on top of a glorious mess, ready to be devoured in one gulp.
You can find "In Season" on Dada Trash Collage's new record Neighbors, available here.

Read more: - Music For Robots

"Dada Trash Collage "Neighbors" Review"


I am definitely sympathetic to artists feeling like they are being pigeonholed by reviewers if their sound falls closely to a more well known band. The problem is when it is glaringly true and to ignore it would decay your credentials as a person who claims to know something about music. Such is the case with local artist Dada Trash Collage and his uncanny ability to create really great music that sounds a hell of a lot like Animal Collective (and Panda Bear in particular). I have seen interviews recently where the band members (DDC is a duo featuring Billy Freed and Richard Bell) express the fear that he will become just a poor man’s, Minneapolis version of the band. I think that while the concerns are understandable and his frustrations valid, he shouldn’t worry. His latest LP, Neighbors, is a strong enough document that should appeal to, not offend, both diehard fans of Animal Collective and also casual music fans.

The tracks on Neighborsfall into two distinctive categories. The first, featuring tracks “Broadcasting Images of Sad Things,” “Paint on the Window” and “Yours from the Start,” which are all boisterous, almost dance-y tracks. They all project a sunny, youthful enthusiasm and will be sound epic this summer on warm days at the beach. The other four tracks, the excellent single “In Season,” “You’re only barely alive because your life just started,” “Second Helpings” and “Glowing Wires,” are all a bit more introspective and spacey. All the songs have swirling electro beats and clicks, feature wild, world beat drums and mesh in Beach Boy vocals for good measure. While many bands are trying to use this formula these days, few succeed as well as Dada Trash Collage has done on Neighbors.

In addition to being a great band musically, the band also keeps making great impressions on me with each successive release. Neighbors is on par with their older releases in sending out each CD in a handmade case, which only serves to add to the experience. The whole package, from aesthetics to the music, is top notch. While they may struggle in having to be distance themselves from the “they sound like Animal Collective” albatross, with some more music like Neighbors they will start having bands being referencing them, not the other way around. -

"Dada Trash Collage performs live in The Current studios"

St. Paul, Minn. — Dada Trash Collage creates spacious soundscapes using various loops, layers, effects, and electronics. Sole member William Freed has been busy in the past 18 months releasing 3 full length albums, playing around town and touring.

Leaving the do-it-yourself method behind, William collaborated with Seattle based producer Scott Colburn (Animal Collective and Arcade Fire) on the third and forthcoming release "Neighbors."

Songs performed: "Height of All Modesty," "Fantastic Planet," and "Tiny Circles." - 89.3 The Current

"Breaking Band: Dada Trash Collage"

Despite praise for his Adderall -enhanced stocking ability, Dada Trash Collage’s Billy Freed has just turned in his two-weeks notice at Menards . Releasing his hotly-anticipated third LP and getting married in the next month, the future holds many changes for Freed. And like the amphetamine-fueled Liverpool-era Beatles before him, Freed’s pep pills will likely come in handy as the experimentally noisy DTC is earning local buzz at a rapid pace.

All of the local hype barometers are skewing in DTC’s favor in the lead-up to release of their third LP, “Neighbors.” The Current is spinning standout track “Paint on the Windows” and local alt-weeklies have boasted lauding write-ups. The group’s first two LPs went largely unrecognized, but with the release of EP “Rain War” last January, tastemakers zeroed in on DTC’s densely innovative sound.

Part of DTC’s success in the Twin Cities is due to his sound’s departure from the status quo. “It’s super different than a lot of other local stuff,” said Justin Steen, member of local rockers Hunting Club , DTC’s openers for the “Neighbors” LP release show. “[Freed] represents what I wish a lot of people represented, which is something different — not ‘Juno’ soundtrack folk music.”

While DTC’s vibe is a local novelty, one national comparison keeps rearing its head: Animal Collective. “It really doesn’t bother me. They’re my favorite band playing music these days. They’ve had a big influence on what I do,” Freed said, adding his only concern is if listeners would accuse him of taste-baiting or straight-up mimicry.

The Animal Collective ties aren’t strictly sonic; Freed contacted prominent producer Scott Colburn — a wing-and-a-prayer attempt, admittedly — but one that worked. The man behind the board on AC’s “Feels” and “Strawberry Jam” actually recorded “Rain War” and “Neighbors” in Seattle last fall.

“He knows every indie band and their managers,” Freed said of Colburn, who even offered his home as a crash-pad. “You’re used to people like that being completely unattainable.”

Colburn’s professional spit-polish is evident, as the songs on “Rain War” and “Neighbors” have unlikely depth. A wash of samples, loops and kitchen-sink instrumentation, songs that would be callow stabs at artiness by lesser musicians ring true with DTC. Freed’s vocals are passable — emotionally volatile, boyish and earnest — but it’s clear he’s a music geek to the core, with the complex arrangements usurping the lot of his focus.

“It’s an addiction, writing music. It’s all I ever want to do,” he said. “The technicality of playing music doesn’t interest me that much.”

It’d be fruitless to adorn DTC with the next scene-darling crown. Critics — this one included — are fickle beasts, after all. But to Freed’s credit, he’s giving DTC his all, even getting kicked out of McNally Smith College of Music for absenteeism. With the record release, a wedding and a national tour on the horizon, the Menards job he so excelled at will soon be history, too.

“This band has consumed my life since it started,” Freed said. “Since I’ve moved here every second of every single day has been about this band.”

No, Freed isn’t lost in rock star fantasy realm. “Billy, from the beginning, as a musician, just wants to get the music in as many peoples’ hands as possible,” said Joel Cooper, DTC’s manager and occasional member. “He just wants people to hear it.”

And for Freed, a middle school jock that discovered Phish and never looked back, his ambitions are steadfast: “My goal is to be able to make a living off it,” he said.

Stud producer? Check. Total devotion? Check. A markedly different, skillful sound? Triple check. Time will tell where a soon-to-be newlywed Freed takes DTC, but in the meantime he’s giving the Twin Cities a break from the indie-pop-by-numbers doldrums. - The Minnesota Daily

"New Dada Trash Collage album may have me kissing strangers in May"

Okay, so I’m a huge Dada Trash Collage fan. HUGE. I wrote about the band’s 3-track Rain EP and interviewed them back in January. At the time, I was not too proud to high-five strangers and mention the band to random hipsters on the street. So what?

Well, they have a new full-length, and I’m more than psyched.

Check out the single off the new album here:
Dada Trash Collage : “In Season” (mp3)

The group worked with producer Scott Colburn (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective) on the sessions that resulted in both the Rain EP and this new full-length, Neighbors, which comes out May 4.

I may start kissing strangers now, and it goes without saying it’s going to be weird when my wife finds out.

Here’s a quote from Billy Freed (Samples, Vocals) on the songwriting process:

Most of the time songs will start out with me thinking something like “it’d be cool to do a tune with a piano loop that doesn’t feel like it has a time signature, and then this heavy rhythmic thing comes in and blah, blah, blah” after that it’s sort of just finding that initial part and then building on it with field recordings and sounds and what not. I have a hard time accepting vocal melodies that I think people would expect over whatever is going on, so a good amount of the time I’ll end up re-writing the vocals over and over and then just combining all the idea’s into one thing. - Perfect Porridge

"Clapper Claw Music Festival"

"Dada Trash College. Taking after the experimental pop of Animal Collective and likening their vocals to Spencer Krug’s stint as Wolf Parade, Dada Trash College are indie warriors for the new crop of experimentalists." -

"Dada Trash Collage performs live in The Current studios"

St. Paul, Minn. — Dada Trash Collage creates spacious soundscapes using various loops, layers, effects, and electronics. Sole member William Freed has been busy in the past 18 months releasing 3 full length albums, playing around town and touring.

Leaving the do-it-yourself method behind, William collaborated with Seattle based producer Scott Colburn (Animal Collective and Arcade Fire) on the third and forthcoming release "Neighbors."

Songs performed: "Height of All Modesty," "Fantastic Planet," and "Tiny Circles." - 89.3 The Current


Can't Pause People (EP-2013)
Fun Fund EP (EP-2012)
Ambitious Out Of Control (LP/Film-2011)
Looking At The Ground (7" -2011)
Cool Waves/ Bad Days (LP-2010)
Neighbors (LP-2010)
Rain War EP (EP-2010)
Lions To Lightning (LP-2009)
Old Folks Home (LP-2009)



Dada Trash Collage started in 2009 as the experimental electronic pop music of William Freed. Since that time they have self released 7 full length records, 3 ep's, a 45 min film, and have been recognized by publications ranging from the smallest of underground music blogs, to NME, and the Village Voice.
Originally trained as a bassist, William Freed spent 7 years in jazz bands, toured internationally as part of a Madrigal Choir, and another 5 as an orchestral double bassist, debuting his first orchestra piece for double bass, cello, viola, first, and second violin before the age of 17. It was those early years in jazz and soul that informed the direction of his newest effort as Dada Trash Collage, the 6 song "Can't Pause People" EP. With tastes of inspiration from the early years of Miles Davis, and sonic experiments of Stevie Wonder, to the Neo-soul movement of the 90's, and modern Avant-Garde, "Can't Pause People" is 25 minutes of analog synths, intricate beats, soulful harmonies, and passionate vocals.

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