Daddio Reocrdz

Daddio Reocrdz

BandHip Hop

I would describe my "band" as very experimental and not something you would normally hear.


Hey Everyone this is Train maker of Daddio Recordz. If I had to describe the type of music it is I would have to say its a little bit of everything. We have synthezisers, drums, guitars, keyboards, vocals, audio clips, we have everything in our songs to producesome crazy funky hip hop. Wem ay not record in some big fancy studio, but we know how to record good and professionally. One behalf of Caterpillar and I i would like to saygodspeed to you all. Please leave a comment on what you think...all your opinions matter so please leave one.


We don't have any tacks on radio play but we do have songs on there you will find just a few instrumentals

Set List

1.Home is where The Tanks Roll
2.Callin up Hitman (feat Hitman)
3.Peace Over War