Daddy Long Legs
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Daddy Long Legs

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Blues Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"K-W Record"

Daddy Long Legs, whose new album, King for a Day,
just plain kills... From the opening riff of the title
song, the 12-track CD charges like a runaway
tornado, full of twists and turns and a lot of
power.....The band's influences clearly don't end at the
blues, as they lovingly borrow the best elements of
swing, classic rock, grunge and rockabilly.....
- K-W Record - Published: March 27, 2008

"Blue Suede News"

If that organic tube distortion is your personal
obsession, this group should be your cup of tea, or
shot of whiskey.....It all amounts to journeyman
Blues, and you should like it, if you're stuck on the
old school like we are here.
- Blue Suede News #83 - Published: Summer, 2008

"Canadian Blues"

Kitchener-based Daddy Long Legs, bursting from the
speakers like a blast of fresh air with their sophomore
release, “King For A claustrophobically-dense sound
owing much to the raucous energy of punk....Kicking off
with the title track, the boys waste no time in setting the
stage; with throbbing, in-your-face bass and pounding
drums, the ride is fast and furious. Both Ellliott’s guitar
and Chris “Junior” Malleck’s harp have a harsh, angry
edge, yet each tempers his contributions with taste and
finesse....Elliott’s tone is the type that sends shivers
down the spine… his fretwork snarling with brooding
menace. Malleck is simply a marvel, his sound thick and
greasy, his licks endlessly inventive. ….but the
impression throughout is one of barely-controlled chaos,
with exhilaration and exuberance threatening to
overwhelm at any moment.
- Canadian Blues Website -March, 2008

"Blues Revue"

It's (King for a Day) a 43-minute tour de force of
hot'n'nasty barroom blues driven by the tempestuous
squall of Chris 'Junior' Malleck's well-measured
harmonica blasts. The band's sound is further
distinguished by Steve Tom's fat-bottomed bass, which
borders on distortion while wrapping each composition
in warm gauze….Wagner's brawny beat leads the
masterful groove of "One Drink Too Many." The
momentum continues with "Deluxe Motel," Elliott's
guitar adding funky counterpoint to Malleck's wall of
harp….The group's strength falls somewhere within the
gritty, rambunctious space between juke joint and jam.
…. King for a Day might prove to be 43 of your best-
spent minutes in recent memory.
- Blues Revue Issue 114 – Oct/Nov 2008

"Blues Revue"

With their second disc, Ontario's Daddy Long Legs show dedication to unadorned
raw blues on a all-original program........The group's self released Just Like That
offers an appealing spread of vintage blues.
- Blues Revue- Published: December - January, 2005


picture a dimly-lit blues lounge brimming with patrons straining to see through a blanket of smoke as the band hammers on long into the night. This is the kind of imagery that comes to mind when listening to Daddy Long Legs' second release.

- Exclaim Magazine - Published: March 3, 2005


Just Like That, the band's second album, steers confidently away
from the clichés, keeping their gritty blues focussed on here and
now: there's no "Headin' Down to New Orleans" or "Sweet Home
Anytown USA" on this album.
- Echo Weekly - Published: January 27- February 3, 2005


Although blues is their stock in trade, even when they stray towards jazz territory on "Pick Up Line," they take it all in their stride.
The band come across as a tight outfit, and they back this up.
- MNBlues Website - Published: October, 2004


TBA - 2011
King For a Day - 2008
Just Like That - 2005
What you see is what you get - 2004



Maple Blues Award and Canadian Independant Music Award winners...2010 International Blues Challenge semi-finalists!

Daddy Long Legs play gritty electrified blues full of thick raw tones, smart-mouthed lyrics and razor sharp arrangements.

For Daddy Long Legs, playing the blues has nothing to do with nostalgia, or trying to recreate their blues record collections. Rather, it’s about mashing together all the brawn of riff-based garage rock, the soul of 60’s era rhythm and blues, and the jump and shuffle of the west coast and Chicago sounds to create new blues music that is about the here-and-now. With their original material and modern sound, Daddy Long Legs have become an enigma of the music scene, appealing to an eclectic bunch of blues purist, rock-a-billies, swing dancers, and alt-rockers alike.

With live shows that roll heavy like a steamroller, Daddy Long Legs was quickly recognized as something special, catching the eyes, and ears, of many promoters. The band has appeared in shows with the likes of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Mel Brown, Bob Margolin, Big Bill Morganfield and Eddy ‘The Chief’ Clearwater.

What does Daddy Long Legs sound like?...YOU DECIDE....Check the "Vid" links below.