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Hawthorne, California, United States | SELF

Hawthorne, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album review"

Fi Real Music
author: Arctic Yaadie - Geno
Daddy Roots: ReggaeAlaSka LOVES this cd Much niceness and real music on this cd. Inspiration and Life's Story. Always playing a track or two off this cd. My favorite is: At Peace with myself Give Thanks Arctic Yaadie -=- Geno -=- HOT MUSIC,

My Roots
author: J T Classic Soul USA
It takes me back to my roots. If you buy it, it will do the same for you!
Very Impressive skills

author: DJ AfricanTeacher - WSND 88.9FM Reggae Street
We will keep spinning your cut all the time so that those who did not know you should wake up...good job and keep it up Jah Bless - DJ AfricanTeacher WSND 88.9FM ~ Reggae Street

His Music is very comfortable "ear candy"
author: Dl Lioness KRCL 90.9 FM Salt Lake City
DaddyRoots music is inspiring and uplifting...each song on this CD is a MUSICAL TREASURE....The CD is being played in The Lion's Den regularly...Blessings to you for all your work...One Love - Lioness
peter, bob & bunny would be proud!!!

author: DJ YoungLion @ 93.7 FM KOOX Reggae Riddems, Oakland
i just can't stop listening to the freshest sounds of true rasta music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Magnificent albulm with songs of inspirations

author: Dj Prime i
This albulm is a must pick cos it stands tall as the phenomenom singer himself.With songs like title track " love and honor" and my favorite "people believe me" which i jam on my show every week and its also one of the most requested songs. Respect! Roots keep doing Jah's work.......peace.
100% conscious lyrics-this album stands TALL

author: Bahilman-Creation-steppin' Radio
A particular favorite of mine is "Magar Goat". "At Peace With Myself", "Babylon Yer Falling Down", and the ska-flavored "In My Heart" are also big-time keepers as is the title track "Love and Honor"...
Great album, and I'm sure there are so many more to come...

author: Valbona
I love all the songs that Daddy Roots sings, especialy "In my heart* people go wild listening to that song is so great and he sounds just like the king if reggae... I sure hope to see more of Daddy Roots albums on here, very soon.Peace

"You'll definately note the influence of Bob Marley on this disc"
author: The Beat Magazine/Chuck Foster's 'Reggae Update'
The Beat Magazine Volume 21 No. 5, 2002 Page 16 Chuck Foster's 'Reggae Update' Lilting Caribbean rhythms bed Daddy Roots' Love and Honor (PR International). Hailing from Anguilla, this young singer (real name: Wayne Brooks) went to the source, recording his debut album in Kingston with the help of Scooby of the Mystic Revealers (the disc was partly recorded in Anguilla as well). Longtime reggae talent spotter Roberto Angotti brought Daddy Roots by for a chat recently and I found him to be a warm-hearted likable dread whose love of reggae has imbued him with a mission. You'll definately note the influence of Bob Marley on this disc whose all-original cuts include "Moving On", "Walk Away From War", "Babylon Yer Falling Down" and a humble meditative "At Peace With Myself" presented in two mixes. - Beat magazine, Creation radio, etc


I love the flow. I love the message.
author: Jody Whitesides
Happiness (is in your heart)the title track of the CD...I love the flow. I love the message. It doesn't get better than that. Even if you don't like reggae, I can't imagine how you can't like this. It gives you a good feeling, and makes you want to move around the room. Music is so powerful like that. I realize the idea is to get you to buy the song. However, I think you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't go and buy the whole darn CD. Jody Whitesides,

author: DJ Bahilman
Being a rootsman, I really think "Happiness" is a tremendous tune. I can definitely play that one. I detect a hint of a pop/dancehall sound with a touch of lovers rock maybe? It's a nice sound, and it sounds pretty polished too. All that hard work is paying off. Bahilman

author: Adriana from
Your music is very catchy and it should be known more!

author: Bent Music
Interesting blend of Reggae and Electronica. He would make an excellent addition to the BenT Music catalogue.

author: DJ YoungLion
yo i cant lie its been a while for daddyroots but man your albums are so heart felt and tru...big up daddyrootz bless younglion -


"Love and Honor" - 2002
"All Here Now" -2003
Where you gunna Run Single for Peter Tosh Tribute 2003
"Happiness" - 2008 aka "Are You Willing"
Soul Magic Orchestra (Compressor feat. Daddy Roots)
"Can't Catch My Breath", "Duppy Can't Frighten Me", (Peas) featuring Daddy Roots (From the "Movie Just Go With It")
"High and Dry" (Radio Head, Cover Song)
"Promises" (Free Download)



My birthplace was in the tiny and gorgeous island of Anguilla, pop:12,000, in the Leeward Islands. Music was the core of entertainment during my childhood and I started a band singing calypso in my early teens.

After a few years I was influenced by Peter Tosh and Bob Marley. I started writing my own music and lyrics producing conscious and love songs.

Anguilla, primarily a calypso-embracing country, do not have a big reggae following except for the tourists.
Many tourists came up to me and praised my shows and I was encouraged to record my own album.

With my first album "Love and Honor" I ventured into US mainland reggae circuit from Belly-Up in California to Chicago's Wild Hare Reggae club and various reggae festivals eventually getting honored by winning Los Angeles Music Award for Best Reggae Vocalist in 2006.

My song, Magar Goat, have been placed in the movie "BROKEN FLOWERS" starring Bill Murray, Sharon Stone, Tilda Swindon and Jessica Lange. "Magar Goat" was also used in Lifetime TV movie "Fugitive".

My vocals have been used in songs for ABC's "Men in Trees" and recently in a song "COMPRESSOR" by Soul Magic Orchestra in an Apple ipod application "TAP, TAP, DANCE" downloaded over 3 million times.