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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Feature Crush: C.D. on Songs 12/15/09"

Dadfight - "In The Fashion of K9S" [download]
The title of this track is almost an invitation to those of us who look into such things to wonder exactly what the fashion of K9S might be. From the outward appearance of this song, the fashion has several hallmarks. One is a well-stated guitar riff, that both introduces the song and punctuates phrases in the verse. The guitar is an important feature of "In the Style of K9S." It makes statements and apparent "comments" on the other things going on in the song.

It's entirely possible to go through the entire song listening to the guitar part as a lead to the secondary vocals - it's that strong. That is not to say that the vocals and the other parts of the track are not exemplary. The rhythm section provides a smooth bed for the guitar to rip over and the vocal to coast upon. The way-cooler-than-cool vocals sit just above "mumble" level, yet seem to have a definitive purpose. Things get amped up a tad in the second half of what we shall refer to as the chorus, with the vocals whipping up into a sort of still cool yet fiery forceful plateau.

This song is quite smooth due to its strong connection to a tonic note - the bass, guitar and vocals are never too far away from the tonic, yet they flirt endlessly with other ranges. This song is a cool medium-pace walk through the city, confident yet ready for any action that comes its way.



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DadFight is a 3 piece ensemble spawning from the underground rock scene of Cambridge. Urgent and intense, DadFight is a genre blending rock and roll band. Menacing drums, groove laden bass, and massive guitar provide the setting for pop sensibility that is rough on the edges but smooth to the touch. Influenced by bands such as At the Drive-In, Jimmy Eat World, Built to Spill, and The Misfits, DadFight is a force in the music community that will be around for years to come.