Italian progressive metal band


Daedalus is a prog metal band from Genoa, Italy.
The first core gathered in 2000 following an idea by Fabio Gremo, who proposed to Andrea Rinaldi and Giuseppe Spanò to set up the band.
They started working on their songs drawing inspiration from different musical genres and bands as Queen, Arena, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and Rush, all the same trying to define a peculiar style and sound.
In 2002 they welcomed singer Alessio Brunetti and drummer Davide La Rosa.
The following year they recorded and published their first album "Leading far from a mistake".
In 2004 Andrea and Alessio left the band and their place was taken respectively by Andrea Torretta and Davide Merletto.
Then with renewed strength they began composing more mature and polished songs, with greater accuracy and attention to details. The band contacted professional classical musicians and the well-known vocalists Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) and Alessandro Corvaglia (La Maschera di Cera) to record some sections.
In 2007 Daedalus went in contact with Roland Grapow, former guitarist in Helloween and founder of Masterplan, who mixed the tracks and gave the band a well defined sound and a great deal of precious suggestions to improve.
In 2008 they signed with Galileo Records to publish their second album "The never ending illusion".



Written By: Fabio Gremo

“Life, life is the most enchanting gift you have”
You said to me when I was crying
And I felt your embrace
Hearing your sweet voice
And soon my tears were dried out from my eyes

In moments of deep uncertainty sometimes
You asked me to be your confidant
And I saw your face
Smiling back at me
Your genuine and loving way of caring

How can you feel
When there’s nothing within
The clearest of your dreams?
You’ve been misled
So wake up, wake up my friend!

Born in times of distress
You quickly grew up
Found your love so young, so adored
Spent your days making plans
Untiring and bright
Hoping for a chance for your family

No wish fulfilled but no regrets at all
No way to escape from your last intent

How can I feel
If there’s nothing I own
To comprehend your world?
Now I feel weaker
So help me, help me my dear!

Waiting for sleep
I close my eyes and whisper to you
As I call your name I draw relief
And it seems you’re here again
I can hold your hands in mine
Listen to me, I’ll let you know
How I fear to lose my memories
How I miss you
I miss you so much!


Leading far from a mistake (2003)
The never ending illusion (2008)

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