Daemon City Lights

Daemon City Lights

 San Jose, California, USA

Daemon City Lights is a indie folk trio from San Jose, California. They have drawn parallels to indie pioneers like Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and Mumford and Sons. They have a strong harmonic sound with a firm emphasis on using voice, instruments, and staging to create a memorable intimate atmosphere.


Daemon City Lights is Chris Chavez, Peter Kistler and Michael Medina, an acoustic post-rock trio from San Jose California, committed to the proposition that music doesn't have to be loud to be intense, or perfect to be sublime. The sound of Daemon City Lights is unique, an amalgam of hushed acoustic folk, eerie indie electronica, and harmony-laden Nashville rock. Imagine Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Postal Service's Ben Gibbard playing to 20 friends in your living room.

Chris Chavez, the band's lead singer and guitarist, is the main creative force behind the band, writing, recording, and producing all the music for Daemon City Lights. The band's drummer, Peter Kistler, fills in with background vocals, Melodica, and a strong creative presence, regularly contributing his own songwriting skills to the trio. Michael Medina, the band's bassist/vocalist and most recent addition, brings a unique approach to the band's sound. With a background in R&B, Alternative and Acoustic Rock, He brings a soulful, yet gritty vocal style to the table. Whether it’s Guitar, Bass, Keys, Percussion, Melodica, Harmonica, Glockenspiel, or Vocals, the trio does it all. Combined, they have over 30 years of musical experience, and have played together for 9 years.

Chris, Peter, and Mike are well aware that an engaging live performance is the result of visual as well as well as musical creativity. The band is known for setting the stage with antique lights and battered furniture, playing second-hand and toy instruments through vintage amplifiers. They often dress in clothes reminiscent of the Depression era, juxtaposing earnest intensity with sepia-toned nostalgia. Daemon City Lights aims to create an intense and intimate atmosphere where the warmth and innocent beauty of childhood naivete is combined with the emotional rawness and honesty of young adults coming to terms with the complexity of a world where delicate pain and battered beauty can be found in equal measure.


The Fall

Written By: Chris Chavez

Oh no! Where have you gone?
To a better lifestyle
With your hands on his hips?
And I don’t like it…
Where this is all going.
Depart from me.
I release you from this.

Don’t look down
The fall will kill us both.

Depart from me you sinner,
Adulteress, and saint.
Tonight I’ll wear my deepest
Colour of blue.
I’ll intend a smile,
But look around
And see no one but you.
And I’ll fight my lust for comfort,
So don’t bring it up again.
And I’m bleeding green with jealousy
And now all I see is him.

Don’t look down
The fall will kill us.

I bury this feeling.
What will still be is always there
Waiting to break down in my bones/blood/skin
And become a part of who I am.

It’s the deepest shade.
And I’m bleeding green.
All I see is him.
So depart from me.


Written By: Chris Chavez

When it’s dark
And you’re lonely
Don’t think of me.
‘Cause you love
Is a lost, lost cause
And you scream out.
‘Who am I?
And where did I get with you
In the first place?
All these worn and tattered years?’

And you’ve rattled you brain
Searching the answers to…
The mistakes you’ve made
But they’re staring right back t you.

12 O’clock to remember
To let it go.
‘Cause my heart
Is a lost, lost cause
And it’s tired.
All the memories
And photographs
Go up in flames
And erase the time elapsed.

Suitcases Pt. II

Written By: Chris Chavez

Living out of suitcases
And hotel mattresses
What a funny dream
To be alone
Finding my solace in somebody else’s arms
Who is it that’s living me?

I’ve taken all of me and bottled it deep
Only to find out I’m not who I think
All the stories I have said to myself
Are nothing but fables and bedtime lullabies

Yellow lines and windy roads,
My only friends to take
Pity on me, so here I go…
Faster and faster I am driving far from here.
As far as memories go…

‘Cause I’m a drunk and a liar.
I don’t believe even myself.
I’ve come alone to conspire
Our demise ad painful falling out.
‘Cause I’m a pervert in quiet.
My wandering eye is all I’ve got.
And to myself I’ve regretted
The secret life I’ve kept behind a closed door.

Giant's Back

Written By: Peter Kistler/Chris Chavez

Giant's Back:
We ride the winding iron snake
Through rock and tunnel dark
The metal screeches sending fireworks
Ascending from the sparks

With many eyes the creatures blink and watch
The sunny lands
To say and stare, to shout and scream and point
With many hands

As we ascend the giant's back
Improbably gaining speed
The tracks will cross and break
The wheels off at the peak

We fall into the cool green
Depths of mountain lakes
As bubbles rise from open mouths
On top of broken brakes

Suitcases Pt. I

Written By: Peter Kistler/Chris Chavez

I can't nail you down
Your restless heart
A serpent in the desert
And water from a stone

I can't nail you down
Or pierce your side
The cross I bear for you
Impossible to hide

Oh save me

Wondering for 40 nights
Can't turn these boulders into bread
Staring at her wandering eyes
And reading into what she said

Her suitcase waits with eager eyes
Ready to be covered up
With desert sands and distant skies
With friendly dents and minor cuts


Monsters EP (2009)
-7.7.05 (Bridget Dunne)
-The Fog (OFOTCN)
-Drive Out
-Awkward Hallway
-Night by Night
-The Nothing
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Suitcases Demo
-The Fall
-Suitcases Pt. 2
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Set List

1. Giant's Bck
2. Suitcases pt. I
3. Sunset
4. The Fall
5. Suitcases pt. II
6. Room
7. Home
8. Saving Memphis
9. Rattled