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"Review of "The Hardest EP You'll Ever Have to Listen to""

Genre: Florence Nightingale rebirth

Damien Flushboy (sic) have struck again. You may know of them from impelivecilent releases such as "Scott Taylor" or "When Harry Ate Sally". Zis is est somewhat of an acapella album that has random keyboard genius in spots. Listen out for Waldo- I heard him around track 2.

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***Review by Jeffery South - WUSC Magazine

"Forget standard 3-chord songs - student band delivers unique hodgepodge of sound"

Daemon Flushboy is one of the most audibly inaccessible bands around, and the band's songs are not catchy in the traditional sense. Instead, the band's music challenges its audience to think while listening. The unique brand of improvisation surprises the listener with every note, never settling for what is expected.

Daemon Flushboy is experimental to the most literal degree. The band's songs are purely improvisational, captured only by a tape recorder. The band members play without structure and traditional chords, leaving bare inspiration to freely wander through sound.

The random attack of organ and guitar "should strike the listener and performer both as a long-forgotten song, perhaps made up when one was a child," said Will Bovender, a fourth-year psychology student and band member.

The band's improvisational style discourages the tired writing process, allowing the band to be unexpected rather than what the subconscious listener wants to hear. The band members have found that chord progressions restrict songs to a certain sound.

"Too often you can guess a band's next chord simply by the two before it," Bovender said. "And it's hard sometimes to not unconsciously go to that 'correct' chord, unless you ignore chords altogether."

The band's apocryphal history began when James Beard, a fourth-year Russian student, and Bovender shared the same holding cell in a detention center. The two found they had much in common - both were high-school valedictorians and both had been forcefully detained earlier that night - and decided to start a band. The name came from the Flushboy toilets that once operated in the Blatt P.E. Center.

Shortly after, the boys created Platypussy Records, which has released a sampler featuring Daemon Flushboy's music. The band has most recently released "The Hardest EP You'll Ever Have to Listen To" in 2004, "State Tengo Champion" in spring 2005 and the latest, "Danger Girl & the Escape from Dreher Island." Each release allows the musicians to send out his own sound waves across uncharted landscapes, taking each twist and turn as they come unexpectedly.

"State Tengo Champion" is considered to be the band's best, and contains the crowd favorite "Teabaggin'."

The band describes "The Hardest EP You'll Ever Have to Listen To" as "what may be the least accessible album in history." Neither member has been able to listen to the whole EP in one sitting.

The latest release, "Danger Girl & the Escape from Dreher Island," is the result of a WUSC promotion, where the winner gets to pick what an album will be written about.

The near future holds great things for Daemon Flushboy, with the band's intentions to take their music on tour within the next year and play local shows. Even if the band ends, collaboration is still an inevitable option for Beard and Bovender. In Beard's eyes, "Daemon Flushboy will exist, so long as people acknowledge its existence."

Daemon Flushboy's next performance will be at a private Halloween party at the Red Rock Opium Den. For a possible invitation to the party or to listen to new tracks from the release, visit the band's Web site at myspace.com/daemonflushboy. - the Daily Gamecock

"Review of "Danger Girl & the Escape from Dreher Island", by Jordan Jennings"

Have you ever seen the video for Styx's "Mr. Roboto"? Okay, how about Jaws 3? Or the scene in S.O.B. where Julie Andrews is playing a porn star? If you've answered "yes" to all of these, imagine them playing all at once and you can get a healthy feel for what this concept album entails. Using organ, drums, bass, and lots of nice noise, the Daemon Flushboy boys have created another pleasantly cacophanous story via sound. Track 5 includes some throat singing, track 7 includes zombies, track 12 features trumpet. God, I'm so fucking sick of indie rock. Do you feel the same? If yes, show D.F. some affection.

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-Having a foot massage while suffering from dry sockets
-Pissing off the elderly...'cause they're old! - WUSC 'zine


*Scott Taylor's "Blast that Marshall Shit", 2004

*The Hardest EP You'll Ever Have to Listen to, 2004
(played on WUSC-FM in Columbia)

*State Tengo Champion, 2005
(played extensively on WUSC-FM)

*Negative Eleven's "Dreaming in Color" compilation, 2005

*Platypussy Records 2005 Sampler (#3 on WUSC-FM charts in mid-August 2005)

*Awthum Records "Celebrity" compilation, 2006

*"Danger Girl & the Escape from Dreher Island", 2006 (currently #9 at WUSC-FM, 5/2/2006)



Our ideas are nothing unfamiliar, but it is difficult to describe any particular sound as we are a 100% improvisational band (taking a bow to performance art in the process). The media has used the terms "improvised electronic freak-folk", "challenging", "beyond-liberation free-jazz", and "audibly inaccesible", among other flatteries. We have played with the likes of Bob Log III, Lesbians on Ecstacy, Assacre, Kurse Go Back, the Press, Aunt's Analog, Cry Blood Apache, and C. Neil Scott, to name a few. Recently we performed at Awthum Fest in Austin, TX, during the SxSW festivities, and were well-received by the "Keep Austin Weird" crowd. Our music, as well as that of our side project "Elektroplankton", appeared in the film "Lethal Eagle", and will be featured in the upcoming films "Hamburg" and "Thrill Kill '78". A recent appraisal by an audience member sums up the Daemon Flushboy experience: "It's like, you know, when you're driving, and the turn signal just syncs up with the radio out of nowhere, and then it sort of ebbs out and THEN IT COMES BACK TOGETHER AND IT'S LIKE HOLY SHIT I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!"

Biographical background:
Ex-valedictorians who met in an overnight holding cell in South Carolina. Our style mirrors the desire of every child, strapped tightly into a backseat, who wants to jump out the window of a moving car. Our awkward 80s and 90s upbringing has left us with a variety of obscure memories of old TV shows, ephemeral bars of long-forgotten melodies, and the sludge of interesting oddities from the internet. It all festers in the mind, and comes out through near-excorcistic live performance.