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Feel good meanigful timelss music, something that will be able to be kept in a time capsle for years and still be meaningful.


Celone one is a lover of music first and for most. Music is what drives him to wanting to become the best at what he does. My music venture started in 1999 when I began to rap just for the kicks. Later deciding to take a more serious rout joined a group called lyrikal spray. Then formed Da Fam Records in 2000 and later became affiliated with Go Bigg Music Group. Which has helped me become more sucessful at what I do, music influences me that is my motivation. My humbleness and hunger to continue to get better is what sets me a prart from the rest.


The Free Agent Mixtape is a whole project put together by da fam records and go bigg music group Blow N Ounce Remix is a single that was released off of that mixtape and is also available on itunes Can We Stay In single from the free agent mixtape Spit that Fire single from the mixtape as well

Set List

Usually a set is about three songs which last about 11 to 15 mins depending on the venue.