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The best kept secret in music


"Review for Drifting in Circles"

Glen Starkey in the San Luis Obispo New Times, December 2005.

In Drifting in Circles, the newest offering from L.A. singer-songwriter-guitarist Dafni (one name, like Charo!), country, folk, jazz, Latin, and rock music get the Dafni treatment, meaning that you'll feel like you're shifting from a smoky Parisian nightclub to a seedy beachside dive in Venice, Calif., from one track to another. The performer returns to Linnaea's Cafe this Friday, Dec. 9 , promoting Drifting in Circles, which has some amazingly lovely tracks such as "Dance," replete with horn fills and Dafni's lilting voice, or "Falling," a sultry ballad. Dafni says her new collection of songs was colored by her experience learning "God Bless the Child" and "My Funny Valentine": "I started to incorporating some of those jazz chords into my new songs. That completely changed the way I write now." Check out the new and improved Dafni. You won't be sorry. - San Luis Obispo, New Times

"Review by Kevin Zarnett"

Kevin Zarnett at Muse's Muse

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Dafni's second album "Drifting in Circles", combines dream-like waltzes with jazzy-pop and folk tunes, to create a charming record that holds up to repeated spins.

The band set-up seems more typical of jazz, with drums, bass and piano frequently accompanying Dafni's acoustic guitar, adding able touches of accordion and trumpet to the mix. Of note, pianist Craig Bender offers up many tasty parts throughout the disc. Part of what works on the album, is how the band comes together to create many interesting and adventurous musical moments, sometimes within the same song, often heightening the transition from verse to chorus with cool rhythmic changes and melodic shifts. The later is most evident on the take-your-chances Latin groove of "Dance", and the switch from the slide guitar driven, bluesy opening of "Send My Love", to its heartfelt wishing chorus - a definite highlight.

"Norma" is the kind of song that could quiet down a noisy coffeehouse, while "Song for George" almost lets loose into a full-fledged pop song, keeping a toe in jazzy water. The breezy "One Day" showcases a banjo as a breath of fresh air, with a welcoming, almost old-timey feel. Further, amidst a handful of dreamy songs, there is also the carefree jazz of lazing about on a "Saturday".

Dafni's voice is likeable and inviting, especially in the quieter moments, though by no means ever close to strong and overpowering (though that type of singing isn?t really called for on this set of tunes). Despite a couple of pitch issues here and there, she never lets her daring melodies down.

The album's title, "Drifting in Circles" seems quite appropriate, as many of songs deal with a kept-up-late type of pondering, examining relationships, asking questions - usually of someone distant, struggling to let go and move on.

This is the case with the album's fine opening track "Blue-Eyed Boy". On this song, and throughout the CD, there's a hint of the flavour that has made Sam Phillips' last two records so intoxicating. Here, Dafni subtly exposes us to some of the heartbroken, mysterious, and unresolved feelings that recur in the album. The imagery used is pretty straightforward, but there are no throwaway lines, even when we get repeated loss or dream language, it usually is in a different shade, ranging from uncertainty to optimism, and dreaming to remembering.

There is nothing stunning about the sound here, but there is a nice clarity, and it is good to hear a singer-songwriter disc that has the vocals up-front in the mix. And wisely, the CD runs just under 40 minutes, which left me eager to revisit some favourite tracks, and ready to re-play the entire album to discover some more. - Muse's Muse


Dreamland EP (2001)
Red (self-release) (2003)
Drifting in Circles (self-release) (2005)
Charlie's Lonely Sunday (Boronda Records -- to be released September, 2007)
Tracks from both Red and Drifting in Circles have received airplay from the following stations:

"Tied to the Tracks" KCSN 88.5 FM, California State University, Northridge California

"The Minstrel Song Show", KCBX, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Fresh Folk, Utah Public Radio, Logan, Utah

Detours, WYSO, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Minstrel Song Show, KCBX, San Luis Obispo, California

Tied to the Tracks, KCSN, Los Angeles, California

RadioioACOUSTIC (internet radio)

Suffragette Station, KTUH, Honolulu, Hawaii

Women's Voices, KUNV, Las Vegas, Nevada

Whole Wheat Radio, Talkeetna, Alaska

'Nette Radio, Dallas, Texas

Heaven's Bar 'n Grill, KZSC, Santa Cruz, California

"Womenspace," WFHB, Bloomington, Indiana

"It's All Folk," KEUL, Glacier City Radio, Girdwood, Alaska

"Sidestream," 99.7FM, Brisbane, Australia

"Traditions," WFDU, Teaneck, New Jersey

www.jackandjillradio.com, Sunrise, Florida


Feeling a bit camera shy


My new record, "Charlie's Lonely Sunday," produced and recorded by Mr. Charlie McGovern at Big Ol' Studio, is almost complete. Music on this record has a jazzy Americana vibe to it, with a hint of a 1940's flair. I've drawn upon several influences ranging from Billie Holiday, Paul Kelly, Nina Simone, and lots of wonderful musicians from the L.A. Alt-country scene -- Tony Gilkyson, Mike Stinson,Tracy Huffman, Dan Janisch, and Randy Weeks.

This record was recorded mostly live with my wonderful band: Geoff Rakness on the upright bass, Mark San Filippo on the drums, Josh Bandur on the accordion, Edie Murphy on the mandolin and fiddle, and Wil Forbis on lead guitar and banjo. I had some special guests play and sing on this record: Mr. Joshua Grange on the pedal steel on "Broken Letter", Mr. Danny Ott on the lead guitar on "Let's Get Down and Dirty" and "This One Dance," and Miss Sarah Stanley, who provided some backing vocals and co-wrote "Let's Get Down and Dirty" with me.

I'm so grateful to have had all these beautiful and amazing people play on my record. Working with Charlie, my band, Joshua, Danny, and Sarah has been a complete joy. I hope to release "Charlie's Lonely Sunday" this Fall.