Da Gathering

Da Gathering

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Da Gathering, a group out of Junior League Umbrella, consists of 4 emcee's and 1 singer. Jac North, Rome,and Mike West make up the emcee's. B.Musiq is our male vocalist. Our music ranges from Raw Underground to east coast to R&B


Our group came about when Mike West met Jac North at Pennsylvania Culinary Institute. The song "How's about right" was then made. After that song, the 2 original members teamed up with Rome and did "Take a ride", which was Rome's first written song. After a contact with a connect in Def Jam, we decided to put together a sequence of 20 songs. Brandon was Rome's friend and joined the group later. We met Josh around the same time and let him join to help us on business terms. He can also come to the mic and rip something from time to time. 2 group members we lost during the duration of our gathering were Rob: emcee, and Zulie: singer. Zulie was a major loss but we kept moving foreward. Our main influence is God, our families, and the fans who continue to motivate us. We are seperated from other groups by our organized business plans we configure ourselves, our different backgrounds molded into 1 sculpture, and our talent; Not only do we rock a show, but we put out hot meterial that you can't ignore.


Da Gathering: "The Gathering"
Group Singles Previous
Mike West: EValuAte
Jac North: Stranger than fiction (www.qcityrecords.com) link

Set List

Da Gathering:

1. Welcome
2. Believe
3. Massive
4. Physical (Rome)
5. Mic Checka
6. Take a Ride
7. Drama City (Jac North)
8. All Alone
9. Smoking on
10. What Up
11. Still Story (Mike)
12. Open Minded (Mike)
13. Life in the Fast Lane
14. Song Bird
15. The way we move
16. How's about Right
17. Memories
18. Beautiful Music (Jac North)
19. Rapid Fire
20. Drama City Remix