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A artist/producer with a unique sound


He goes by the name Dagga. This up and coming rapper/producer who many has labeled as the next Timbaland; produces all the tracks and writes most of the lyrics for his Independent label “NVus Music Group” including the track “I'm Da Hottest Around” and “Drop It”.

Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, Dagga grew up with music playing an important roll in his life. Dagga was drawn to the more street style New York’s hip hop culture. His father, a well known disc jockey, gave Dagga the hands on training on the turntables at a very young age. “What begun as something fun to do with my father, turned into a passion and became second nature to me. I would listen to a song, playing on the radio and go to my home made studio and remix it just to play for my friends”. By age twelve, Dagga was selling his own brand of remix cassettes in middle school. Influenced by 70’s soul music and current chart toppers, his touch of producing and putting down the lyrics, has ears buzzing and people talking.


Dagga "A New Beginning" Album with the singles "I'm Da Hottest Around" and "Get Ghost"

Produced tracks for The Good Hair Project
Infa-Redz and Whitefolkz

Featured in Porsche 911 Album
"Changing Lanes"

Featured in Whitefolkz Album
"The Way I Live"

2006 NVus Music Group Mixtape
"The Untouchables"

2005 NVus Mixtape Vol. 2

2004 NVus Mixtape Vol. 1

2003 "NVus Squad" Album
"Get Loud"

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