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The best kept secret in music


"R&R Magazine"

"One of the best new Metal talents" - January 2006

"Dagger: Breaking The Law"

"I do want the DAGGER SUMMER DEMO (2005). The girls are no babies, nor Pablo. The four of them know well how to rock and they don't get lost on what is in or out, they only do what they want". - Pamela Escamilla for XS-Grita Radio

"Metal Maidens, The Netherlands"

"DAGGER shows us, that there's still room for heavy metal in Mexico. And they could easily be a good example of how a good heavy metal band should sound". - Toine van Poorten

"Metal Reviews.com"

"I have to be honest and say that I’ve never been a huge fan of NWOBHM, aside from Iron Maiden and Angel Witch, among a few others, but this band [Dagger] set out to accomplish certain things with their music and they definitely accomplish those things. They also don’t pretend to be anything their not. Above all else the music is sincere and because of that I have to say I enjoyed this demo".
MetalReviews.com, March 2006. - by Chris Budgen

"Dagger Demo 2005"

From some hidden and rebellious neighborhoods in Mexico City comes a good ass kicking in the form of Dagger. Dagger is ruff, raw and ready to rumble with no nonsense rock and roll. Thick like sludge, these three tracks have a heavy beefy sound comparable to the early cuts of the beloved Black Sabbath, with a modern metal/rock tone championed by bands like Cockpit.

“Black River” churns out of the speakers and into you mind. This poetic piece of imagery is sung with balls to the wall by lead vocalist and guitarist Gaby de la O. Look out guys, this lady rocks! “Black River” also features nice guitar mastery via lead guitarist Pablo Petrova. Smoking.

“Keep Running” is yet another chunk fest to warm the metal heart. Loving the lyrics big time on this cut. A deal breaker of sorts has gone done, and now you had better run. Oh, and don’t think about coming back, “Otherwise the Dagger will slice your life”. Contributing to the heated undertow is bassist Eliza Rodríguez whom holds the band together like concentrated superglue.

“Potential Destruction” has a killer break where you can all join in. Let’s do it now…”Die, Die, Die.” Good for the soul power cut where the thunder of Dagger drummer Mireya Vázquez brings home the bacon.

All you rockers and metalheads now have a new reason to bang your heads. Investigate right away.
- By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood). Sugarbuzz Magazine. December 2005.


Three tracks of primitive metal –in the best sense- that reminds me of NWOBHM when they sounded very crude and not using a lot of distortion and not that technical. Listening it at the house of Rock with Olallo (Rubio), we agreed that it reminds us to Diamond Head, a little. It is also similar to the sound of bands such as Witchfinder General, but the voice is more in the style of Lunachicks. Either way, the demo is not at all bad. Now, Dagger is playing what they really like. Let’s cross our fingers for them to find a good producer that knows about the genre and knows how to develop the characteristics that make this band unique.

Now, if we become exigent, we can see now how Metal has stuck and how many bands haven’t progress in their music. Dagger is winning points for listening to bands that existed when they even weren’t born, so we expect evolution in this. Guitar riffs are basic and a little predictable. Also, they lacked a good producer in “Potential Destruction” chorus (Die Die Die!). It is not hell speed metal, Meshuga style but, it is a very good example of Classic Metal without ridicule moments. I thank God for that!
- R&R Magazine, September 2005, No. 24. Mexico City. By WARPig.


Dagger doesn’t play Electroclash, nor Ska, nor Dark. They are not even sponsored by any alcohol company to play bad covers. Dagger plays Metal. They sound like everything but nothing in concrete. For now you can only have the privilege to see them live and hope that they give you their demo (only if you are not a pain in the ass stalker!). In the meantime, we will have to wait for their album debut produced by Indie label Nuevos Ricos.

Gaby de la O (Vocals and guitar)
Eliza Rodriguez (Bass)
Mireya Vazquez (Drums)

What about the name?
Gaby had the idea of this name, we really liked it because it is short, easy to learn and powerful, and in a while we realized that it went well with the band personality. It is also an analogy, a dagger is a weapon, although it is short, it can kill for sure (ha ha ha).

Why Metal and not “Cumbia” or Pop?
Because is the genre that we like, and adore! It is also the genre with we can express our ideas easily of what we have inside, in our minds, in our spirits. In Metal we find even more variations, more power and sensuality, we totally dig it!

Bands you like:
Iron Maiden, Slayer, Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, Sepultura, Rhapsody, Hammerfall, Symphony X, Doors, Metallica, Death, Helloween, Cinema Strange, L’Ame Immortelle, The Donnas, Danzig among others.

Where can I listen to you?
You can go to our shows and also you can check some tracks in www.daggerband.com

Why we should prefer Dagger instead of Belinda and Fey? (Mexican Pop Divas)
Maybe because we do play original songs. Also, Dagger is the whole musical concept, people actually playing their instruments live. We do not dance, we don’t have lame dancers moving their asses on stage and disguising the whole show, and obviously there is no “play back”. We are not a prefabricated band in order to be “cool” and appear in soap operas. We have our own ideas, we play our music and created our band concept. And well, there will always be people that identify themselves and pay 100 USD to see a Belinda show, but anyway, everybody choose their style and way of living. - R&R MAGAZINE. Num 21, June 2005. Mexico City


By Adan Velasco
El Grafico, Newspaper, Mexico City.
Thursday July 28, 2005

Band members look for a good acceptation by the audience for their music, not for appearing nude on stage.

With a Metal proposal and lyrics that talks about everyday circumstances, Dagger, formed by Gaby on vocals and guitar, Mireya on drums, Eliza on bass and Pablo on lead guitar, look for grasping an audience that accepts them for their music on stage, where they show their powerful music performance.

“We want people to accept us for what we do on stage and not for performing nude or having spectacular bodies. What we offer is a good Metal show, where we prove what we’ve got”, they say.

The band burst into the Metal scene during the winter of 2003, formed as Dagger in 2004. Although some member shifts made Dagger unstable, concert offers remained.

“Fortunately, we have had several shows since we started playing. People have been very interested in Dagger and it is something we are thankful about, although there are several promoters and venue owners that don’t keep their word. They don’t realize the cost of carrying your gear and everything, but this kind of situations give us the strength to keep playing.

For now, Dagger have their batteries on, focusing on their debut album that it is planned to launch late this year, and keep performing for their fans and everyone that is interested in listening to them.
- El Grafico, Newspaper, Mexico City.



January 2006. Dagger Summer Demo selected as some of the Best of 2005, by R&R Magazine, Num. 33, Mexico City.

December 1, 2005. Dagger winner for Best album and best song “Black River”, Deadgardens, Metal webzine, (www.deadgardens.com).

June, 2004. Dagger winner band The King of Metal Contest, organized by Nuevos Ricos (Indie Label) and Localismos, Vizcainas, Downtown, Mexico City.


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Thursday April 21, 2005. Dagger Live performance. Televisión Mexiquense Channel 34 Mexico City area. Show: Adicción Visual. 18.00 hs.


Tuesday, February 7, 2006. Dagger at Clickaporte Live Session, Radio Ibero, 90.9 FM, Mexico City.

Tuesday November 15, 2005. Dagger Special Guest. Radioalterno. Headbangers Show. 23.00 hrs. Mexico City.

Saturday September 26, 2005. Dagger Special Guest. Show: Música del Infierno, E-reverencia Radio, Mexico City.

Thursday September 15, 2005. 90.5 FM, Radio Arte, Interview, Chicago, Il.

Wednesday September 14, 2005. 88.7 FM, Independent Community Radio. Show: Rock Sin Anestesia, Interview, Chicago, Il.

Tuesday July 19, 2005. XEQK LA RADIO DE LOS CIUDADANOS. Show: Fuera Abajo, 1350 AM 10.00 hrs. Mexico City.

Tuesday July 12, 2005. Radioalterno. Web radio. Show: Headbangers: Dagger Special Guest, 23.00 hrs. Mexico City.

Tuesday July 5, 2005. Radioalterno. Web radio. Show: Headbangers, 23.00 hrs. Mexico City.

Tuesday April 19, 2005. Cabina R. Web radio. Show: Metal x Metal 20.00 hrs. Mexico City.

July 2, 2004. Dagger Special Guest. Antiphona Blasphemus, Web radio. Mexico City.
- Various.



Dagger Summer Demo 2005:
1. Black River
2. Keep Running
3. Potential Destruction

Libre (2006):
1. Libre (Free)
2. Caguameando en la calle


Feeling a bit camera shy


DAGGER was born during the first months of 2004. Their goal was to make a band formed mostly by girls. Their first show was at a small party in the Bondojo neighbourhood, south Mexico City, playing some Metallica, Helloween, Judas Priest & Black Sabbath covers.

For June, and with a mix of Metal classics and original material, Dagger performed at the contest "The King of the Metal", organized by Indie label Nuevos Ricos remaining as the winner band of the night. Since then, Dagger has performed in diverse places in Mexico: from the sordid walls in metal bars, eighties pubs that time forgot, punky holes, to consolidated scenarios and television forums, the group has managed to create a unique sound.

Dagger has participated in different events and festivals such as the Monterrey Metal Fest II, the Women's Festival at Zocalo in Mexico City, Festival del Centro Histórico and in the Union Metal Fest at Circo Volador, among others.

Dagger plays original songs based on metal from various kinds, but which flirts specifically with Eighties Heavy Metal, Grunge, Punk Rock and Hard Rock. Dagger has managed to gather diverse influences giving as a result a melodic proposal that traps an extensive rank of public, generating a space for the bands conformed primarily by girls and show above all, that WOMEN know how to ROCK!!!