Dagmar and Dagmar 2

Dagmar and Dagmar 2


Performance art rock bugs out in DAGMAR's song cycle about a guy who can't get out of bed in the morning and an insect-goddess who plunges through the ether to rescue him.


Playing the top smaller venues in NYC (Joe's Pub, Knitting Factory, CBGB's, The Cutting Room, Arlene's Grocery etc) and Boston (Lizard Lounge, Toad, Milky Way Lounge, etc) since it debut at Joe's Pub in June 2005, DAGMAR is fronted by Boston-cribbed creator JIM BAUER and his NYC-based co-conspirator, xtreme vocalist and multi-instrumentalist MEGHAN McGEARY.

Bauer and McGeary also tour as the "high dintensity" duo DAGMAR 2, with Bauer on guitar and McGeary on flute, melodica, assorted percussion, costumes and drama.

In September 2006 the band released its debut CD "Door No. 1", the first in a planned 3-part, 3-CD song cycle, on Bauer's Pontoon Records label. It's now available on iTunes, through the band's website, CDbaby, and select record stores. "Door No. 2" is slated for recording in the summer of 2007.

Bauer and McGeary have also begun posting episodes of a whimsical, verite-style documentary video diary following Dagmar in its journey "from here to where", drawn to the flame in its quest for the lightness of being. Episodes 1-3 are now on YouTube (search keyword "Dagmar2").

For their contribution to the 2006 political season, Dagmar 2 released a music video of their song "(TO HELL WITH) THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF" which was honored on You Tube video in the TOP 100 MUSIC VIDEOS in its first week and can be seen here on our video page. Dagmar 2 also recorded another protest song "GIVE ME THE RIFLE" which is here on the audio page.

Dagmar's live performances have been compared to The Flaming Lips and Talking Heads. McGeary's stage presence has been likened to Nina Hagen, Diamanda Galas, Siouxie Sioux, Annie Lennox, Patti Smith and Cyndi Lauper, with Bauer's music and charismatic performance drawing comparisons to moody songwriters Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, Elvis Costello and Richard Thompson.


Give Me the Rifle

Written By: Jim Bauer, copyright 2006 Kokovoko Music

You told me not to worry
If you never made the call
You said I should not carry
All the worry of it all

I told you I was jealous
Of the easy way you talk
I was a bit too nervous
To watch the easy way you fall
So I would . . .
Throw my arms around you,
Lift you to your feet,
Bury the fears of
Losing the battle,
Give me the rifle,
Give me the rifle, Johnny, if you please

I told you not to bother
That it wasnt your call to make
I told you I would carry you
Until my back would break

But now those days are over
A thousand days gone down
Now our backs are broken
And we are going back around
So I will . . .

Throw my arms around you,
Lift you to your feet,
Bury the fears of
Losing the battle,
Give me the rifle,
Give me the rifle, Johnny, if you please

(To Hell With) the Commander-in-Chief

Written By: Jim Bauer, copyright 2006 Kokovoko Music

Its like well but what some people say
Its like folks r good if you see em that way
Fogs made of farts in the wind wont put food on your kids
Its like well but what maybe we did


Is our children staring into the sun?
Is our inside voices hearing visions of a rapture yet to come?
Is our minds fed up with too little too late?
Is the time arrived when we can finally get a
loosen up our strangled throats and
sing the words that spring us free and

(Intstr. BREAK)

Its like well but what, never too late?
Whats the difference if the chicken comes ahead of the egg?
Evil never sleeps, so you see, its not a thing not to wait
Its like well but what, fish or debate?



Door No. 1 (Pontoon Records)
Released Sept. '06
Available on iTunes, CDbaby, the band's website, and at select record stores.

"(To Hell With) The Commander-in-Chief" (VIDEO)
Sept. 3, 2006

"The Dagmar Diaries: From Here to Where" (VIDEO)
Episodes 1, 2 and 3 now on YouTube. More episodes to come.

Radio airplay:

WAAF 97.7 - Boston
WBCN 104.1 - Boston
WMFO 91.5 - Boston
WXPN 88.5 - Philadelphia

Dagmar 2 live on WMFO 91.5 FM's "On the Town with Mikey Dee" on Wed, Jan 31, 2007, with host Joel Simches

Set List

Original songs:

I, I, I
Into the Sea
Same Water
Dead of Night
Jesus Bug
This Web
My Oh My
Light of Day
Nothin' Wrong
Concessions (sneak preview of Door No. 2)

Losing My Religion (R.E.M)
Once in a Lifetime (Talking Heads)
Hard Rain (Bob Dylan)

As a duo, Dagmar 2 does one or two 40-45 minute sets, or one 65 - 80 minute set.

As a band, we play one set which is a full song-cycle plus a preview of Door No. 2. Then, if time, a few choice covers. The set is between 65 - 80 minutes long.

Additional original songs for Dagmar 2 include:

Give Me the Rifle
Isle of Kokovoko
Secret Agent Man
Angels on the Levee
Eyes & Bones
(To Hell With) The Commander-in-Chief