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DaGoldenchild, born Jason Flatt in Detroit, MI, has had a natural talent for rhyming since he was a child. In his teens he began rapping in the underground circuit and soon had made a name for himself as an up and coming artist. At 18, he moved to Houston, TX and joined the US Army. After serving 7 years as an Army Ranger he left and began to pursue his music career.

Already an experienced rapper in the music industry he began competing in and winning many battle competitions. He has been featured on numerous mixtapes and has toured the US performing in many states including Texas, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, Altlanta, Nevada, Washington, and California. He has currently finished his first studio album which is slated to be released on mid summer. This much anticipated album includes songs with Spice One, Big Mike of the Geto Boys (Rap A Lot Records), RBX, Dj Vlad and Houston legend Pimp Killa Thug. Getting features of this nature as an unsigned artists is hard to do, but DaGoldenchild is loaded for success.

DaGoldenchild is a superior lyricist who is known for representing the truth in rap music. He knows about the daily grind to succeed. His unwavering humor, charm, and humbleness have taught maturity and his always positive out look will ensure his success.


The Beginning Of The End...... Coming 2007

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Hit Singles:
Representing ( Big Mike, Spice 1 )
Like That
Its The End