Da Good Gangsta's

Da Good Gangsta's

 San Francisco, California, USA

Lets face it people have has so much evil - bad - and destruction behavior marketed in their lives as fun and the new trend is that EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING GOOD and the youth are actually being taught through the music. Any way no one want to learn anything unless it sounds good.


Woo Nah Nah!!!!!!!
Tha King Af Vibe Is Alive!!!
Iggy Mon = Ah fun natty lion Brought ta da planet Earth fi vibe an mek yuh hava SWIKIED time.
I sho Reespek to all an help those wen i caan.
I cal myself (DI KING AF VIBE), cuz i only do wat I FILL.
YUH Filla wa i do eh lol Ef yuh notta kno yuh gon si so. I chat my own way, Cook my own way.

Look like di Muzik World is sinking mi in. I cant Sing or RAp But dey want mor af my vibe. SURE, Juz Buz Mi
Yuh may tink im from ah island but di truth is im not from dis planet. Home com soon!
Im From Di Creator ef u aks.
Im Trinidadian & Puerto Rican.
Jus beenah driffta on forun land bringin irie vibez fi di yuutz dem seen.
Da Good Gangsta's include DB1 music producer and degreed sound engineer as a matter of facts most or all of the beats are created by DB1-plays every musical instrument and reads music very proffessional www.facebook.com/db1 aka Desmond Holt
Da Good Gangst's also include VOICE
and also


all music dvd's and songs listed on that site and all are being played on facebook as we finish the mixdown on the individual product