Dago Red

Dago Red


Heart-thumping, foot-stomping, thigh-slapping blues & folk band sure to enthuse; driven not so much by the band’s namesake, wine, but by similarly ancient & fiery spirits, Dago Red plays acoustic & a voice echoing from the distant past only to resound in the streets & alleys of the here & now.


"A really good band...one of the best I've heard in a long, long time..." Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales, Celtic Heart Beat, Sept. 2, 2008.

Together since 1998, the band’s played theatres, pubs, festivals including:

Cognac Blues Passion, France;
Night of the Blues, Roermond, Holland;
Blues en V.O., Val d’Oise, France;
Blues des Deux Rivieres, France;
Castel San Pietro in Blues, Italy;
Europa Blues, Le Poliguen, France;
U Settembrinu, Corsica, France;
John Fante Lit Fest, Abruzzo, Italy;
Rootsway Festival, Parma, Italy;
Acoustic Music Festival, Pescara, Italy…

Lou's a Montreal ex-pat and author; work published in Chicago Quarterly Review, Happy, Neon, Yellow Mama, Wordslaw;


Down in the Dumps (Poem)

Written By: L Monteferrante


Mouth rouge gloss
Hair black
She was leaving town
On a school bus
Not made for travelling
Those long hauls across the great white plains
Of desert and cactus

She was rock-steady across those canyons
Hippy-shaking down the corridor
In her electric blue dress
The ladies gloating at the stiletto heels

She’s a flame
Alighting a cross
On the floor damp with fuel

All them geezers were sweating
And the bus driver was going to have a hard time
Keeping his eyes on the road

She smiles
Why shouldn’t she?

We are strobe lights
In the dark
Except in flashes

How dim we are

Let us weird sisters laugh
She will fall
From stiletto heels
Wear white sneakers
Goofy sandals
Thermal socks from oh grey Sweden

Only we’ve never known how it feels
To be envied
Sought after
Lusted for
We are that last pitch of light
That fast fading glow
That is final
We are
In our envious brew

She liked showing off the cleavage
And the push ups had it easy
She didn’t need any help
All mine Gus
She’d say
As Genuine Gus as your wine Gus

And she squeezed into the last seat
Waved bye-bye
And started singing that tune
The one that says

What I am
Where I’m gone
Who and what
And why I’m through
And how much I owe it all to her

Why I’m down in the dumps for being dumped
And love for sale is just an old soggy tune

My check bounced
And the bank repossessed the house
No bigger than a shed
And all we had was a stinker stove for heat
A loopy fridge that was a hothouse for the mould
And the heart-shaped waterbed sprung a leak
The last night we made love
She fired a shot at my head and missed
On purpose I suppose

I’m not feeling so good
I’d give you the car
Just to show there’s no hard feelings
And I love you too Gus but I’m like the banks
I don’t give credit
And it’s not mine to give

After the car was stolen
Crooks crashed it into a pole
After pulling a heist
And the wreck got broken into

And I got busted by mistake
My lawyer charged me plenty
Got me cleared
I had an alibi
Didn’t take a genius

And with no cent to my name
He stole my wife – so long honey –
And broke her heart
She was spoiling for fun anyway
And wouldn’t take me back
I wasn’t asking

That same night
My best friend
A goon I broke bones with playing football
My linesman to my being quarterback
Confessed he loved me
And I loved him too
So he kissed me - yuk
Hey – c’mon – go away
Not like that
Nobody likes rejection

So he jumped from a tree
Onto a rail track
And a speeding train
Going the opposite way
Guess he thought I was still pitching winners
Well – I ain’t

Got no more friends and no one loves me
So I’m down in the dumps for being dumped

I got no home no car no wife no kids
Yup - they’ve grown up to self-destruct
And every Sunday after Mass
I visit them in rehab and detox
The Choir’s doing fine - son
Except God pulled me off the joy ride
And I’m down on my knees
For getting dumped
I swear to God
It won’t be long – Agh

Take it all
Take the car
Take the house
Take the kids
Take it all
I’ll take the blame

Go to hell
Fly a kite
Play on the freeway
Hitch a long ride
Won’t turn back
I always do like you told me
And I always did

And I’m down in the dumps
For being dumped

When Geraldo calls
He’s paying for love at the Kristallnacht Hotel
And the dance hall mirrors are full of dummies named Marlene
And Geraldo’s putting on the charm
He’s lapping up an inflatable doll
She grows with each squeeze
And when she’s laid
She calls her client
Mein Fuhrer

And my lady’s leaving town on that bus
She blows me a kiss
It’s blue red and black

And love for sale is just an old soggy tune
I’m down in the dumps for being dumped

Drop Dead Beauty (Poem)

Written By: L Monteferrante


You couldn’t tell

With those glasses
And disheveled auburn hair

And the white grape of a pimple
Ready to burst

A flimsy T-shirt
Rarely washed

And the jeans
Baggy and low

And the sneakers torn
Certainly smelly

And she sank in her chair
Or flopped on her desk

Chewed on her pencil
Her nails blue with ink

And reluctant she was
To answer my questions

Or go to the board
To illustrate equations

She flipped
And she flopped

Very poor posture
Not to mention attitude

One I’d correct
After an essay on aesthetics

I called her to my office
And asked her

What’s this mess?
I can’t read a thing

I started upon her handwriting

And this
Young lady?

Reflects a mindset
I don’t approve

Did I invite you to sit down?
Straighten up

Clean your act
Don’t talk back

I’ll set you right
Be your Pygmalion

When we wed
Our roles reversed

Lady in the Lake (Poem)

Written By: L Monteferrante


No one you’d miss
At a party

No one you’d turn your head for
Do a double take
Watch her walk away

No one you’d care to sit by
In a subway car

Or maybe you would
She was a no-pressure zone
You’d settle down
And not notice

She wouldn’t make you fret
Or nervous

She wasn’t someone you’d do your best for
Or even try to impress
Go out of the way
And pray she’d notice

But she was mine
The lady in the lake

Code of Silence (Poem)

Written By: L Monteferrante


John lives
With the truth
Of a plot

Government troopers
Stormed a building
Shot a team of troopers
On payroll

John gets the jitters
Has a drink
And then some

And you will not
Believe this
He starts talking

John’s looking up
And forward
To being enlightened
Of the lid
He’s under

What you get
For being talkative

Last Laugh (Poem)

Written By: L Monteferrante


The man alone brought white roses
To the woman’s grave

Many years her senior
She left him alone
After a lifetime
Of marriage

The least he could do
Bring her roses

Pay her back
For all the years convivial of

A hard worker
A decent father

She had been a strong woman
With a heart of gold for everyone
But him

The old man walked alone
Shuffling his legs of lead

Dragging his feet of clay
His cane tip-tapping stone
And he
Brought roses

She loved daisies
Why he brought roses

She loved daisies
Why he brought roses


The band is currently working on its third album.

Previous Albums:

Feel Like... Going on
(Blues Qui Roule, 2005, France);

Folk n' Blues & Other Tales
(Tam Tam Music, 2001, Italy);


Pennabili 06 (Ultimo Punto), 2006;
Ring a Ring O' Roses (Willy Davoli, 2004);
Tribu Italiche Abruzzo (EDT, 2003);
Pennabili 02 (Ultimo Punto, 2002);

Set List

A set lasts 70 minutes and may include:

• Lord I Feel...
• Here Am I
• Bourgeois Blues
• Bo Weavil
• Sittin' in Heaven
• Kansas City Blues
• Another Man
• There was a Time
• Key to the Highway
• Walk On
• Rollin' Night'n Day
• What’s for
• 32-20 blues
• Country boy
• I ain't got no home
• Feelin' good
• Railroad worksong
• Call me the breeze
• Good morning blues
• Love in vain
• Snapshot