Da Grindaz, LLC

Da Grindaz, LLC

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Hip-Hop. Soulful. Unprecedented. Timeless. Revolutionary. Da Grindaz, LLC is the NEW STANDARD in MUSIC Production. Period.


It’s a new era in hip-hop music. Some say it is dead, on life-support, on hiatus, or lives in the South. Whatever your opinion is, one fact remains undaunted: music eras comes in cycles, and once in a while, the face of music changes and exceeds to a higher level. Enter Da Grindaz, LLC. Comprised of Bao Pham aka Classic and Stephen "H2O" Holdren, DG offers an unprecedent amount of talent and skill to the table; albeit Hip-Hop, R & B, Funk, Soul, and even Jazz & Blues, whatever your occasion, DG fulfills past the artists’ standards. From live instrumentation (Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, & Drums) to sequenced instrumentals, they are the professionals’ professional. “Our standards are much higher than where the industry is at right now,” Bao states. “ There’s a lot of producers out here that say they’re producers, but are really just beatmakers. There’s a MAJOR difference that a lot of up-and-coming artists don’t know about.” That difference is quality and production that you will only be able to find on a Major level: every instrument is tracked-out, in ProTools HD3 Accel system with a vast amount of power and flexibility you cannot get on a ProTools LE system. Not to say that hits are not made on lower level systems, it is just that DG is on another level, period. Based out of Atmosphere Recording in Montgomery, Alabama, DG has worked with numerous local and independent artists such as E Boi of Southern Playaz, Killa Kat of Small Tyme Ballaz , Rann, Classic, and Lucky; also Grand Hustle/Atlantic Recording Artist T.I., Def Jam President/Roc-a-fella Recording Artist Jay-Z, and UpFront Megatainment Recording Artist Shock Dollar, just to name a few. When it comes to quality and consistency, the DG brand IS the NEW standard in music production. For more info on prices for Majors and Independents, please email or send a message on the myspace link. Stay Tuned…


Production Credits:
T.I. (T.I. Vs. T.I.P., Grand Hustle/Atlantic) - Watch What You Say To Me Feat. Jay-Z

Shock Dollar (Shock Dollar, UpFront Megatainment) - Shock Dollar and many more songs; album due First Quarter 2008