Dag Shaw

Dag Shaw


Dobro, guitar, vocals, banjo, roots-soul combined with blues-grass. Soothingly energetic, with a fine-whiskey grit. Currently in the Pacific North-West, sometimes-solo musician wandering from Maine to Maui since 2000.


Currently in the Pacific North-West, sometimes-solo musician wanderer within the USA (from Maine to Maui) since 2000. Dobro, guitar, vocals, banjo. Influences have been mostly personal and unprescribable-- From rocks breaking under waves in certain coves on earth to train tracks over certain desolate terrains to certain seeds falling on certain surfboards to osmosis from exposure to all music absorbed thus far. Having been born & raised in the woods in sometimes-secret New Hampshire, one day a little before the end of the twentieth century Dag emerged with a vengeance to stand in the sweet nectar rain of the world outside the pond. Cold weather drove her to points west and south, and while traversing the continent she has been frequently spotted in her natural habitats which include (but are in no way limited to) Chicago, New York City, Asheville, Johnson City, St. Louis, Dover, Denver, Tucson, Phoenix, Taos, Eugene, both Portlands, Spokane, Ashland, Garberville, Shasta, Newmarket, Nevada City, Arcata, Trinidad, San Francisco, Hana, Hood River, Willits. Have gig, will travel.


Salty Or Sweet (You'll Be Fine)

Written By: Dag Shaw

There was a rumble in the belly of the insatiable beast
It shook me to the core from deep below my feet
And I heard someone say "stay" but someone else screamed "retreat"

And so I planted a seed
And I flew a sign
because standin in line is some kind of doin time
and if you don't lose yer footing
you'll lose your mind
whether salty or sweet you just add a little lime
no guarantees, but I'm sure you'll be fine


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